Stepbrother | jjk + kth by -chi-chi-
Stepbrother | jjk + kthby -CHI-CHI-
step·broth·er ˈstepˌbrəT͟Hər/ "V stop this is wrong your my stepbrother " "But how do you know its wrong" "Because the law says so" "W...
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1| in the stars  ➳ rilaya. by arianaqueende
1| in the stars ➳ ♡ Natalie ♡
❝i'd rather be a fool with you than be anything without you.❞ © natalie 2016-2017
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Tainted Love by amo4books
Tainted Loveby Laelynn Auburn
For hundreds of years, she's been running from me. Feared by all, the White Shadow was born seconds after the first vampire, Dracula, came to be. You think you know the...
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Saving Colson Baker ( A MGK fan fiction) by Toothless_Unicorn
Saving Colson Baker ( A MGK fan Lost Girl
Colson Baker. The name was enough to give anyone chills. He was dangerous, arrogant, and extremely attractive. He was the stereotypical bad boy with a soft spot for onl...
  • badboy
  • romance
  • abuse
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Lolita ☼ H.S ✅ by nyctophilia_girl
Lolita ☼ H.S ✅by Lolita🐝
IF YOU DO NOT LIKE AGE GAP STORIES, DO NOT READ THIS! THANK YOU! EDIT: this was my first story in wattpad ever?! So it's not very good, I've warned you. + "They wer...
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The Blood-Stained Empress by disappearwithoutlife
The Blood-Stained Empressby Dream
Li Mei Xing's life was every girl's dream. She was born from an influential family as the eldest legitimate daughter, fell in love with the Imperial Family's handsome 4t...
  • war
  • femalelead
  • hatred
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I Speak Fluent Sarcasm by Geek_Girl_write
I Speak Fluent Sarcasmby Bella :)
Highest Rank: #24 in Humor Aylissa Leeton. The new girl to town. She is a hot blonde haired girl with bright blue eyes. She gets along with everyone. All the boys chase...
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Healing Hearts (  a Wolverine X OC Story) by NatachaWolf1308
Healing Hearts ( a Wolverine X NatachaWolf1308
When three mysterious men attack Megan she's rescued by Logan, the Wolverine. Being a low profile person she doesn't have a clue why somebody would want to harm her. Rec...
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  • x-men
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Alpha Romanov by JEMSphere
Alpha Romanovby JEM
"You should have left while you had the chance." My blurry eyes connect with hers. It was then I realize I'm going to die here. I haven't been loved, haven't...
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My Collection of Haikus by dbrodriguez
My Collection of Haikusby queen
/ Haiku - a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five / E N G L I S H • highest ranking #86 in Poetry - 07/21/17 COMPLETE ✔
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Who are you ?  ( Reconstructing )  by Sreshtaa_136
Who are you ? ( Reconstructing ) by Sreshtaa
( #18 in mystery ) A roller coaster ride of emotions and mystery all stirred together. A romance , yet , tragedy based story . 🦋 DISCLAIMER : This story and the chara...
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  • thriller
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Honey Coated Fangs ( EDITING) by Ahhnajoliecopley
Honey Coated Fangs ( EDITING)by Ahhnajoliecopley
The heated, gooey, mouthwatering nectar, is the substance that Alya will eventually crave. In a world, where honey isn't always the color of gold and men aren't the onl...
  • azulawards
  • mature-romance
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The City of Angels by briggnail
The City of Angelsby Brigg Nalle
Highest rank #242 2nd place in Ice Awards 2nd place in Purple Awards He lost his father in Nineveh, and Markus might very well lose his sister Ruth too. Having been give...
  • action
  • magic
  • hopefulawards
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After the Battle [Harry Potter] by iamdeeplysuperficial
After the Battle [Harry Potter]by iamdeeplysuperficial
Harry Potter has finally succeeded in defeating Voldemort, with the help of Ron and Hermione, of course. Being the good students they are - especially Hermione...
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Protect My Heart by basicbitch-
Protect My Heartby actual goddess
❝ how far would you go to protect him? ❞ ❝ how far wouldn't I go? ❞ in which a bodyguard and the son of a billionaire try to balance staying alive and falling in love. ➳...
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Presidential by -kerberos-
Presidentialby k
They'd been chosen too. In a way, their stakes were higher than hers. And she was the president. *** Every four to eight years, a new president is elected. Every four to...
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to you by that_one_star
to youby alida
to you, my love • words and thoughts i could never say to you, now finally spoken through a splatter of words on a page. • • a collection of poems written from the view...
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Dime A Dozen | a.k.a Broken Laughter by -imlaughing-
Dime A Dozen | a.k.a Broken ané ☘︎
☞ previously known as Broken Laughter ☜ "Pain is inevitable. Happiness is impossible. And love is just an illusion." ~ A lot can happen in two and a half year...
  • mad
  • badboy
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Knowing Jackson by auburette
Knowing Jacksonby juni
Pen friends of a sort. " where she writes letters to him and he seeks refuge in them " To know Jackson through their letters, read in more. All Rights Reserve...
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One Way Back (On Hold) by KhalilUllah173
One Way Back (On Hold)by Khalil Ullah
Highest ranking: #123 in spiritual on 21st August, 2017. The authorities are on high alert when a three-time murderer, Saleem escapes prison. With a wave of uncertainty...
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  • escape
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