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Sired To The Vampire King [The Series] by Kamiyaf12
Sired To The Vampire King [The Kamiyaf12
[MATURE AUDIENCES](NOT YET COMPLETED) A 19 year old girl named Veronica Adams takes a walk through the woods and ends up seeing a vampire and she bites his neck getting...
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The Arabian Jewel and her Genie [ Aladdin 2019 ] by harleyQuinnfan17
The Arabian Jewel and her Genie [ 🇦🇺
~ COMING SOON ~ [ The Genie/ Mariner x OC ] " I don't think my father, would approve of his only daughter being courted by.. a genie. but, then again, when have I e...
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Mena Massoud Imagines 💕 by MissMassoud
Mena Massoud Imagines 💕by MissMassoud
Imagining helps us all especially if it's about Mena! 💕
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Mena Massoud Imagines <3 by celestials_
Mena Massoud Imagines <3by celestials_
all you do is imagine :) again and again...
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A Whole New World (Rociet Aladdin AU) by kaz_souda
A Whole New World (Rociet sad mechanic
"street rat. riffraft. i don't... buy that..." ever since roman was little, his father, logan (the sultan of agraba) told him he must be silent and hidden. eve...
Simple Life Hacks by _jungkooq
Simple Life Hacksby 🍒
Simple life hacks to make your life just a little easier...Enjoy!
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A Whole New World by MagicalMuggleMinion
A Whole New Worldby Ultimatum Solanum Tuberosum :)
Ally Nicolette Davis' life is pretty okay. Well,except for the occasional being-late-for school. And her being a bit of a Drama Queen.She's entering her sophomore year,t...
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His Diamond in the Rough *Descendants Jay Story* by ArianaToretto1327
His Diamond in the Rough * ArianaToretto1327
Four kids of the famous villains Cruella DeVil, Evil Queen, Maleficent and Jafar are chosen to attend Auradon Prep. What will happen if Aladdin and Jasmine's daughter me...
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soltar  by JasleenAshta
soltar by Jasleen Ashta
An elementalist's experiment takes a wrong turn n end up creating a hlaup(jelly) all around the 10 districts separating it from the world. Will Dean clover iona and othe...
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A whole new world a twisted tale by rapfor-life
A whole new world a twisted taleby rapfor-life
Discover what would have happened if Aladdin never found the lamp. Aladdin is a street rat just trying to survive in a harsh city, while Jasmin is a beautiful princess a...
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Part Of Your Whole New World // Aladdin x Ariel by DisneyCrossovers
Part Of Your Whole New World // DisneyCrossovers
"I want to be part of your world! Don't you see that!" I cry into his shoulder as the sun starts to set against the blue current. "I can show you the worl...
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Street Rat by ResurrectedTimelord
Street Ratby Alex Hunter
This Book is inspired by Disney's "Aladdin". Lucas Tiller is a New York City orphan who belongs to a gang of thieves called "The Street Rats." Amber...
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Remnants by nokbyeol
Remnantsby Star Greene
When all of the tiny bits left all throughout time and space are under your protection, you don't have the time to be afraid or to be confused. It's you or them. In a pl...
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Wicked ways by sassygurlXO
Wicked waysby sassygurlXO
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Paper Hearts - A Poem For A Poem (Complete) by Jeffree12345
Paper Hearts - A Poem For A Poem ( ~Ollie~
Poems about everything. Poems about life. Poems about love. Poems about the future we seek... an ongoing story that is yet to be revealed...
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L.O.C.S and the Christmas Neverland by laurenzgalaxy
L.O.C.S and the Christmas Neverlandby Dorsa F. Kish
{BOOK #2 OF THE L.O.C.S LIBRARY} Lauren, Owen, Cormac, and Star were four friends who just so happened to get trapped in a haunted house this Halloween, but the mischie...
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Life of a youth Corp: The ups and the downs.  by willzilt
Life of a youth Corp: The ups Olawunmi Azeezat
People have a whole lot to say about the service year. Some say it is the best time of their lives, for some, it is the worst. It is either the beginning of a whole new...
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A Whole New World by farrzha_
A Whole New Worldby Farah Azzahra
Lisa menghabiskan waktu berlibur dengan teman temannya Rose , Jisoo , dan Jennie. mereka berkunjung ke sebuah tempat yang memiliki pemandangan menakjubkan. Namun , suatu...
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°exo imagines° by chogocoo
°exo imagines°by rosè
too many ideas? too many plots? too many writer's block? easy solution! just write a damn imagine book and problem solve ;))
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