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Spiderson with a Supreme Family by PirateWitch000
Spiderson with a Supreme Familyby PirateWitch000
After years of being in an abusive orphanage, Peter Parker becomes Spiderman and wins the chance to be an intern for Stark Industries. However, with the new vigilante in...
Masking the sadness by FFFFeminist101
Masking the sadnessby ThatOneGurl
Summary of summary Wrong number between tony stark and Peter Parker starts a father son relationship. He creates a family bond with the avengers. Avengers can't know h...
A Life Saving (Wrong Number) by imyoursuperfriend_
A Life Saving (Wrong Number)by Ana
The same cliché where Peter send a message to the wrong number and it happens to be our beloved Tiny Stank ***I don't own Marvel nor any character (unfortunately)*** Cov...
Irondad & Spiderson by isabellafrei2003
Irondad & Spidersonby libraryofsouls
A bunch of oneshots featuring Irondad and Spiderson. This is not Starker. Requests are closed. Happy reading! Cover by @Tanisha_Tabassum
The adorable Spider-Man (who is misunderstood by everyone) by Phoenyx18
The adorable Spider-Man (who is mi...by Phoenyx
Peter Parker has nothing left. He lost everything he loved. His parents died in a plane crash. His uncle was shot by a mugger he could've stopped. His aunt was killed an...
Trapped With the Earth's Mightiest Heroes by Playedcrowd5610
Trapped With the Earth's Mightiest...by Playedcrowd5610
Peter groans as he sits up off the cold gray floor, rubbing the back of his head as his eyes august to the dim light of the room. His head hurt, it was like he was knock...
A Trip Home by LeeroyLoveMarcy28
A Trip Homeby 💜 Ric Tomlinson💜
Peter is excited to go on a field trip with his decathlon team, but they haven't been told where it is to. When he finds out the location, will he be able to keep his al...
Keeping up with the Avengers by Achievewriting
Keeping up with the Avengersby Achievewriting
Peter decides to host a reality show for the Avengers as Tony's Intern and it goes as well as you expect. or The world might know the Avengers as heroes but what's reall...
Avengers Family  by A_Unique_Username_
Avengers Family by A_Unique_Username
A series of oneshots featuring the Avengers acting as a family. Open for requests.
The Strange Happenings of Peter Parker by Glittercat34
The Strange Happenings of Peter Pa...by 🌈river🌈
"Do you lay eggs?" Peter froze for a moment, but caught himself. "What? No!" he exclaimed. Mpreg. Rated M so I don't get in trouble. Not super grap...
Spider family one shots by PennyParker01
Spider family one shotsby PennyParker01
One shots of spiderman and avengers Mainly of the avengers finding out about spiderman Family moments Spiderson and IronDad Fem Spider man, Penny Parker
Avengers mpreg one shot by hyungie_djy
Avengers mpreg one shotby Hyungie_djy
Hey my First mpreg fic hope you enjoy,i take request for avengerfamily,and other bromance/romance Love you Salsxx
Field Trip To Avengers Tower by Spider-Girl0117
Field Trip To Avengers Towerby Spider-Girl
Peter's Parker Luck strikes again, his whole class goes on a trip to Avengers Tower and Peter is forced to go. His day is filled with several different embarrassing inte...
Starks Daughter by Gamergirl4736
Starks Daughterby Daydreamer
When all the Avengers finally figure out the accords, they move into the Avengers tower. However, as time goes by they realize that maybe they don't know Tony as much as...
Not So Sneaky Spider by Playedcrowd5610
Not So Sneaky Spiderby Playedcrowd5610
Peter has to break into Avengers tower to retrieve something that he forgot on his field trip. Only to be met with the Avengers themselves. This looks bad now, he is bre...
🕸Spidey Son by The_Greacus_Avenger
🕸Spidey Sonby Marvel's Rick Riordan
-edit- I started writing this back in 2020, and so the beginning is a bit... um, meh. But it gets better I promise!!!!! Peter Parker has lost a lot. First his parents, t...
~Spideychelle and Avengers Family Oneshots~ by CinnamonTwiztz
~Spideychelle and Avengers Family...by Cinnamon <3
This is just my version of spideychelle oneshots! Hope you like them! Enjoy! Also since I do have the tendency to get side tracked it's now like a Spideychelle and Aveng...
Man of Spiders is Worthy by JeanRose3511
Man of Spiders is Worthyby Em
I posted this on Ao3 under the name Captain_John_Holmes. This is a series of one-shots about Peter being worthy of Thor's hammer. It will include field trips, different...
Romanogers Oneshots by YourgirlMarlene
Romanogers Oneshotsby Aria
A bunch of Romanogers oneshots because I can't get enough of them.
Short Marvel Stories  by okgotripoveraknife
Short Marvel Stories by okgotripoveraknife
•Tony Angst •Mama Spider •Trans Peter •Spideychelle •Peter and Harley Stark •IronStrange •Super Powered Tony •Natasha Romanoff angst •lots of Peter angst Some plot idea...