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饾悞饾悋!饾悡 饾悎饾悆饾悐 ( 饾悜饾悁饾悕饾悡 饾悂饾悗饾悗饾悐 ) by jenzieheart_
饾悞饾悋!饾悡 饾悎饾悆饾悐 ( 饾悜饾悁饾悕饾悡 饾悂饾悗饾悗饾悐 饾檧饾檲饾檮饾檱饾檾 鉁班紕
Where I rant about my irrelevant life, and give ya'll boring updates about irrelevant things. Sometimes when I'm nice i may give y'all sneak peeks of my books ;)
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Dynasty Of The Titans by BookDragonReads
Dynasty Of The Titansby Annie Dracion
Lorence Tamil. The first woman to Titan! She couldn't emphasize how much she wanted this job. After all the researching, dreaming, and training, she would finally go t...
  • girlxgirl
  • awesomness
  • action
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Rants/Unpopular opinions by Demiwitch11
Rants/Unpopular opinionsby Demiwitch11
It's in the title
  • rants
  • awesomness
  • opinions
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Robo-cycle(Robot!Strings x Teen) by Flextape_And_Booties
Robo-cycle(Robot!Strings x Teen)by Flextape with a Wide of Booti...
No I ain't spoiling nothing
  • idk
  • emotionlessbot
  • robotbutt
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No Where Near Insane by Twigson4ever
No Where Near Insaneby Twig
Twig is a boy who lived for 16 years in a asylum with his best friend, Deadren and older sister, Sebby. Then he meets Jackson, his twins friend and all hell brakes lose...
  • boyxboy
  • somewhatmonsterhigh
  • romance
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Hetalia In Wonderland! by crappy_writer_
Hetalia In Wonderland!by Moon
Join the Alfred and take the adventures in wonderland! Where everything is up side down or right side up! Mushrooms that make you tall or mushrooms that make you small...
  • aliceinwonderland
  • aphamerica
  • awesomness
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Awake & Alive (CONTINUE ON THIS ACCOUNT) by PrincessLily2318
Awake & Alive (CONTINUE ON THIS Princess Lily Fox
NOT MY ART NOR COVER Switch phones and now I gotta start over so yea if you wanna see the beginning go to my old account @LilyEsmeraldaFox He witnessed his mothers last...
  • death
  • weird
  • lilyfox
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A real superhero (Tom Holland x reader) by elysethelynx
A real superhero (Tom Holland x elysethelynx
A story where superhero's become real, this is the story of Elyse Clark Tbh feel like this kinda sucks but enjoy 馃槈
  • acting
  • action
  • superhero
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Psychotale by NannexRunner
Psychotaleby NannexRunner
Ever heard of a reboot? I felt as if I had to do this. Psychotale is much bigger than your standard AU and I just had to do it Justice. So please enjoy the better story...
  • awesomness
  • zanz
  • gaster
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Hooks Daughter. Season 1  by CaptainSwan1105
Hooks Daughter. Season 1 by Alyssa Marie
"Who are you?" "Skye Jones, But you may possibly know me by my more colourful monicker. The Shadow."
  • awesomness
  • storybrooke
  • killianjones
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Ask Jeff and ticci Toby!! by BlueMusicWolf
Ask Jeff and ticci Toby!!by BluDeath_Creepypasta
Hey guys This is my randomness look at it or die!!! *derp* okay bye!! Edit:(July 5th 2018) this is cringe...but it was me...back then. So beware!
  • ask
  • scary
  • cringe
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Save me  by ilovenooks70
Save me by ilovenooks70馃槑
We all know the story of how the evil queen cast a deadly curse, threatening the lives of the people of the enchanted forest, destroying their happy endings forever. But...
  • otherrandombutamazingstuff
  • magic
  • selenagomez
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Texts from OUAT characters by CaptainSwan1105
Texts from OUAT charactersby Alyssa Marie
The title is pretty self explanatory but still here is a book full of OUAT texts. We all know what they are like in real life but in Internet mode things are unpredictab...
  • texts
  • awesomness
  • capatinswan
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The Chronicles of Faulkern by WannabeWillbeWriter
The Chronicles of Faulkernby WannabeWillbeWriter
When Coral Carire is kidnapped and brought into the world of Faulkern, her life is twisted and changed beyond recognition. Sent on a mission by a dastardly wizard who ho...
  • action
  • fantasy
  • magic
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|| Chains ||    (Yandere! Demons x Reader) by SweetToothAlexis
|| Chains || (Yandere! Demons 掳掳掳路.掳路..路掳炉掳路._.路 饾晩饾暔饾晼饾晼饾暐...
The title explains everything... and yes, more than one demon will fall in love with you...
  • awesomesauce
  • yay
  • demonxreader
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with you ; elounor ( IN DESPERATE NEED OF EDITING ) by malum-trash
with you ; elounor ( IN desi 馃
I was supposed to be "With You" all this time and I was so blind. All Rights Reserved 2015庐 Mikeyxxsweaterpaws
  • yasssss
  • 5sos
  • songs
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How I lost my soul ~ story of a demon by AyItzCammie
How I lost my soul ~ story of a KissMeKillMeCamz
Got bored... made new book that's life I don't know how this'll turn out But I hope you enjoy it Warnings: Contains violence, abuse, death and torture.
  • awesomness
  • demons
  • vampires
Hi. I'm funny. by angsty_human
Hi. I'm Loser
It's about something funny.
  • awesomness
  • stupid
  • mcdonalds
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Story Time by TheSkaterGirl13
Story Timeby TheSkaterGirl13
These are stories from my life!
  • awesomness
  • cooko
  • weird
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Percy Jackson Randomness by Flipandtumble87
Percy Jackson Randomnessby Flipandtumble87
This story is a whole lot of fun with a bunch of random stuff (mostly jokes) and things that will make you laugh. THESE ARE NOT MINE
  • reynna
  • pjo
  • piper
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