Auschwitz Stories

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Memories of Auschwitz by mischiefofloki
Memories of Auschwitzby Loki Odinson
A young Jewish boy going through the holocaust and falls in love with an SS officers daughter
Deception - WWII Resistance / Holocaust Novel by historicole
Deception - WWII Resistance / nicole
Holland 1943. Mieke de Jong is tasked to lure German officers to their deaths. She changes her identity. Infiltrates the enemy. She must lie to live. Fight for her freed...
Project 607 by kimiekim200
Project 607by kimiekim200
What would you do? If you were buried in time...? One Mistake could cost you your life.
Gdyby Mengele się zakochał  by NuandaCalhoun
Gdyby Mengele się zakochał by Nuanda Calhoun
A jeśli w życiu najbardziej znanego lekarza z czasów drugiej wojny światowej pojawiłaby się osoba, dla której całkowicie straciłby głowę? Czy przerwałby wtedy okrutne ek...
A Tale of Blood and Ink by _marmoris_
A Tale of Blood and Inkby 𝕴𝖘𝖆
❝ In the clutches of hell, her last hope is the devil himself ❞ When separated from their family, Hanna Cohen does everything to protect her little sister. In the concen...
Letters to Juliet [h.s / wwii / holocaust] by historicole
Letters to Juliet [h.s / wwii / nicole
Days after her mother's death, Dorothy stumbles upon a draw of tragic love letters addressed to her mother, Juliet during the Second World War from an unknown soldier. G...
The Aryan Twins of Auschwitz by hcc2023
The Aryan Twins of Auschwitzby hcc2023
Liesl and Heidi Weber are two average 14-year-old girls. Until Hitler comes to power. Their parents disagree with the beliefs of the Nazi party so they flee to Poland. T...
❝ If someone ever asks about me, tell them that I was born to love you. ❞ That was what Eliana said to her little sister, Eliza, when the tears of the clouds hid the su...
Anne Frank Biography by xtrashyx
Anne Frank Biographyby Galaxy Boy
The story of a young girl's life during the Holocaust that impacted millions
Anne Frank and Me by finnabreet
Anne Frank and Meby finnabreet
Nazi soldiers empty out jewish towns and they're on the ride to auschwitz.Main character Lila meets Anne Frank and they become friends then become..more than friends
Arbeit Macht Frei by TheHarris217
Arbeit Macht Freiby Courtney
Nothing means more to Hans than his family. He just got the promotion he's worked his entire life for. But that job leads him to Auschwitz, where he meets The Angel of D...
Dear Diary by animefaneternity
Dear Diaryby animefaneternity
Hannah. A Jewish girl with a mother, father and little brother called Aaron were a normal family. That was until the Nazi's took over Hannah's home town of Amsterdam. A...
I Don't Want to Burn (A PruAus Holocaust Fanfiction) by ArtKirklandIsStress
I Don't Want to Burn (A PruAus RomanoVargasIsACoffeeholic
The Holocaust was a mass genocide event, the worst in human history. Many unlucky people lost their lives in it, and those that lived through it are not always considere...
Hitler x Giorno x Reader <3 |SMUT/LEMON| by NaranciaGh1rga
Hitler x Giorno x Reader <3 | Narancia Ghirga🍊
CLICK OFF IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED!! LIKE RIGHT NOW I WARNED YOU You are in Auschwitz and you are a servant all the male Nazis, including, the one and only Hitler. A...
Anne Frank: The Life of Girl With A Million Thoughts by LucineTachdjian
Anne Frank: The Life of Girl L.A.A Tachdjian
Anne Frank was a Jewish teenage girl during the Second World War who defended her thoughts through her writing. Wherever she went she kept with her a small autograph b...
Unravelled by AnnaScanlon
Unravelledby Anna Scanlon
"No one heard us. They decided not to, to turn their heads away. It was too much to bear. Too much to know. Too hard to swallow. But now that the world knows, now t...
I want to go on living! by LostinDreams77
I want to go on living!by LostinDreams77
What if Anne Frank was able to write down her thoughts in Bergen-Belsen? What would she have told Kitty on a scrap piece of paper? Will she survive and manage to live he...
The Sick in Auschwitz by Saadana123
The Sick in Auschwitzby Saadana Seyon
Auschwitz was known for its record killings of the Jewish population during the Nazi reign. Read about Monicka Schneider, a girl who too was part of the 1.3 million peop...
A Child's Eyes by TheOrangutan
A Child's Eyesby Gavin Wilson
The innocent are often the first to suffer in the face of evil. There is good however in unexpected places, but the consequences of another's actions will haunt the memo...