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Fixing the backyard (Uniqua x property brother) by laundrysucks
Fixing the backyard (Uniqua x roach
satire omg 😆 Uniqua just got out of a relationship. She's really horny. That's when Drew Scott and his brother come to fix her house highest rankings- #1 in satire on...
Austin X Pablo  by RainyDewDrops
Austin X Pablo by r.pomegranate
😩 the backyardigans or whatever guys castaways !!!! 😏😏 austin yandere??? 😶😶 WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONH WIRH YALL i get so many mf comments putting the blame for this s...
¿Quién Mato a Dora? by ManuelaGuerrero962
¿Quién Mato a Dora?by @alien_pinkxd
....un asesinato o un accidente ¿ quien quería matar a dora ? ..... las pistas estan alli !! tal ves es un sueño ..?
Shows that this generation won't remember by Chr1smclean
Shows that this generation won't ❴.•♫ ♬❵
I bet you won't remember these shows- ~~~~~ I do not own any of the characters, art, music, shows, edits,ECT all credit goes to their rightful owner.
EPILOGUE - O.Y. by MrsTrepidation
EPILOGUE - MrsTrepidation
One Yardigans, a beautiful story of tragedy, comedy, and raw romance. In this final installment to the much loved series, Harry Styles tells you, the reader, how life ha...
One Yardigans by MrsTrepidation
One Yardigansby MrsTrepidation
What happens when the backyardigans and one direction form together to create a stronger band? Thanks for 2k babes 🥺 #1 in kfc 🥺🍗 #20 in emo 🥺 #2 in castaway 🥺 #1 i...
Backyardigans play Pack  by Uglydollsadventures
Backyardigans play Pack by Uglydollsadventures
Ep 17 Race Around the World Ep 13 The Quest for the Flying Rock Ep 12 Race to the Tower of Power Season 2 Ep 14 Sinbad Sails Alone
The End- part 4 of the one yardigans franchise  by MrsTrepidation
The End- part 4 of the one MrsTrepidation
MPREG Harry has a big secret, Liam is depressed, and a familiar face comes back for revenge..... really sad this story has come to an end, hope you enjoy 🥺🥺🥺 #4 in ve...
Tyrone x Austin  by DanieleCohnsCameltoe
Tyrone x Austin by DanieleCohnsCameltoe
No one ever gives Austin a chance in the fanfic spotlight even he's the hottest backyardigan.
Love Will Find a Way (pabniqua) by yorkchocolate
Love Will Find a Way (pabniqua)by yorkchocolate
Uniqua and Pablo find out that their love is forbidden and run away...
aMoGuS 2: ✨Castaways✨ by MagicAngryBird
aMoGuS 2: ✨Castaways✨by Taco of SIN
A truckload of characters, an island in the Pacific Ocean, absolute madness. If you thought the first book was wild, you aren't prepared for this. Ahoy there, ahoy, we a...
Backyardigangsters by _staayweird
Backyardigangstersby _staayweird
Watch what happens in the ghetto world of the backyardigans (I made this as a joke, this isn't for real, I'm a much better writer I promise and I'm nowhere near ghetto l...
Pablo X Reader by thatoneweeb707
Pablo X Readerby my name is arson🥶👹😈✋
Y/n and Pablo are friends with the rest of the gang Uniqua, Tasha, Austin, and Tyrone but, it's different, because they're in love with each other. (I'M SO SORRY FOR WRI...
Tasha's revenge-backyardigans creepypasta by greengiantchosenone
Tasha's revenge-backyardigans greengiantchosenone
Tasha has sat in the back and watched her other backyard friends take the lead for to long...she's had enough
Blooper reels: Backie style (Backyardigans) by AmberXDesmond
Blooper reels: Backie style ( CalistaXWendell
B.T.W: Bloopers for those of you who don't know are mistakes on t.v shows and movies, These happen to be on my favorite children's show, The backyardigans Who will win...
The Tragic Origin Of The Backyardigans by DleriousAvocado
The Tragic Origin Of The Memebags Mcgee
This story reveals the true origin of how the popular children's characters "the backyardigans" came to be.
Pimpin not simpin by HomoButNotSexual
Pimpin not simpinby HomoButNotSexual
this is a Pablo the Penguin x reader fanfiction (obviously it's a joke) idk what to put in the desc.... also smut ahead so beware. there will be character death so don't...
Memes ig by cayxmen
Memes igby caymen 👎
workin hard so i can please you (edited SEVERELY)
Tarone // A Backyardigans Love Story by OriginalPeanut
Tarone // A Backyardigans Love OriginalPeanut
"Tyrone... is that you?" asked Tasha, whose eyes were still blurry from waking up. "No need to worry. I'm right here." Tyrone said, reassuring her. ...