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One Step Closer (BoyxBoy) [Short Story] by aka-me
One Step Closer (BoyxBoy) [Short aka-me
Ethan is a seventeen year old boy who has to live on the streets after he comes out to his parents. He has to fight to survive and nothing comes to him for free. One da...
Homophobe And The Beast by CharlesBalzitch
Homophobe And The Beastby Charles
"H-hey stop" she pushed me away. "I'm not a fucking lesbo" she scowled. "You sure about that" I moved closer trapping her against the locke...
Rooted Change [BoyxBoy]  by thirtxn
Rooted Change [BoyxBoy] by thirtxn
Let's mess with some stereotypes - not all gang leaders are badass, sex-craved monsters. They have a past, too. - Warning - later themes mentioned may be triggering to s...
Sector-33 | ✓ by stardust24601
Sector-33 | ✓by — holmes
Highest ranking: #26 in Science Fiction ; Felix wants to be a Guardian. A boy with a strange brain and a stranger heart, he has one week to prove himself wo...
Stealing Their Colors by OurBrokenLife
Stealing Their Colorsby Wicket Ashcroft
Growing up gay can kinda suck. Being bullied for who you are, getting killed for loving the same sex. Both Christian and Angelic love the same sex but will society accep...
Assassination Love by cosmic_poutlaw
Assassination Loveby Maddei
Amber was going to be assassinated, that is until a oddly innocent assassin swoops in to save her from the first, and later, attempts on her life. While running across A...
The Edge by DaydreamDementia
The Edgeby Hannah
Harriet is your typical teenager. She has a supreme intelligence, far superior than anyone else's, she traumatized another girl involving someone else's body parts,... a...
Fear the Death Agent by Jachpot
Fear the Death Agentby Jessica Henry
Seventeen-year-old Jeffrie Fortune is having a crappy winter break. First, there's the court hearing for beating up the guy that kissed her girlfriend a month prior. And...
Model For a Day ✓ (Not edited) by IILlamaReadsII
Model For a Day ✓ (Not edited)by A. V. Shaw
Jesse is a thief. Her moto is: you see, you like, you take no matter what. Grace is a fashion icon with her own line of clothing. One needs money, other - model. So wh...
Bad Investment (Boyxboy) by Laluv1
Bad Investment (Boyxboy)by lauren m
A normal couple would go on dates to the movies or dinner but not Aiden and Chris. Normal is far from what you would call their relationship. Instead of going to the par...
Please, Call Me Lara Webber. (GirlxGirl) by Gemspace
Please, Call Me Lara Webber. ( Gemspace
I'd judged Lara Webber before I had even laid eyes on her, just like everyone else had. For a group of rejected, queer teens who all struggled with the harsh oppression...
Wear and Tear by FabulousQueenSatan
Wear and Tearby Queerful Fearful
This isn't your typical bad girl and nerdy girl.
Pleasing the Darkness by Dark_Immortal_101
Pleasing the Darknessby Dark_Immortal_101
Meet Vidiya, a vampire, and the head of the vampire's guard also known as a warloard. She has secrets and unknowingly the key to the princess's heart. Now meet Princess...
Wicked Intentions - LGBT(girxgirl/boyxboy lesbian, trans and bisexual story) by ilmioamore
Wicked Intentions - LGBT( I am a cat
Jada Skylar Faye has been raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Bludhaven, New York. With dangerous people lurking around every corner and alley, and no family...
I'll Be Good [boyXboy] by indiscreetlylarry
I'll Be Good [boyXboy]by 🦑
'Then for a moment he saw what everyone else saw now, what he was. A tall mischievous demon that destroyed families and ended lives. One that's only skill was killing ye...
The Thing with Love by wolfess21
The Thing with Loveby Clo
Tara is a girl who is reckless, rides motorbikes, doesn't usually give a crap and is gay. Yeah deal with it, her girlfriend also her best friend Elisha loves her even if...