A girl called A-18352: The Story of a Child of Auschwitz  by HetaStuck_Is_Life
A girl called A-18352: The Story ViVi
A young jewish girl promises to take care of her little sister in Auschwitz after their mother is murdered. This is a story of sisterly devotion, tragedy, and sacrifice...
  • promise
  • survivor
  • devotion
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Jacob's Story (Holocaust) by Real_AllAboutFnaf
Jacob's Story (Holocaust)by L J
Jacob Metzger is a normal 16 year old boy living on a farm with his mother, father, brothers, and sisters in 1944. Jacob's life is like a routine; a routine that's just...
  • germans
  • 1944
  • teen
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Anne Frank Biography by xtrashyx
Anne Frank Biographyby Galaxy Boy
The story of a young girl's life during the Holocaust that impacted millions
  • jewish
  • hitler
  • frank
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The Silenced by Artaquest
The Silencedby Savannah Rutledge
Many people understand the struggle of living in difficult circumstances and the same holds true for Hodaya Alperstean, a Jewish girl from the city of Bochnia, Poland. D...
  • family
  • history
  • auschwitz
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É isto um homem? by Livialyma
É isto um homem?by Livia Lima
Em "É isto um homem?", Primo Levi, escritor italiano de origem judaica, não só relata os horrores que viveu em Aushwitz - campo de concentração nazista - como...
  • aushwitz
  • levi
  • primo
In the Camps ║ The Diary of a Holocaust Survior by J_Silvyr
In the Camps ║ The Diary of a Jyn
This is from a short project that I had to do for Literature class. Just thought some random people might want to read it. This is based off of Elie Wiesel's autobiograp...
  • holocaustsurvivor
  • jews
  • nazis
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Stockholm Syndrome ((Hitler Fanfiction)) by nonfictionalError
Stockholm Syndrome ((Hitler The Triggering
A beautiful young girl hiding away before she is captured. But as this destructive place brings her true love, will the man of her dreams look past his mysterious prejud...
  • anne
  • badboy
  • auchwitz
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Calm Before the Storm by singmetosleep6
Calm Before the Stormby Katie
The Holocaust left a tragic, permanent mark on the world as we know it. People in every country know the excruciatingly painful stories told by survivors. But what abou...
  • love
  • daniel
  • ilsa
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On Our Darkest Days by VannahRain2001
On Our Darkest Daysby VannahRain2001
When you find love, sometimes you just know. But, what if you're not allowed to know? What if you're not allowed to love? What happens when you know that being together...
  • holocaust
  • auschwitz
  • wattys2018
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Staying In The Shadows by 404NoNameFound
Staying In The Shadowsby 404NoNameFound
This story is about Lena and her family as they struggle in Germany during the Holocaust. When the Nazis come to search Lena's hometown of Kiel, her hand her brother Max...
  • concentration
  • forbidden
  • romance
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