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Broken Wings by UltimateFenris
Broken Wingsby Fenris
Second in The Fallen Angel Series. A conspiracy surrounding her life is starting to emerge. Updated when I can. #55 in Adventure 5/31/17
  • angel
  • conspiracy
  • unlimitedpride
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The Fallen Angel by UltimateFenris
The Fallen Angelby Fenris
(Formerly called Raven) A girl trapped for years by a mad scientist has to deal with a new world, new people, and a new family. She might even grow to save others. #78 i...
  • experiment
  • superhero
  • hero
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The truth about mythicals  by AnonymousMyth1
The truth about mythicals by Anon Mythic
We will show you proof.
  • shifter
  • proof
  • mythical
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Flight School: Prey by theCuppedCake
Flight School: Preyby Lydia O. Red
There is an island in the sky, and not everyone can see it. A harmless village boy living in the rural lands, Iolani Tori is afraid of heights and loud noises. Taken by...
  • love
  • magic
  • adventure
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Flight School: Predator by theCuppedCake
Flight School: Predatorby Lydia O. Red
[Second book of the Flight Series] "More than anything, the sky was red. It wasn't dark, no. Just red." Iolani Tori learns about the part of him that isn't hu...
  • birds
  • school
  • high
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Normal Is A Fantasy by Endermations
Normal Is A Fantasyby Endermations
Original story taking place in a world named Octevia, a place much like our world but with much, much more...
  • original
  • mage
  • ninja
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My Wing Growth Journey//plus Some Tips by Theatre_kid88
My Wing Growth Journey//plus Some...by Mjrvel
every accout / result recorded and scripted is REAL. quick note, if you dont belive in this and you have just come to hate, please leave. Any and all hate will be deleat...
  • subliminals
  • avian
  • growingwings
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:Soar: - Levi X Winged!Reader by Eliza__S
:Soar: - Levi X Winged!Readerby •Eliza•
You were captured from your family when you were only 8 and brought to the Undergorund City, brutal experiments getting conducted so that wings sprouted from your back a...
  • wings
  • slowburn
  • aot
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Avians | The Origin Story by AvengersWofXmen
Avians | The Origin Storyby AvengersWofXmen
When best friends Absity, Raven, and Lilac get discovered as 'mythicals', their world becomes a dangerous one. Lilac is captured by an evil organization bent on imprison...
  • fire
  • palm
  • original
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 Belief  |  Magi Fanfiction  by ReadingMocha
Belief | Magi Fanfiction by ReadingMocha
"A bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings." ...
  • wings
  • trust
  • anime
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Fly Away From Your Troubles (Klance AU) by SoniDragon
Fly Away From Your Troubles (Klanc...by Soni
Keith Kogane is a college student who can transform into a purple creature at will- which includes fluffy ears and large, feathered wings. He struggles to keep it a secr...
  • collegeau
  • fluff
  • lancemclain
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My Guide for Avians/My Wing Diary by smol_avian_child
My Guide for Avians/My Wing Diaryby Rei
𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙨 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙇 I have two other journals that are very crappy but read them if you want I guess. In this journal I will be charting my progress of becoming an av...
  • avianjournal
  • wings
  • bird
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Flight School: Hunter by theCuppedCake
Flight School: Hunterby Lydia O. Red
"Many things be broken, but only some can be fixed." Iolani Tori feels more alone than he has ever been on his journey. Yet, he doesn't have time for himself...
  • lgbt
  • thriller
  • adventure
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Girl who Speaks to Birds (Unknown World #1) by Nerd-Bird
Girl who Speaks to Birds (Unknown...by Just your friendly neighborho...
I never expected this to happen. But it did. Who knew that rescuing a broken winged canary would lead to me being able to transform? It would seem like a blessing to mos...
  • justwriteit
  • werebird
  • run
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Diary Of An Avian by Pastelpoof
Diary Of An Avianby Pastelpoof
❦ My journey from human to mythical ❦ Name: Pastel Age: 13 Species: avian Likes: early mornings staying up late kawaii aesthetic vintage aesthetic pink nymphet fash...
  • awtok
  • mythicals
  • avian
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The Journal Of A To-Be Mythical by Mysterious_Mythical
The Journal Of A To-Be Mythicalby Mysterious_Mythical
Uh- heyo! This is 💯% nonfiction about my journey to becoming an avian. Well - some stuff might be random things about my life. Anyways, yeah! That's all I have to say!
  • avian
  • diary
  • heyo
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My Mythical Journey by smol_avian_child
My Mythical Journeyby Rei
~All of this is true~ I decided to start a journal showing my progress and giving advice (: (pffft more like GETTING it) I also post a lot of non mythical stuffs in here...
  • avian
  • ghoul
  • mythical
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My Mythical Journey 2 by smol_avian_child
My Mythical Journey 2by Rei
THIS IS N O N F I C T I O N Book 2 of just me and my confused self becoming an avian (: PM me for the link to my mythicals discord server You can read the first journal...
  • diary
  • nonfiction
  • avian
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|:| Just A Rant Book |:| by Blxck_Bxddie
|:| Just A Rant Book |:|by Blxck_Bxddie
Yes, this is real dont get your panties in a bunch.
  • neko
  • bruh
  • mythical
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Daily Life With Furry Girls by SciFurz
Daily Life With Furry Girlsby SciFurz
Guy did not suspect to find a beautiful white feline anthro female knocking on his door in the mistaken impression he'd be her host when he sat down to write one evening...
  • comedy
  • feline
  • furry
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