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The Power of the Moon by the-hidden-will
The Power of the Moonby Aya
What happens when Uchiha Madara finds out the true purpose of the Infinite Tsukuyomi? Uchiha Madara bumps into an interesting girl along the way and they may even end up...
Reborn in the world of detective Conan by Tantei-chanUwU
Reborn in the world of detective C...by Tantei-chan
Y/n l/n is a Japanese girl Was known as "Einstein".she was so intelligent. She is a mystery lover, And a detective too. One day, this girl died And got reborn...
PRINCESS JOINING THE TEAM (Prince of Tennis FanFic) by Trufflerabbit13
PRINCESS JOINING THE TEAM (Prince...by Trufflerabbit13
She hasn't seen him for six years. He hasn't seen her for six years in actual person. Every year he sat in front of the T.V watching her play. And after six...
Detective Conan - Reader  Black or White by GhostXR
Detective Conan - Reader Black or...by GhostXR
The sudden appearance (Y/N) is a mystery. Haibara and Conan know almost nothing, whether it is black or red ... they must be unlocked gradually. ......she was almost wea...
Detective conan: game over (fanfic) by lanachoco5
Detective conan: game over (fanfic)by Lana
Some parts from the story: Conan's pov Every minute to me was like a year , oh if i just was 7 years old again its 100 times better than ....... - Ran pov .....i didn't...
The Current Me [Detective Conan] by RoyalKareem
The Current Me [Detective Conan]by Royal-Chan
He might be as smart as him He might looked exactly like him He might be as 'Holmes' maniac as him But there is a major difference between him and Shinichi... And now Co...
The Secret Love (Natsu x Oc fanfiction) by EbbZilla
The Secret Love (Natsu x Oc fanfic...by EbbZilla
Natsu has been best friends with Ayumi Smith ever sense Igneel left him. The feelings soon transformed to something more and they've been keeping their relationship a se...
"Fragile Flower" {Detective Conan x Reader} by SnowlightLily
"Fragile Flower" {Detective Conan...by ARMY_Forever 13
Your actual image and name will be presented throughout the story. I will apologize early if it wasn't what you actually hope. I just get a little annoyed everytime I pu...
Corpse Party Fanfiction [Complete] by creativegirl35769
Corpse Party Fanfiction [Complete]by creativegirl35769
I made a Sachiko X Reader because I have never seen one, and I feel like there should be some out there. Edit: currently in the process of updating the chapters. Chapter...
precure all stars truth or dare by CarlosMartinez921457
precure all stars truth or dareby Carlos Martinez
this is my first story and two i will add more villains or more precure if i feel like it later alright
Detective Conan: Meeting Yuki Heinzu by Admin_Maria
Detective Conan: Meeting Yuki Hein...by eli
Yuki Heinzu isn't a normal kid with a sister. She has her own secrets. Yuki Heinzu is another transfert student. A cute caring girl who wants to go wherever Conan goes...
Ghost ( Yoshiki Kishinuma ) {COMPLETED} by Gumonyourshoe
Ghost ( Yoshiki Kishinuma ) {COMPL...by Feisty Nugget
A boy. A ghost. Both are trapped, but there is one difference; she has no hope. She watches him in the shadows. He is everything her life wished for. Her sensitivity...
A Way Out [Corpse Party Fanfiction] by Flaming_Rose24
A Way Out [Corpse Party Fanfiction]by I'm a piece of shit but I gue...
They finally escaped. Satoshi, Naomi, Yuka, Ayumi, and Yoshiki. They finally escaped from the dark clutches of Heavenly Host Elementary school. And they're going back. ✄...
Memories (Charlotte x reader)  by Yukie_okumura
Memories (Charlotte x reader) by Akito Okada
What if the Otosaka family had another sibling. When Yuu and Ayumi's memories of their childhood and brother where wiped by Shunsuke Otosaka, what if they had another si...
Unrequited Love? ABANDONED by TheListlessWriter
Unrequited Love? ABANDONEDby TheListlessWriter
Ai Habara and Conan Edogawa are both shrunken teens. Cause? APTX 4869. A drug designed to kill people without leaving a trace. Shiho Miyano, tired of being used by the O...
Two different worlds: An Ayushiki Fanfiction by creepy_corpseparty
Two different worlds: An Ayushiki...by Delilah
Ayumi and Yoshiki were having a terrible fight, when Yoshiki is caught in an unfortunate accident and gets severely injured. He falls into a coma where, in his own mind...
Remembering Ayumi by Dustwhisker
Remembering Ayumiby Dustwhisker
Ayumi made a hug e sacrifice not knowing the whole story. Her life is broken and as she thinks her life may never get better one persons memory of the past may bring her...
Don't Blame Yourself (Yoshiki x Ayumi Fanfiction) by TheHellInsideYou
Don't Blame Yourself (Yoshiki x Ay...by whiney white boys are my aest...
After the five came back to Kisargi, things have been... off. Ayumi can't stop the guilt of four of her friends death, and she knows it's her fault. And it doesn't help...
Hidden Memories by sun-daey
Hidden Memoriesby —— 𝓢𝓪𝓴𝓲 ——
CREDITS TO: @dopesthetic FOR THE LOVELY COVER :) 》a Charlotte fanfiction《 When Yuu Otosaka completely lost his memories of his lover, Nao Tomori, he lost more than that...
Corpse party truth or dare by MrsMeowalot
Corpse party truth or dareby Mariah
Have any cool dares that you want to ask you're favorite people from corpse party? I think you do! Then go ahead and add this weekly updates thing into you're very fille...