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Light of the Heavens by Astridhe
Light of the Heavensby K. Olsen
Ethilir, eldest of the kingdoms of men, ruled by the righteous bringers of light and life to the East, has endured since the Revealing as a force of order and civilizati...
Just One Drop by bloodrosesthorns
Just One Dropby scuffed doc martens
(Book 1 in the 'Blood Drops' series) Five drops for the vampires who drink it. Four for the creatures who relish in it. Three for the strong who take it. Two for the wea...
You are the Universe~ Psychology and Spirituality by NebulaTree
You are the Universe~ Psychology Dal
Your kawaii guide to mbti, psychology, auras, archetypes, spirituality, and more. Includes memes and quotes. Explore the inner depths of your mind and soul ^-^
Two Drops More by bloodrosesthorns
Two Drops Moreby scuffed doc martens
(Book 2 in the 'Blood Drops' series) Five drops for the vampires who drink it. Four for the creatures who relish in it. Three for the strong who take it. Two for the wea...
You're the Reason by CoffeeDrinkingNerd
You're the Reasonby CoffeeDrinkingNerd
Imara Fox, Hogwart's resident Necromancer, is spending her summer break trying to piece herself back together. After an emotional ride of dark twisty turns of the last b...
Destiny and Fate by Tetras
Destiny and Fateby Kaiah Oseye
In a world ravaged by war between humans and shapeshifters, an Academy for the gifted holds the hope for peace. Behind the shadow of its ancient walls, Ayura has lived i...
PSYCHIC AWAKENING  by tashachamberlin
PSYCHIC AWAKENING by Natasha Elishs Chamberlin
A COMPLETED BOOK This is an in-depth psychic development and spiritual growth course. This course was written by Natasha Elisha Chamberlin. This is the same course that...
Colors | J. Whitlock | by Coolabigirl
Colors | J. Whitlock |by a~b~i
"I see the color of a person's aura," "So, what's mine?" "Yellow and red." "What does that mean?" "Happiness and love."...
All We Are by Yarah001
All We Areby Yara Meijer
It's not easy balancing between getting a university degree and managing an intergalactic space police corps, but, well, somehow Tenma manages. At least he's got friends...
My second life by Animelover1754
My second lifeby Animelover1754
What happens when you die? Are you a ghost for all eternity or do you go to Heaven or Hell? For me it was none of them. I was murdered. This will sound crazy but I got s...
Wild Souls by Tigersx1
Wild Soulsby -Currently on Hiatus-
Our spirit animals are real. They won't teleport us to safety , but will guide us through the storm. Abigail Syger is your typical fifteen year old girl, with a past be...
Titan Academy by JulietBelladonna
Titan Academyby Belladonna
[Has No Association to Attack On Titan] A story of a bunch of kids doing academy things. Probably. [Warning: Book contains swearing and may have some graphic scenes.] [S...
SpellBooks for Beginers  by Xaphem
SpellBooks for Beginers by Xaphem
This is a spell book to help get started. None of these spells are mine I am just sharing them and creating a place to practice them and keep track of related spells.
Life As An Indigo Child by MaggieCSinger
Life As An Indigo Childby Maggie Singer
the following book is about me and my life and thoughts as an indigo child, as well as info that will help you to understand the unique and magnificent minds of these in...
Empathy by Sophizzle
Empathyby Sophizzle
Empathy, from the Greek to suffer, is commonly defined as one’s ability to recognize, perceive and directly feel the emotion of another. Empathy is the story of girl n...
Elodie Windu: My Dad is Who? by ElodieWindu
Elodie Windu: My Dad is Who?by ElodieWindu
Elodie Grace was a normal, adopted teenager from New York. She loves Star Wars, has six other siblings and two loving parents. Her life was utterly normal, until one d...
Jumpstart by MakeMeSage
Jumpstartby MakeMeSage
It always came down to respecting the power. if you respect it, it won't harm you. If you abuse it, it abuses you. She knew it the first time his blue energy shrouded hi...