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𝟝 + 𝟙 // 𝔸𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕤 by xFangirlingNowx
𝟝 + 𝟙 // 𝔸𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕤by xFangirlingNowx
• Five times the Avengers were protective/took care of Peter and the one time that Peter was there for them. • Yes, I took a short break from my Irondad oneshot series...
  • gamora
  • captainamerica
  • hawkeye
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Hourglass by -lokistan-
Hourglassby -lokistan-
I'm back! The chapters are short right now but later ones might be longer. I hope you like it! Comment suggestions for the story:)
  • ironman
  • blackwidow
  • avengersfanfiction
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Ill Dry Your Tears  by tonyandpete
Ill Dry Your Tears by tonyandpete
Aunt May died while Peter was in school, taking away the last person on his family tree. Peter doesn't want to go into the system, he feels like he's being forced to. S...
  • irondad
  • tonystark
  • avengersendgame
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Cap's baby girl // Peter Parker by sssaarrraaaaaa
Cap's baby girl // Peter Parkerby s♡
Morgan Roger's didn't mean to fall for the new spidey boy, she just couldn't help it. Her dad would die if he found out. So how do you hide that from Captain America? We...
  • avengersfanfiction
  • captainamerica
  • tombrina
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The Daughter of Tony Stark by just_dreaming_marvel
The Daughter of Tony Starkby Bay
"This will all sound cheesy, but I figure that if you're reading this then you should already be prepared. This is the story of my family. Of our love, our losses...
  • theavengers
  • spidermanhomecoming
  • avengersfanfic
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Legends by TheIronGhost1223
Legendsby TheIronGhost1223
In which Tony finds the key to the Multiverse. In which Steve decides a suit of armor around the world isn't that bad of an idea. Basically as many crossovers as I feel...
  • massive
  • ocstory
  • avatarthelastairbender
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All I wanted was Ice Cream (Tony Stark)  by daridaridae
All I wanted was Ice Cream (Tony S...by Darierene
Hi. Yeah, Hi. Great introduction, right? Welp, there goes my first impression. Anyway, I'm Elinor Nate. 20 years old. Single. Orphan. Superpowers. I was going outside fo...
  • tonystark
  • war
  • wattys2019
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Avengers Academy by whitewha1es
Avengers Academyby whitewha1es
The brawniest and brawniest teenagers in the world are sent to SHIELD academy, where they will learn to replace the current generation of SHIELD agents and superheroes...
  • stucky
  • teddyxbilly
  • pepperpotts
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Laser guns and Champagnes// Tony Stark's daughter.  by TheOfficailHolyWater
Laser guns and Champagnes// Tony S...by Holywater
" The song is about a murder, doofus" " Well don't you just have lovely taste?" *•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*• All rights reserved. I d...
  • avengersfanfiction
  • parker
  • hawkeye
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Untitled Part 1 by marvel_shits
Untitled Part 1by marvel_shithead
  • loki
  • lokiodinson
  • asgard
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from the stars//bucky barnes by buckybarnesnoble
from the stars//bucky barnesby unoriginal and bad at writing.
  • thefirstavenger
  • theavengers
  • avengers
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Umbrella Academy/Avengers by itsyalokikid
Umbrella Academy/Avengersby Delian
"These guys are pretty cool." "This spider kid... He's so adorbs." "Shut up Klaus" Watch as two families join together to stave off the...
  • avengersfanfiction
  • umbrellaacademy
  • marvel
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Tony Stark one shots by happypony2003
Tony Stark one shotsby happypony2003
It's all in the title Mainly Tony but I'm willing to do a few other characters here and there💜 Requests open
  • avengersfanfiction
  • buckybarnes
  • infinitywar
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Bonds of Trust by renovek
Bonds of Trustby MissieMoose
For ten years, Lucifina Aza did her best to stay on the down-low while being on the run from her mother's killers. But a handful of incidents put her on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s r...
  • selfconfidenceissues
  • captainamerica
  • enemiestofriends
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imagines   ; ❦*✧ by -painkillerrs
imagines ; ❦*✧by angell :’)
" to all the boys i fell for. this is for u.. " ppl - avenger gc's, grayson dolan, grethma gc's, bill skarsgård etc. - angel ✐
  • avengers
  • imaginesandpreferences
  • ethandolan
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Sniper by kayleeann016
Sniperby kayleeann016
Avengers fanfic: Quinn joins the ranks of the avengers after unknowingly volunteering to be a hydra test subject. This is her story. •I will accept requests and suggesti...
  • blackwidow
  • spiderman
  • tonystark
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Mistaken love(Bucky Barnes x reader) by sry_im_a_sin
Mistaken love(Bucky Barnes x reade...by Yanin Martinez
You project of hydra stollen at a young age been killing since a young age. Him killing anything in his sight but yet something has him. This story goes into the story o...
  • sebastianstan
  • scarlettjohansson
  • avengersfanfiction
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Red is the Color of Blood and Love by BloodWolf597
Red is the Color of Blood and Loveby BuckysWolfGirl
"Even though we are brother and sister I love my twin brother, Bucky." "More than you should?" "Yes . . . I do." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • avengersfanfiction
  • buckyxreader
Avengers Super Family by marvel_kotlc_lover
Avengers Super Familyby marvel_kotlc_lover
Tony and Pepper decide to start a family. And so do the rest of the Avengers? What would life be like for them. Will they tell or will they try their hardest to keep it...
  • hawkeye
  • marvel
  • hulk
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I Still Believe In Heroes ➤ Children of Avengers by Versfa
I Still Believe In Heroes ➤ Childr...by Versfa
The Avengers raised their children to be the Earth's next mightiest heroes. Now it's time for them to take up the mantle.
  • avengerskids
  • loki
  • caroldanvers
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