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Burning Desire  by tonibraxtonbaby123
Burning Desire by Tonibraxtonbaby
Who ever thought we would be together?
Musical Relationship by malyaa
Musical Relationshipby Juliette
"I'm working on how to love again, falling in love. I like being in love, I like love...He is my husband, he just doesn't know it yet." -Toni Braxton "Ton...
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Breathe. by spokensins
#3 Regïna <3
Her heart laid on the pavement of a highway interstate. She never thought she'd see it again, nor did she find the time to look for it. Yet, this person walked into her...
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Love Over Lust by TxJbabess
Love Over Lustby TxJbabess
She attracted me like no other I had to have her but was having her gonna led to a cost to reason being the reason why she she attracted me like she did was it love or l...
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Divorce by Sweetreeka22
Divorceby TBraxtonFan
What if we were wrong about each other? What if you were really made for me? What if we was 'sposed to be together? Would that not mean anything? What if that was 'spose...
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Love over Lust 2 by TxJbabess
Love over Lust 2by TxJbabess
Love over Lust pt. 2
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K&T Studio Session(Completed) by LillieDiary
K&T Studio Session(Completed)by HyaHoney
This the first time, in a long time that we did this before. The deep connection and the lullaby flowing in our mind is so eagerly wanted more. We maybe lost, but we fou...
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Love Locked (Normani and Keith Powers) EDITING  by beyonce_harmony
Love Locked (Normani and Keith The Short Princess
The love connection that locks you in you know? You cant let go at the first glimpse of each other true love was Present. Will they admit it? Will the love prevail?
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Sundays with Charles by Cherikella
Sundays with Charlesby Tᴜʀɴ ᴜᴘ ᴛʜᴇ Cʜᴇʀɪᴋ
Erik is a struggling single dad. His life is a mess, he's constantly drowning in problems - financial, emotional and parental - until one day it hits him! A car hits him...
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Finally by TxJbabess
Finallyby TxJbabess
How could two people be in love with each other after all these years and not be with each other sooner. Yet for one to break ones heart which leaves the other vulnerabl...
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I'm In Love With My Boss  by Sweetreeka22
I'm In Love With My Boss by TBraxtonFan
Toni is a intern at Laface Records Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds is her Boss and his Brother L.A Reid runs the company in Atlanta after working there for three year...
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The Girl In The Red Dress  by Sweetreeka22
The Girl In The Red Dress by TBraxtonFan
Toni works at a radio station at night during the week but love to sing around town on the weekends hoping to be discovered and find love
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daddy 2 by tonibraxtonbitch
daddy 2by tonibraxtonbitch
the sequel to daddy
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Mistress Finder by KBFace
Mistress Finderby Faceeee
Kenny and Nicole live a very idealistic life. They got married at 18, managed to double major and graduate by 22 all while never falling out of love. But soon everything...
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Secret Love 2(Completed) by LillieDiary
Secret Love 2(Completed)by HyaHoney
Two Musical Magician with a Disruptive Secret👣 They "were" the lights in each other eyes. But Secret became lies, trust became mirrors that cracked and love b...
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Sweet Desires by KBFace
Sweet Desiresby Faceeee
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Where Did We Go Wrong ? by Meshamartin28
Where Did We Go Wrong ?by #MyBae♥(Toni Braxton)
Toni~ Your love is all I need to feel complete. Kenny~ I don't want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips or be in your arms because that's only my place. Ton...
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My Love Life 2 by BooksbyApril
My Love Life 2by BooksbyApril
Toni and Kenny have been doing great ever since Keri and Nichole had left them. Then, someone new comes in their daughter, Aaliyah's, life. Who is this mysterious person...
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Saving It All For Me by jnaye13
Saving It All For Meby jnaye13
A story about a young boy who's whole life has been getting what he wants. His arrogance has become his trademark and the women love him for it. Everything he touches be...
How Love Goes by tonitigers
How Love Goesby tonitigers
This book is about ToniFace . Toni Braxton And Babyface You Have To Read To Get The Good Details
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