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Hawksilver: Avengers Academy  by _Destined2Ship_
Hawksilver: Avengers Academy by _Destined2Ship_
Was a request that was too long for a oneshot and so good that I couldn't just ignore it. Now it's a book! Ships will be included: Hawksilver, Stony, Spideypool, Thorki...
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Dislike [a Stony Fanfic] by Dexxun
Dislike [a Stony Fanfic]by Dexter
Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, has been invited to become a student at the prestigious Avengers Academy. Steve expected life there to be hard considering...
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Falling Stars || Stony  by whitewxlff
Falling Stars || Stony by whitewxlf
Tony Stark, the teenage, multimillionaire genius has been enrolled in Avengers Academy. Skeptical that he'll ever become a hero, he searches for help and friends all acr...
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Marvel Ships OneShots by LouLukeAshHaz
Marvel Ships OneShotsby LouLukeAshHaz
Marvel ships... but gay
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Counting Stars: Avengers [PRÓXIMAMENTE]  by DEBS_CUCHU
Counting Stars: Avengers [PRÓXIMAM...by Debora Perez Rodriguez
Steve Rogers y Carol Danvers se ven afectados por el repentino accidente que causa la muerte de sus padres, obligándolos a abandonar todo lo que conocían para mudarse ju...
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My Avengers Academy by JoestarGhoulZ
My Avengers Academyby Aaron Gutierrez Villa
Despues de lo del campamento pudieron salvar a Katsuki pero paso algo y era que expulsarona Izuku ya que se enfrento contra un villano peligroso ya que ellos se cansaron...
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Next Avengers: Season One by catherine02272004
Next Avengers: Season Oneby catherine02272004
They always told her to never hold back... There was one thing holding her back... Herself. She wasn't dangerous because she felt too little ... She was dangerous becaus...
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Avengers Academy (Stony) by stonystonystony
Avengers Academy (Stony)by MyStony
Steve and Tony are forced to share a dorm room together. With Tony being an open bisexual character, Steve is still secretly gay and is too scared to tell anyone but his...
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Avengers Academy by crazy_fandoms_girl
Avengers Academyby crazy_fandoms_girl
Natasha has never set foot inside a school. She was taught the basics, like math and reading, when she went through the Red Room. But now that she escaped that nightmare...
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A Future of our Own by DarkHell616
A Future of our Ownby Hell
You had warned him about mixing portals and magic, but did he listen? Of course not. Because Loki always knows best.
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Avengers Academy  by realmarvelimagines
Avengers Academy by Marvelimagines
In the future after all the great wars. You, the child of Loki, were born along with all the Avengers children as well. It is decided by the Avengers to create a space f...
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Mi Pequeño/Gran Chico (stony) by MaruMaru-chan
Mi Pequeño/Gran Chico (stony)by Maru-Chan
Un enano que se mete en problemas Un gigante amable al que todos le temen En el habitad más hostil... La preparatoria **************************************************...
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Avengers Academy Series by NhanLa2
Avengers Academy Seriesby UTLukka-Chan <3
The famous Avengers are teens and young adults attending the Avengers Academy in a never-ending fight against Hydra School and the forces of evil. Not to mention the dra...
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Avengers Academy (AU, XReader  Fanfiction) by BookishTheaterLover7
Avengers Academy (AU, XReader Fan...by BookishTheaterLover7
What if our favorite Avengers went to school together with you, the daughter/son of a villain, and with the School Board against it, what will happen? Note: All rights g...
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El Señor Doe by mslsgr
El Señor Doeby Ms. Cerisier
"Es hora de correr" susurró Steve y el juego empezó. #StonyHorrorTime #1CASILLERO
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One, Four, Three - Marvel Highschool AU Roleplay by rustysuits
One, Four, Three - Marvel Highscho...by && morgan
One for I Four for Love Three for You But Love can Turn to hate, is it? Welcome to Avengers Academy! Where teenagers learn something WAY different on what they learn in...
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Avengers Academy: Assemble by danielmirabxu
Avengers Academy: Assembleby Dan Stark
-¿Howard?-Una voz femenina se escuchó a su cercanía, cosa que si bien no lo asustó, hizo que resaltara. Giro su cabeza y con la mirada por encima de su hombro pudo ver d...
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Something just like this. Un regalo de graduación by KariMGarca
Something just like this. Un regal...by Kari M. García
Los preparativos de una fiesta de graduación en Avengers Academy, donde Tony Strak le ofrece su ayuda al atolondrado Clint Barton. Todos los personajes pertenecen a Ma...
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mystic | s'mb by scarlet-maximoff
mystic | s'mbby adios
It's Wanda! Updates and Avengers Academy roleplay here.
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