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The Male Siren (Borderlands x Male Reader) by sambamhaw
The Male Siren (Borderlands x sambamhaw
All Sirens were born as female, but what if there was actually a first male to be a Siren? A mercenary named Y/N born with Siren powers was hired to find a Vault on Pand...
Borderlands Anarchy. by DJjammer
Borderlands DJjammer
The borderlands, a cruel place of death, destruction and downright badassery. Our story takes place on Pandora, home to the crimson raiders, vaults galore, hyperion dick...
New Perspective ~ A Handsome Jack x Reader Story by lilb1hbbykk
New Perspective ~ A Handsome <3
!This story is not according to the (exact) events of the borderlands games! This is a second person story (x reader) for the readers pleasure! As a vault hunter, (and b...
Saint - Finding the Normalcy Within the Abnormality by InsolentDreams
Saint - Finding the Normalcy InsolentDreams
When Jacob is appointed to help Axton with math he thought that's all that he'd do. But then they get close... way too close.
One Shot Collection: BORDERLANDS ADDITION by CreativelyStupid
One Shot Collection: BORDERLANDS Rhysie baby
This is a collection of various Borderlands one shots, smuts, lemons, and fluffs. If you have an idea or want something written, please message me, I am very open to su...
Cyborgs,love and guns:Borderlands Gaige x cybernetic enhanced male reader  by nostalgicman
Cyborgs,love and The Watcher
You and your parents came to pandora to escape trouble,Hyperion made those problems look like a cakewalk.
You're Not His  by Virgils_paranoia
You're Not His by Virgils_paranoia
A Gaige x Zer0 story Gaige storms out after a fight to calm herself down, and stumbles across an old mission that Handsome Jack had left in Eridium Blight. It seemed sim...
Kingdom Hearts: Borderlands by sambamhaw
Kingdom Hearts: Borderlandsby sambamhaw
(takes place after Kingdom Hearts: Pokemon and before Kingdom Hearts: 3) After a nice long vacation from the world of Pokemon, Devon, Luna, Spyro, Cynder, and Lumina rec...
Borderlands 3 Oneshots  by XxAcidicGoddessxX
Borderlands 3 Oneshots by Kristen Hall
Oneshots of your favorite characters, already existing or new. Don't forget to support me on my Tumblr too where I post these as well! xxang3lw1ngxx
Welcome to Pandora kiddos. by CreativelyStupid
Welcome to Pandora Rhysie baby
Yesterday Borderlands was just a video game, but now it's your reality. Handsome Jack has made a victorious comeback from his fall, but this time he isn't just taking ba...
The Borderlands Stained Crimson by HellsingAlchemist13
The Borderlands Stained Crimsonby HellsingAlchemist
I've been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 lately, and I had to write something about it, this will likely be the main story I upload for a while. Crimson Blitzkrieg was a...
The Guardian of Pandora  by Nateryan48
The Guardian of Pandora by Nathen James Ryan
After going through a wormhole to escape Cabal pilots a lone hunter finds himself stranded on a strange planet as his ship is destroyed. luckily there's a nearby train s...
Handsome Jack x Female Reader [NSFW] by spiderboylover1967
Handsome Jack x Female Reader [ spiderboylover1967
An unsuccessful raid on a Hyperion outpost led to the deaths of all but one female bandit, who turned out to be a Vault Hunter that Handsome Jack tried to kill a year ag...
Borderlands x reader by CrazyGuardianAngel
Borderlands x readerby CrazyGuardianAngel
This is my first story, so sorry if its bad XD .I accept requests and feel free to correct me on spelling or grammar mistakes if you spot any.
Welcome to Sunset City: Borderlands 2 x Male reader by GASTLY42957
Welcome to Sunset City: Rhogar
Sunset overdrive and borderlands 2. The most crazy games ever and I feel they go together very well, with all the explosions and casual 4th wall breaks. Y/n: prepare fo...
Borderlands x Reader Collection by PolitePenguin
Borderlands x Reader Collectionby PolitePenguin
A oneshot book dedicated to Borderlands 1 and 2! (I haven't played TPS/TFTBL yet)
Borderlands Oneshots😳 by djcatss
Borderlands Oneshots😳by RoxasAwesomeGaming34
hey ba bi es 😋🤑🤑🦶🏿🦶🏿. threre will be alTot of feces fecal mattr so stay turned babees 😳😳😳🐀 also it a worm in progress teehee😋😋😆😆
Borderlands 2 Babies X Pyro Female Reader by huggablepanda341
Borderlands 2 Babies X Pyro Shy Guy
What could be worse than a pist off Mama Pyro on pandora? XD
Perfect Harmony by butterflysly_2107
Perfect Harmonyby Faith Nuestro
Faiva, A simple girl who loves music goes to an audition to be the main vocalist in a Band named " Lively ". When she's accepted, she noticed that her life is...
Save Me  by bay13_
Save Me by Bay
If you love Atlas from It Ends WIth Us you will love Axton. Axton~ Growing up without my dad was tough but when my mother dies and now im in custody of my mother's abusi...