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Lost sisters by Carvie_Shipper
Lost sistersby Camfia/Carvie
The 6 sisters was split into different families.One day Tessa was busy cleaning the house when she found a letter.Tessa found out she had 5 sister and where she was righ...
Ask Little Mal And Her Family by Descendantsfan03
Ask Little Mal And Her Familyby Descendantsfan03
This is a book where you can ask questions for four year old Mal to answer along with the help of her mommy/ big sister Evie along with their 4 other sisters Lola, April...
Family and Baseball by agnesmir
Family and Baseballby agnesmir
The story in where baseball plays a big part and family is at the center of it.
Why Did You Leave Us Too? by Descendantsfan03
Why Did You Leave Us Too?by Descendantsfan03
Ava wasn't the only one that got left behind when her parents went on the run. She had two little siblings that were also left behind as well. Her baby sister Mal and he...
My OCs and Characters  by Descendantsfan03
My OCs and Characters by Descendantsfan03
This is just a book to give a little insight into my OCs and all of the characters used in my stories.
Parenting Is Hard by Descendantsfan03
Parenting Is Hardby Descendantsfan03
This is a sequel story to The Truth. It's been about two years since Mal had been reverted back to her real age and Evie had taken custody of her. Now Evie has to deal w...
My child by prettylittleemelie
My childby Emelie
Ava Jalali, a 20 year old college student at BHU, is a typical woman. She is studying to become a designer, but when her only cousin comes to visit and drops off a littl...
Evie's Instagram  by Descendantsfan03
Evie's Instagram by Descendantsfan03
How I imagine Evie's Instagram from my Little Mal Series.
Adventures Of Little Mal And Her Friends by Descendantsfan03
Adventures Of Little Mal And Her F...by Descendantsfan03
A book of one shots centered around little Mal and her best friends Olivia and Sebastian and the adventures that they get into when no one is watching them.
Bloodshot by iamafreshavacado
Bloodshotby Minnie
Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionist
The Perfectionist  by Teenwolf76825
The Perfectionist by #teenwolf07
We have a new mystery to solve, and this time it involves a murder in the college town of Beacon Heights, where everything is not as perfect as it seems. The original PL...
The love of a parent ( The perfectionist and the originals) by bezzgirlever
The love of a parent ( The perfect...by bezzgirlever
What if Hope had a fraternal twin sister. What happens when before Klaus can come back to get here. Genevieve. Transport's her to a side walk in New York City with a no...
Sofía Carson imagines by Ventaigire
Sofía Carson imaginesby Lalisa Megurine
Sofía Carson X reader Also different roles of her •Started: 21/6/2020 •Ended:
The Queen Sisters  by Descendantsfan03
The Queen Sisters by Descendantsfan03
This is a sequel to Parenting Is Hard. Now that little Mal, Evie, Lola, Ava, April, and Tessa are all reunited and living together things are about to get a lot more int...
𝑨𝒗𝒂 (𝑨𝒅𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒔) by perfectionistsociety
𝑨𝒗𝒂 (𝑨𝒅𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒔)by 𝑫𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒓™
❛ But Until Now I've Never Had Friends Like You Guys ❜ Or In Which You Meet The Admins On This Account
ANYTHING GOES.  [The Perfectionists] by anxietyspacetartdark
ANYTHING GOES. [The Perfectionist...by Nakedmeoon
"What will the people say...?" "The question that has ruined more dreams than anything else in the world." Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. [...
Little Mal Humor Book  by Descendantsfan03
Little Mal Humor Book by Descendantsfan03
Just a book of cute, short, and funny interactions that little Mal has with everyone in my stories from The Truth and Parenting Is Hard.
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Navas baby by Kennascrepecake
Navas babyby Em
Nolan just passed away and Ava has been in grief not knowing what to do with herself after discovering she's pregnant she tries to hide it but soon the whole town discov...
Beyond Memories by SpiralingPages
Beyond Memoriesby SpiralingPages
*SLOW UPDATES* We take the things we love the most for granted. But the people we love are not gone forever. They're always inside of us. Sworn by magic and desperate m...