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Model in Disguise by VVJohans
Model in Disguiseby VVJohans
“A pretty face can be the deadliest weapon.” A spy like her is a queen of disguises. This girl is someone who will outshine you even when she's down. Join her on a journ...
Ten Students At a Lunch Table- Adopted from @AwesomelyBlaze by NerdyFashionista
Ten Students At a Lunch Table- NerdyFashionista
When I read AwesomelyBlaze's 36 students in a classroom, I decided to diagram my lunch table. Hope you love it
Under the Surface by lauren_dietrich19635
Under the Surfaceby lauren_dietrich19635
May 27, 2013 Anna Boyce goes to the lake next to her house. She feels something unusual on the bottom. She struggles for two and a half months to uncover this mysterious...