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The Bug Hunters by JagerCaldiron
The Bug Huntersby JagerCaldiron
Bug Hunter is a location-based augmented reality (LBAR) mobile game for Android devices. The game makes use of the GPS device, mobile camera and wi-fi to interact with t...
  • augmentedreality
  • adventure
  • game
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SAO: Virtual Reality by KaitoWrites
SAO: Virtual Realityby KaitoWrites
This is my SAO FanFiction and hope you'll love it. The Prologue will explain so better read it. 😘@KaitoWrites Please Vote ! Keep Reading and Share 🌟
  • kirito
  • são
  • rpg
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Miracle Cure by JamesLoscombe
Miracle Cureby James Loscombe
They won't even let her die Spencer and Alanah are neo-luddites who have as little to do with technology as possible. But when Alanah is in an accident her wealthy famil...
  • virtualreality
  • reality
  • sciencefiction
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Augmented Reality by bookfanatic1018
Augmented Realityby bookfanatic1018
Russell lives in a video game, literally. Everything goes as normal until a girl appears out of nowhere. She explains that he has lived in a video game his whole life an...
  • russel
  • scifi
  • bookfanatic1018
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The Storm Trials by lawi360
The Storm Trialsby chanda makumba
The rules are simple...You play the game...Or you die. Enter 12 teens from various backgrounds. Each desperate for the cash prize that the popular but obscure undergroun...
  • augmentedreality
  • wattys2017
  • psychological
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Rain: Cases from a Trouble Shooter by StudioRadd
Rain: Cases from a Trouble Shooterby Craig C Randall
Dateline 24 June 2088, City Hall, Neo Frisco: City officials have issued a final warning to the CEO of Weather Inc., with regard to the ceaseless rain storms their satel...
  • cyberspace
  • vr
  • future
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Twilight of the Gods: Dreaded Ghast by Tang-Shogun
Twilight of the Gods: Dreaded Ghastby Matt Wilbur
An excerpt from the Eternity of Tears saga, telling of the events immediately after the final battle of the Pantheons of gods, and the fate of the two known realms.
  • discovery
  • moredragons
  • augmentedreality
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augmented reality companies in Bangalore by Dailyposts4u
augmented reality companies in Dailyposts4u
Augmented reality is one kind of technologies which supplements some digital objects to the existing experience. The technology overlays the real one but does not create...
  • intelligence
  • technology
  • artificial
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ThoughtMaQers Technologies by thoughtmaqers
ThoughtMaQers Technologiesby ThoughtMaqers
ThoughtMaQers is an internet technology company offering computer vision technology, application development, digital marketing services, advanced analytics and enterpri...
  • pop6ar
  • advertising
  • thoughtmaqers
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Through the Hoops (Short Story) by Polenth
Through the Hoops (Short Story)by Polenth Blake
  • freerunning
  • britishasian
  • augmentedreality
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The Assassin's Cult by AnalogiesGoneAstray
The Assassin's Cultby AnalogiesGoneAstray
As the top player the wildly popular augmented reality game of assassins, Diane was always the hunter. That is until she finds herself chased by the shadow of the myster...
  • augmentedreality
  • romance
  • cult
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Augmented Reality in Industrial Field Services by rohanppics
Augmented Reality in Industrial rohanppics
Industrial field services provide installation, management, services and repairs of system and equipment. Augmented reality enhances the standard of service and customer...
  • augmentedreality
  • industrialfieldservices
  • internetofthings
Hakai- The Digital Card Game by JinxandJasmine
Hakai- The Digital Card Gameby JinxandJasmine
A virtual reality card game has swept the world, drawing everyone and anyone possible into it, but, however, with creation, comes destruction.
  • virtualreality
  • år
  • cardgame
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Zero: A Journeyman's Tale by Saengard
Zero: A Journeyman's Taleby Saengard
Imagine a future without war. A world free of homelessness, hunger or crime. 77 years ago, the world's population spiked. Earth's resources were tapped dry. Every nati...
  • cyberpunk
  • games
  • dystopian
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Authenticity (A #TravelBrilliantly Story) by inksorcery
Authenticity (A InkSorcery
In an age of widespread facial recognition, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, travel isn't what it used to be; it's better. This short story by Narcisse Na...
  • bots
  • scifi
  • artificialintelligence
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Don't Miss These Amazing Business Growth Opportunities in AR by zealarmelbourne
Don't Miss These Amazing Zeal AR
If you want to do something out of the box from others, only the technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality can help you out in making your brand big.
  • arforfurniture
  • augmentedreality
  • arinmelbourne
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A Dream of Florence (A #TravelBrilliantly Story) by inksorcery
A Dream of Florence (A InkSorcery
It is often written that technology isolates us. Too many opinion pieces blame our screens for the loss of human interaction. Virtual reality is painted as a false exper...
  • virtualreality
  • scifi
  • travelbrilliantly
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Turo Ltd by turovrltd
Turo Ltdby Turo Ltd
TURO LTD is an AR & VR app development company, TURO LTD expert services provide solution for future communications and entertainment in VR, AR and mixed reality.
  • arappdevelopmentestimates
  • augmentedreality
  • augmentrealityapplicationdevelopment