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Mario+Luigi Partners In Time x Ninjago by SailorCrystalSun
Mario+Luigi Partners In Time x Arielle
(this is yet another crossover fanfic... and I've been playing Mario+Luigi Partners In Time for the past couple of weeks so I thought to make that into a fanfic and cros...
Nintendo Comics by JazzysWorldOfPeace
Nintendo Comicsby 💛Princess Daisy🧡
Fun kid friendly comics for everyone to read! Comics for Nintendo fans, like me or comics for when you're bored!
the history of bob by catmagn
the history of bobby Catmagan _03
this is a story on how bob, a peach baby, was born, you're welcome Story by lgbt0rawr in 5th hour history class, 1-29-19 Tuesday at 12:05 PM, esh
Pokémon "The Series" Iron by ShahadAlnuaimi
Pokémon "The Series" Ironby Shahad Alnuaimi
Come with Baby Mario , Baby Luigi and Baby Peach! And the legendary warrior Pokémon , They are Zacian and Zamazenta! Go to save them!
Mario & Luigi, Sonic & Pokémon: Partners in Time by Lendsey2004
Mario & Luigi, Sonic & Pokémon: Lendsey Thornton
The brothers (along with Sonic, Ash and Co.) travel back in time to retrieve Princess Peach, only for the Mario Bros to come face to face with baby versions of themselve...