The Only Spark Of Love At Auschwitz by Megan_Macias_
The Only Spark Of Love At Auschwitzby Megan_Macias_
*Highest Ranking: #1 in WWII (7/7/18)* "I'm a monster and I'll always be this way." "I know that there's good in your heart." "Then show me! S...
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A girl called A-18352: The Story of a Child of Auschwitz  by taylengraber1127
A girl called A-18352: The Story ABearShotInTheAss
A young jewish girl promises to take care of her little sister in Auschwitz after their mother is murdered. This is a story of sisterly devotion, tragedy, and sacrifice...
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Forever: A Shrek X Hitler love story.  Book 1 by da_coolest_otaku
Forever: A Shrek X Hitler love Fabulousness Central
Hitler is about to embark on one of his many journeys to invade another city in a foreign country, but he is stopped by an individual who catches his eye. An Ogre from a...
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Diary of a Young  Girl [Anne Frank] by ReadersFadel
Diary of a Young Girl [Anne Frank]by ReadersFadel
12th June, 1942: I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and...
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Gabrielle by Dagaana
Gabrielleby Dagaana
1928, Pour la première fois, tu m'avais dis "je t'aime". 1933, Hitler arriva au pouvoir et entraîna avec lui mon père. Cyclique. La vie était cyclique. Frisson...
  • 1945
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Jacob's Story (Holocaust) by Real_AllAboutFnaf
Jacob's Story (Holocaust)by L J
Jacob Metzger is a normal 16 year old boy living on a farm with his mother, father, brothers, and sisters in 1944. Jacob's life is like a routine; a routine that's just...
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Calm Before the Storm by singmetosleep6
Calm Before the Stormby Katie
The Holocaust left a tragic, permanent mark on the world as we know it. People in every country know the excruciatingly painful stories told by survivors. But what abou...
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Anne Frank Biography by xtrashyx
Anne Frank Biographyby Galaxy Boy
The story of a young girl's life during the Holocaust that impacted millions
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Block 11 by loki4ever95
Block 11by loki4ever95
Sophia non sa perchè si trova ad Auschwitz quando arriva in una giornata d'inverno con un treno merci assieme alle altre sue colleghe. Li scoprirà di essere destinata ad...
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Auschwitz by Mournful_Love
Auschwitzby Priscilla Plymmyswoode
The great tragedy that ensued during the second World War was devastating at the least. Written in memory of the survivors, and the ones who could not make it through, t...
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historia miłosna - Mengele  [PL] by monochromaticAP
historia miłosna - Mengele [PL]by monochromaticAP
Do obozu koncentracyjnego Auschwitz-Birkenau trafia dziewczyna, która zakochuje się w doktorze Mengele. . !TRIGGER WARNING! Tematyka może bulwersować, jednakże nie ma te...
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Underneath his Sleeve by Bookhugger101
Underneath his Sleeveby Bookhugger101
"Victor Amato couldn't really be guilty of such a crime, could he?" ...World War II is over. Times are good. Well, at least they are for Rose Hartmann. She is...
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1945 by LetiCelis3
1945by Leti Celis
A finales de la segunda guerra mundial ocurrió una fuga masiva en el campo de concentración Auschwitz, en la cual escapo un pelirrojo, sin padres y sin algún lugar para...
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The last thing she saw by RomanceHug
The last thing she sawby RomanceHug
A short story about a little girl that was sent to Auschwitz. I hope you enjoy it let me know what you think
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  • holocaust
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Stockholm Syndrome ((Hitler Fanfiction)) by nonfictionalError
Stockholm Syndrome ((Hitler The Triggering
A beautiful young girl hiding away before she is captured. But as this destructive place brings her true love, will the man of her dreams look past his mysterious prejud...
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Je t'attendrai. by DeuxKartoffeln
Je t' Deux Kartoffeln
Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Un souffle d'amour dans un océan de haine.
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Miłość skazana na śmierć ( malec ) by Rozwodkix
Miłość skazana na śmierć ( malec )by Rozwodkix
Było to w 1943...
  • obózkoncentracyjny
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THE ABRAHAM LINE by garyjarvis1976
THE ABRAHAM LINEby garyjarvis1976
The Abraham Line tells the story of the Klein family and their fight for survival against the Nazis regime. From the annex of Austria to the invasion of Poland, Warsaw...
  • holocaust
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  • ww2
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In the Camps ║ The Diary of a Holocaust Survior by J_Silvyr
In the Camps ║ The Diary of a Jen
This is from a short project that I had to do for Literature class. Just though some random people might want to read it. This is based off of Elie Wiesel's autobiograph...
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