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To The Heavens and Beyond(Trigger oc x azur lane) by Gab9102
To The Heavens and Beyond( Gab9102
After years of service in the Osea Airforce, our main character callsign "Trigger" finally retire from his service. Famous for his effort in the Lighthouse War...
The Soldiers of Azur Lane (On hold) by White_Tiger_1987
The Soldiers of Azur Lane (On hold)by zubu smither
6 soldiers who were long lost friends are teleported to the world of Azur Lane. They realized that they where now ships from the future and decided to band together once...
The Triumvirate (Starcraft 2 x Azur Lane)  by JeanCarlo3806
The Triumvirate (Starcraft 2 x RedGamer3806
Title suggested by ASchyte After long last battle against amon forces at the void People returning to there homeland and Kerrigan's returned to be human again. As Jim Ra...
A Legendary battleship / Male Reader Großer Kurfürst x Azur Lane by NotReallyFred
A Legendary battleship / Male NotReallyFred
Y/N was just a normal male in his early 18s, He finally finished school as he started to play wows, He will be put into a difficult situation in another world as he is t...
Azur Lane: the beast (male battleship x azur lane) by Codmplayer2514
Azur Lane: the beast (male Codm
USS Missouri is the third of the iowa class battleships missiouri was fighting againts an alien mothership, after the battle missouri was sailing back to port for repair...
Jaeger-Boy by Zap3000
Jaeger-Boyby Zap3000
Azure Blade is a Jaeger, the last of his kind in fact. The last bastion against the almost nonexistent threat of the Kaiju. This is his purpose: to defend humanity at an...
Azur Lane a FanFic by Aruji-Sama
Azur Lane a FanFicby Aruji-Sama
The story revolves around a naval commander, who valiantly gave up his life to protect his sailors and his country, ending a war that could have spread to a nuclear leve...
Azur Lane: A Jedi's Tale by N7Captain
Azur Lane: A Jedi's Taleby N7Captain
A Jedi from a long forgotten era is noon a planet in a galaxy far far away from where he started. How will things work out for him? Will he go back to the old ways of th...
Azur Lane:The Royal Knight by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:The Royal Knightby Shadowgamer
(this had 3 votes so this wins) XD humanity was threatened over a war with a race far beyond them,a race from another place,the Sirens,a race who sought the destruction...
Russian supercarrier goes to azur lane by Downneck
Russian supercarrier goes to Downneck
in the year of 2030, the Russian navy successfully build an supercarrier they name it Shtorm or project 23000E. they send this ship naval training in black sea, but some...
Azur Lane: Male Reader Regent Ship X Azur Lane by Sherwinkent
Azur Lane: Male Reader Regent sherwinkent9011
Y/N play battleship game mini boss appeared striker after striker destroyed light appeared front of screen teleport him to azur lane universe and become striker what wel...
Azur Lane-King of the Seven Seas by OneEyedKing1000
Azur Lane-King of the Seven Seasby Blue Lagoon
Those special memories of you will always bring a smile. If only I could have you back for just a little while. Then we could sit and talk again, just like we used to do...
The Lost Carrier (USS Gerald Ford X Azur Lane) by NoxturnalNinja
The Lost Carrier (USS Gerald NocturnalNinja
Gerald Was Cruising (Vibin) In The Pacific Waters Then Suddently He Collapsed And Suddently Wakes Up In An Unknown Ocean With An Island In It (NOTE: All Of The Name Of C...
A Pirate's Crush by Nordryd
A Pirate's Crushby Nordryd
My name is Jean Bart, the Vichya Dominion's last cutting-edge battleship, who needn't rely on anyone but myself for strength. Yet... I've found myself utterly infatuated...
Azur Lane: Lost Brother by AkiraIsokana_01
Azur Lane: Lost Brotherby AkiraIsokana
(this is my third series of Azur Lane Fanfiction and Note: I am just doing it for fun as a hobby, so It was I learn and you learn scenario.) The battle between the Azur...
Regents(Azur lane x Battleship fanfiction) by Help_2017
Regents(Azur lane x Battleship 1MIGL 69
Striker Alpha was looking for the USS John Paul Jones until it was hit with 2 Tomahawk cruise missiles. the Regent thought it was the end until it woke up in the middle...
The Lost Space Battleship(azur lane x space battleship yamato) (On Hold) by General_kenobi23
The Lost Space Battleship(azur General_kenobi23
The year 2199 when the earth is cured and the gamalias surrender for peace but something to happen yamato
The Venetor by White_Tiger_1987
The Venetorby zubu smither
The Triumphant was a Venetor class star destroyer in service to the Republic however on one faithful mission against the Separatist it was destroyed by a super weapon lo...
"Impressive Commander." (Azur Lane x Male Reader) by Mobius117
"Impressive Commander." (Azur Mobius117
In a world in conflict with the Sirens, a young commander is assigned to Azur Lane. He will be tested by his command, his enemies and his ships. His command and enemies...