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The Fuentes Family by exxxyR
The Fuentes Familyby e♚
What are the odds of moving to a new state, and having to live with the hottest family in school- no, scratch that. The hottest family in the WORLD. Some would say I'm...
Babysitting The bad boy | JENZIE Discontinued:( by stob_it_beach
Babysitting The bad boy | JENZIE stob_it_beach
he pinned me to the wall... " hey johnny what r u doing??" " I know u want every inch of me!!" nnn-no I.. just leave me what happens when kenzie nee...
Sweater Weather by Tay_dontcare
Sweater Weatherby Heyyy ItsTay
Delaney Prince and Carter Davis have been enemies forever but what happens when Delaney babysits Carter?
THE DUDE by Sammy149v
THE DUDEby Sammy149v
This Story Is About life As A Teenage Kid, With Many Many Funny Adventures Try Reading This
Out Of My♡League by q9ueen
Out Of My♡Leagueby Hey
"He's cocky, controlling, too smooth for his own good and has better hair than I do." I fuss, glaring out at him. "Sounds like you like him." Ava sm...
The New Boy by SanayaSamuels
The New Boyby SanayaSamuels
Alexandra has everything money, clothes, good grades, best friends. What happens when a new boy, Brooklyn, starts attending her school. Only one person objects to her fr...
Tell Me You Love Me by EllaCM510
Tell Me You Love Meby Wren M.
Lily James has one goal during her junior year of high school. Get away from her crazy dad for a few months. This opportunity arrives in the form of a call from one of h...
Bounded Love by favor123
Bounded Loveby favor123
Regina wanted Amos to be hers for life time and has a life partner,but Amos doesn't have any space in his heart to write her name in,what happens? what would she do ,cau...
our story by Cordelia040
our storyby Cordelia040
This may or may not be a discontinued or continued story with a diffrent beginning then my other story. Diffrent characters and background life's. K. alr.
  In The Name Of Love by evalove16
In The Name Of Loveby evalove16
Katherine nightsilver is an ordinary girl who wants a normal life but can never have one since her mom was a businesswoman and had to move every single time she got a pr...
Summer With The Bad Boy by mady_12_
Summer With The Bad Boyby Mady_15_
Quinlynn Kalani Armellie is a very strong willed girl. She is hard headed, stubborn, and incredibly witty in her own way. She keeps her group small, extremely small. Esp...