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You Posted WHAT?!? by MixedCici
You Posted WHAT?!?by Cici
All this happened because of one post. Who knew one thing can change a person or person's life. Cover made by @Ezuslx Check 'em out, their book is so good
Marvel X Reader One-Shots by ThunderStar0
Marvel X Reader One-Shotsby ThunderStar
Avengers One Shots and Imagines *Requests Closed* by Haylie_Marie_
Avengers One Shots and Imagines *R...by Hayz
Just a collection of Avengers One shots and Imagines. I do take requests. Just message me. I mainly write: Tony Stark/Iron Man Steve Rogers/Captain America Bruce Banner...
Spiderson and irondad one shots  by Liya_ILY3000
Spiderson and irondad one shots by Nat
Iron man and Spider-Man one shots ( that includes rest of the Avengers) What else is there to say?
Marvel One Shots: Volume One by Madmaral
Marvel One Shots: Volume Oneby RIP CHADWICK
I know that a ton of people post these, but I enjoy reading and I can't get enough of them, and I hope you agree. I will probably write about my favorites more, and tho...
Marvel One Shots (Requests Open) by the-end-of-the-line
Marvel One Shots (Requests Open)by the-end-of-the-line
Marvel One Shots I'm comfortable writing anything, just message me a request :)
Man of Spiders is Worthy by JeanRose3511
Man of Spiders is Worthyby Em
I posted this on Ao3 under the name Captain_John_Holmes. This is a series of one-shots about Peter being worthy of Thor's hammer. It will include field trips, different...
Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots by pomegranated
Irondad and Spiderson Oneshotsby m✨
just some oneshots featuring peter parker, tony stark and the rest of the avengers and friends. leave requests in the comments! best rankings! #22 in endgame #55 in the...
Marvel Avengers Oneshots by Bengal_
Marvel Avengers Oneshotsby Bengal
A book hope to be filled with scenarios of the avengers activities, taken from twitter/ tumblr posts or even people's suggestions. Some will be shorter then others just...
Avengers X Reader One Shots by kittygx
Avengers X Reader One Shotsby ♡KittyGX♡
Avengers One-Shots Book Includes: -Steve- -Tony- -Bruce- -Thor- -Clint- -Bucky- -Loki- -Pietro- -Peter- -Natasha- -wanda-
Peter Parker Whump Shots by thatgorl257
Peter Parker Whump Shotsby please.dont.judge.my.guilty.p...
(get the pun? it's like one shots but it says whump instead of one) Basically what the title says: one shots where peter is hurt physically and/or emotionally. I do a lo...
Avengers One Shots x Reader by frenchtoastwaffles03
Avengers One Shots x Readerby frenchtoastwaffles03
Have you ever read a one shot book and thought 'hey I think I could do that?' Well I did and this is the product. Warning; lots of 2 am inspiration and little to no edit...
Avengers Oneshot's by book-aholic4ever
Avengers Oneshot'sby book-aholic4ever
Exactly as the title says. Mostly Peter Parker/Spider-Man centric but other Avengers will also have some one shots. Will feature field trips, IronDad, SpiderSon, Fluff...
Marvel and DC Imagines by Owl_fandom17
Marvel and DC Imaginesby emotionally unstable
A lot of heartbreak... And a few fluff. Comments make my day. Hope you enjoy reading! Thanks for reading!! [#27 in fan fiction 3/9/17]
AVENGERS ↺ IMAGES  by wishful_dreaming
images, gifs, and preferences of the AVENGERS [ REQUESTS : OPEN ] [ COVER MADE BY : @dorkiest_nerd ] ( will include mostly male ( f...
oneshots; loki and tom by bellenotte
oneshots; loki and tomby i s s i e
a collection of oneshots of Loki/Tom written by yours truly
Avengers: Marvel High School (AU) by JohnlockStarkParker
Avengers: Marvel High School (AU)by JohnlockStarkParker
(finished) Take the Avengers, make them powerless teenagers and shove them in a AU high school. A collection of stories about the Avengers in high school. And the rival...
Avengers Imagines by smol--might
Avengers Imaginesby ⚡shoot style⚡
Just some random one shot reader inserts on whatever comes to mind. SLOW updates Highest Ranking - #16 in avengersxreader (as of 27/6/2019) Story Edited/Updated on - 27...
Avengers ↬ One Shots  by AVENGERSCRUCIO
Avengers ↬ One Shots by mari
A collection of one shots written by me. reader x a marvel character. features the x-men. reader mostly has no gender. If requested, I can definitely do a one shot with...