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HCHBTF - Discontinued by umm_hanoon
HCHBTF - Discontinuedby أم حنون
[PG-13] Special Blessings #1 Hâroon Scott knew his four-year-old son had problems-it showed in his constant temper tantrums, his lack of interaction with those arou...
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Dictionary by Sibi21
Dictionaryby socially.awkward
[Short Story] When Robin Park is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, her entire world seems to change. Her only constant is the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionar...
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A Readymade Family - Part One by umm_hanoon
A Readymade Family - Part Oneby أم حنون
Special Blessings #1 Hâroon Scott struggled to raise and look after two children after his divorce. Charity Williams and her unborn child are neglected by the husband s...
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Autism by ScaryAiry89
Autismby ScaryAiry89
I have written many things about Autism over the years because as someone on the spectrum has explain what it is like.
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The Autism Switch by BriarRoseTDF
The Autism Switchby Briar Rose
Abbie is a young girl with autism who is tired of feeling like a burden on everyone else. What happens when she switches bodies with her non-autistic cousin Cassidy?
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Words by SummoningTheMuse
Wordsby SummoningTheMuse
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The Fact Is Not Bad by anioveson
The Fact Is Not Badby Prince Prissy
It's about a 16 year old girl, with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ( read and you'll find out what that is) ~if you want more info, you'll have to read to find out
Best Occupational Therapist in Delhi NCR by essentiallearning
Best Occupational Therapist in Essential Learning
Occupational therapy, use of self-care and work and play activities to promote and maintain health, prevent disability, increase independent function, and enhance develo...
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Hope by truelovs
Hopeby LOVE
Liam has Autism dissociative disorder and just got told. But he has a little baby and is scared about what will happen in the future. His love of his life Niall is takin...
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Autism Speeches 2016 to Present by ScaryAiry89
Autism Speeches 2016 to Presentby ScaryAiry89
Since 2016, I have talking and giving speeches about Autism as someone actually on the spectrum.
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Standing Apart From The Crowd by Aspiegirl99
Standing Apart From The Crowdby Allie
This book contains two real life stories, and one fictionalized version based off the first two stories. The end contains information about autism, signs of it, common m...
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Rock Brain by the_rabid_snail
Rock Brainby the_rabid_snail
Alex, a single mom, is struggling to raise her three boys, all of whom have autism, after her husband is brutally murdered. Wrestling with the challenges of being an asp...
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Exceptional People, Exceptional Lives by umm_hanoon
Exceptional People, Exceptional أم حنون
[G] Articles on a variety of disabilities, disorders, syndromes, and true stories of people that suffer from them. Cover: Zammurad
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Tale of an Anxious Mermaid by Mystress0fMystery
Tale of an Anxious Mermaidby Mystress0fMystery
Under the Sea Contest 2017 Montague Jones, or as she liked to be called, Monty had never been a social person. When her brother Sebastien pushes her to go to midnight be...
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Butterfly Tears: A Sister's Fight for Her Brother with ASD  by xoxflo
Butterfly Tears: A Sister's xoxflo
This story is about Marie, her love, and overall support for her brother, George. George wasn't your typical little brother, per say. While he made her laugh, played pre...
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Aspie Eyes Never Blind  by KittySpalla
Aspie Eyes Never Blind by Kitty Spalla
Want to know the truth of what it's like being on the Autism Spectrum?? WELL, HERE YA GO!
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Insomnia by Shaye_Serena
Insomniaby Meme Commander
So tired... can barely think straight. I want sleep. I need it. But when the sun goes down, my eyes are pried open. My mind strays to anything but sleep. I can't turn...
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Poems from Therapy by lionesspandora
Poems from Therapyby lionesspandora
Written during my experiences in hospital programs for mental health issues Some things might be triggering
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