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Over-Whelming Love by Roanseal3
Over-Whelming Loveby Roan G.
Kirstin Maldanado moved into town to escape bullying. She was always different from other kids, because of her autism. Surprisingly to her, not only does she make three...
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I'm Not Annoying (Autistic Will AU) (Human AU) by TheGirlWhoWrites1997
I'm Not Annoying (Autistic Will Danielle Cipher
Will Cipher is Autistic, mostly neglected by his parents because of it, Bill his older brother is the one who cares for him, Will loves his older brother and Bill loves...
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All of Me by EDuvallAuthor
All of Meby Emily Duvall
Maren Cole survived adolescence by relying on her intellect, but has never felt more different as an adult. The diagnosis she received as a person with Autism makes func...
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The Ultimate Brit an Elliot Rodger x Jasmine Rodgers fanfic by Iluvdoggiesowo39
The Ultimate Brit an Elliot AdrienBrodyDogLover69
You cant dodge the Rodge
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  • biracial
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My Hoodie  #Wattys2019 by AlienUndercover
My Hoodie #Wattys2019by Sasha
Annabel has Autism. Her hoodie is her best friend, helping her through, covering up her self-harm scars. She can't seem to express herself, and she slips into hopelessne...
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Tmnt mikeys school by IrridescantGrace
Tmnt mikeys schoolby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mikey goes to school for autistic mutant children will be survive school Find out
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You are great and can be amazing by buNNY4ever7
You are great and can be amazingby Bunny
"Why did you reveal about my carrot?" "Because, She isn't good" "Just never ever talk to me!" "You can end a 15 year old friend...
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Spectrum - VK by seokjjins
Spectrum - VKby 风花雪月
Jungkook is the clique, popular play-boy that everyone wants. Taehyung is far from that, often being outcast due to his weird behaviour. What happens when these two boys...
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Atypical Opinions by toniVause
Atypical Opinionsby ♥ Toni ♥
An insight into my literal (sometimes arrogant) thought process.
  • teen
  • autism
  • mylife
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Fairy Lights by -The_Vampire_Slave-
Fairy Lightsby Badger
[The Gifted FanFiction] [might contain two different writing styles, because there's two authors] after a almost kiss over the summer, the child of Rebecca and Andy -Apo...
  • autism
  • gifted
Autism Aside by Smalls83
Autism Asideby Eck-Schoe Productions Author
For years, Sophie has dutifully looked after her older brother Asher, to the point where she has no friends. How will she react when the class bully focuses on her? What...
  • elementaryschool
  • social
  • bully
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Walking the Wire by WriterOf_Fiction
Walking the Wireby Kayla McLain
-✎ Alonso Garza sits in the dark. -✎ Leandro Douglas crushes on guys. -✎ Zain Olson has two personalities. -✎ Rory Cruz can't stop cutting himself. -✎ Isla Carr has auti...
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Misfits (Ot4) by Peanut-munchkins28
Misfits (Ot4)by Michaelthekitten
Michael Clifford - An 18-year-old boy who suffers from Tourettes Syndrome. Everybody just thinks he's loud, obnoxious, and rude. But they don't know how hard it is. Luk...
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  • autism
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Lost in Translation by Craftingpet
Lost in Translationby Craftingpet
Ganvi rose to her doughy knees and snatched a biscuit off Creel's plate. Creel peered down over the frame-less lenses of her glasses. "My little criminal, you kno...
  • noromance
  • autism
  • friendship
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The New Boyfriend(The Good Doctor) by LukeBuck6
The New Boyfriend(The Good Doctor)by Luke Buck
A love story between the guy reader and a surgeon Dr. Shaun Murphy. Happy Pride Month!
  • love
  • romance
  • shaunmurphy
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Sunflower Zoe by xpaintbrushx
Sunflower Zoeby S_M_I_L_E
Zoe Seya is an average girl who is normal, but has autism. She struggles her way to fit in with average middle schoolers in her new school, Gatebridge Middle. There she...
  • autism
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  • non-binary
diary of a retarded kid by mynameisnuudoru
diary of a retarded kidby salty
me have aids
  • blur
  • gay
  • autism
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"Your Eyes Gleam When You're Happy" by ISeeSky
"Your Eyes Gleam When You're Happy"by ISeeSky
Hinata gets hit with a volleyball and Kageyama tries to comfort him but comes off "rude" again and get emotionally hurt. «First chapter is mainly just Emotiona...
  • hurt-comfort
  • keishinukai
  • autism
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The Apple Of My Parents Eyes by FranticOdy
The Apple Of My Parents Eyesby Priceless Child
INTRODUCING THE BOOK "THE APPLE OF MY PARENTS' EYES" "I am sick and tired of you, you know? I am here to spend time with you and all you do is ignore me e...
  • parenthood
  • lord
  • choir
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what I have learned while having Asperger's by Sassycowgirl22
what I have learned while having September Hatten
this is the story about my daily battle and things I've learned while having Aspergers Spectrum Syndrome Disorder.
  • teengirl
  • autism
  • bestfriends
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