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Kingdom Hearts Love Story: Please Don't Go (Akuroku) by MeghanBenjamin
Kingdom Hearts Love Story: Meghan Benjamin
Roxas was just an ordinary boy with good grades and everyone knew him as the teacher's pet. He had the perfect life, until one day he met Axel, a supposed drug dealer. B...
AkuRoku: Spin The Bottle by Cirseii
AkuRoku: Spin The Bottleby Cirseii
"Pillow fights are for girls!" Vanitas scoffed, stuffing a pillow in the brunette's face. He then chugged down a soda he'd been holding within his left hand, l...
The Love Poison by kingdomh123
The Love Poisonby kingdomh123
Axel and roxas drink a love potion that was made by vexen. And cuteness insures. But once the love potion wears off, they realize they still have feelings for eachother.
Kingdom Hearts One Shot Book! (Requests Open!) (Shipping Ver.) (ON HOLD!) by element-of-laughter
Kingdom Hearts One Shot Book! ( Emira! 😍
(Cover by @Luna-Komaeda) So...I'm gonna try this again... ANYWAY, you guys can request one shots and I'll try to do them! Have fun! I ALSO DON'T OWN ANYTHING! SQUARE AND...
Axel X Roxas by SunhineGem
Axel X Roxasby Yah boi
Axel is just meeting Roxas how will it turn out?? Will they be rivals or lovers????
Kingdom Hearts: Ice Cream of a Sea Salt Kind (Akuroku) by FishCakeIce
Kingdom Hearts: Ice Cream of a shrubs not scrubs
A cute, fluffy Akuroku... which includes ice cream. ;)
She's No You by Missionotaku321
She's No Youby Richard
Axel gets jealous of how much time Roxas is spending with Xion and fears that he will be left for her. Roxas cooks up a little something to prove otherwise. Songfic-ish...
Axel & Roxas [intelligence] fic by leabracelet
Axel & Roxas [intelligence] ficby leabracelet
yeah, YEAH I do know how "you're making Axel a pedophile, u sick piece of shit" I just have some inspiration for this, feeling happy 'bout KH3 and my Sora cos...
Akuroku One Shot  by billdipbipper2423
Akuroku One Shot by Isabella J.
I hope you like it! Its my first yaoi, yaoi one shot, and one shot so yeah~ enjoy! XD(Complete)
Dancing Flames by Servant-Of-Light
Dancing Flamesby ~Hannah~
Roxas was a new student at Oblivion High. He had no idea what to expect.
VenVan (Vanitas x Ventus). ~Love Scars~ by JennakellaFrostPenye
VenVan (Vanitas x Ventus). ~Love Jennakella FrostPenyella
Vanitas has a hard life. He doesn't know what to do, because his dad Xehanort has been beating him for years now and he hates it. Hopefully a certain blonde haired boy c...
Charred by Its_Ace121
Charredby Its_Ace121
All Roxas wanted was some peace and quite before Monday morning, but instead he got a crazy upstairs neighbour who had a thing for heavy metal.
From Now to Forever  by Its_Ace121
From Now to Forever by Its_Ace121
Tonight was special or at least, that's what Axel kept telling you.
No One Would Miss Me by DestinyIslandDreamer
No One Would Miss Meby DestinyIslandDreamer
Now that Roxas and Sora's souls have been reunited, Axel must do everything he can to protect them. He's allied himself with Riku and Leon and made watching over Sora hi...
Una llave para ti ( soriku) by skyrres
Una llave para ti ( soriku)by Chat skyrres 665
después de los acontecimientos de kingdom hearts 3, Sora quedo encerrado en el espacio etéreo, solo, sumido en la oscuridad la cual lo consumirá y manipulara a su gusto...
A Letter for You [Axel x Roxas] by Leoncita_
A Letter for You [Axel x Roxas]by León🍁
After Roxas dissappeared, Axel couldn't help but feel sad and angry with everyone, including himself, even if he didn't have a heart. He felt guilty, and with a sad smil...
64/3 Days (Akuroku/Zemyx Fanfiction) by SitarEnthusiast9
64/3 Days (Akuroku/Zemyx Kelly
Vexen, with Luxord and Zexion's assistance, has managed to build the world's first time machine. However, the first people to know its a success are Axel and Roxas, and...