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Chardre One Shots by xiuweety_mint
Chardre One Shotsby Suhoe is Omma
Chardre one shots...
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No More Secrets by solivagantsoul-
No More Secretsby eleanor
sophie and fitz have finally confessed their feelings to each other. but even though the hardest part is over, how do they break the news to their friends without riskin...
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Be strong, please!  ❤‎ by chraboll_15
Be strong, please! ❤‎by róża
Kolejny dzień w szkole. Kolejne wyzwiska. Kolejne blizny. łzy, których już nie potrafię hamować. Kolejne łzy, które pokazują moją cholerną słabość. Kolejny raz widz...
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Passion by _Smoking_Roses_
Passionby _Smoking_Roses_
°Chardre° °bars and melody° °boyxboy° °not annoyingly fast pace... at least I hope not...° °if you ship Chardre (or just cute boyxboy fics), then read to find out - that...
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Bam text messages by hannabergstrom04
Bam text messagesby get weird
Text messages between you and Charlie or Leondre. It can be cute, funny, romantic. You know, everything! COMPLETED!!!
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Querencia ~ a Khun Aguero Agnes Fanfiction by Nashima_
Querencia ~ a Khun Aguero Agnes Fa...by Nakashima Aya
"Without her, he lost his power-" "-and without him, she lost her soul." . . . You and him, two people who destined to be in each other's arm...
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Finally by PurpleImagination2
Finallyby That Kid
"I'm sorry to say this, my dearest Juliet, but I'm absolutely head over heels for you."
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Complicated Love (a Bars and Melody fan fiction) by bamaremyidiots
Complicated Love (a Bars and Melod...by bamaremyidiots
This story is about a girl called Kira and her Complicated Cinderella Story. Important- Charlie and Leo are the same age in this fan fiction which is important to know...
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Summer's Never Looked The Same by promghost07
Summer's Never Looked The Sameby Emmy
After Ryan Dunn's death, Ava Knoxville and Bam Margera both take his passing the hardest. They go to desperate measures to forget the absence of their closest friend. Th...
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Badkid Lalony  by xxmora
Badkid Lalony by badkid mora 💙
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Leondre Stole My Bra➪ L. Devries by JinxMcCormick
Leondre Stole My Bra➪ L. Devriesby Jɪɴx Aʙɴᴇʀ
Emma Hood has just moved to Port Talbot, Wales. She hit it off with her neighbors, Leondre and Charlie. But after the neighbors finish visiting, Emma realizes she's miss...
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Unexpected love||Jikook story by miaa_055
Unexpected love||Jikook storyby ♥️Mia♥️
Jeon Jungkook the bad boy who would never fall in love and only have love for his mafia has fell for an angel named Park Jimin Fluff Maybe smut (maybe) Ft ships:Sope...
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Goner (Leondre Devries fan fiction)  by emmat4
Goner (Leondre Devries fan fiction...by emmat4
This story is about a girl who in love with one of her best friend Leo, but is to scared to tell him. What will happen when he finds out? Or when she becomes a goner? Re...
Somewhere by PurpleImagination2
Somewhereby That Kid
The Jackass and the sweetheart.
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adopted by bars and melody by xtumblrx_xgirlx
adopted by bars and melodyby xtumblrx_xgirlx
I had lived in the care center I got bullied I ran away but the was only two people that cared about me.
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Love Makes Me (Hunter Hayes fanfic) *Currently Editing* by Epichearts
Love Makes Me (Hunter Hayes fanfic...by Epichearts
Lexi is just a regular small town girl, getting by on tips at the restaurant she works at. Her life is fairly simply, if you ignore the fact that she's in love with one...
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Jackass. by cellophanegunner
Jackass.by cellophanegunner
Welcome to the wonderful world of Jackass! This story follows Christina Margera, younger sister to Bam & Jess Margera through her life of being around stuntman royalty...
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Rogue - Bam Margera by glader_
Rogue - Bam Margeraby poison girl
"Loving me is a death sentence, isn't it?" Discontinued due to bad writing I guess?? My English wasn't very good when I wrote this so I started a new book, go...
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Part Of Me. *COMPLETED* by sianhemmingsx
Part Of Me. *COMPLETED*by sian
Through thick and through thin you will always be a PART OF ME- Harvey Cantwell Fanfic... Includes The Brooks Bailey McConnell Bars And Melody
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Save Me /-/Damien Wayne/-/ REWRITE IN PROGRESS by 0Xx_DimondShard_xX0
Save Me /-/Damien Wayne/-/ REWRITE...by 0Xx_DimondShard_xX0
Kidnapped at 5 years old, Rose Queen was bound and tortured by the League of Assassins for years, she was found and rescued by her father, Green Arrow, at 12 years old...
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