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Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Book 1) by rskovach
Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Spooky Season is Here
He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. ***** After pirates kidnap seventeen...
A Month on the Truck version 2 by monasabay0010
A Month on the Truck version 2by Little Scooby
What if you were 8 and your mom got married? What if your new dad was a truck driver? What if all your 8 years you had to be the man of the house? What if you never real...
Project Ultron by parabare
Project Ultronby parabare
Kira Atwood, a troubled but promising young woman, is given a second chance by no other than Tony Stark. She'll try to help him develop his latest project hoping to rede...
[Excerpt] Keeping Up Appearances by writeriz
[Excerpt] Keeping Up Appearancesby Elizabeth Stevens
*Available now on Amazon and free in Kindle Unlimited. Also available in Audio.* SILVER MEDALIST IN THE READER'S FAVORITE BOOK AWARDS 2019 Three's a crowd, but four's a...
Bleak House (Dickens 1852) by CharlesofPortsmouth
Bleak House (Dickens 1852)by Charles Dickens
The original serialized form of Charles Dickens's Bleak House novel. Original serial cover illustration by H.K. Browne. Audiobook files posted at the beginning of each c...
A Match of Monsters by Jeanne_E_Karam
A Match of Monstersby Jeanne E Karam
Against the cold, oncoming winter, young Elain the Gatherer is forced to take shelter in a cave to survive the night. But what she finds there risks her life just as muc...
Legend of Blood - A Rap-Story Journey (with Youtube-Audio) by ThirstOfBlood
Legend of Blood - A Rap-Story ThirstyBlood
Greetings people, ThirstyBlood speaking! Welcome to my reality domain! I proudly present you the humble Me & Myself, but before anything else, how about getting to the p...
Polymorph: a Collection of Alternative Fictions by AlternativeStorytelling
Polymorph: a Collection of Alternative Fiction | Ambassa...
Anthology of alternative fictions submitted to and collected by @AlternativeStorytelling profile
[Excerpt] Accidentally Perfect by writeriz
[Excerpt] Accidentally Perfectby Elizabeth Stevens
*Full Available on Amazon and free in Kindle Unlimited. Also available in Audio.* FINALIST IN THE READER'S FAVOURITE BOOK AWARDS 2018. Sometimes, you say everything when...
Just a little glorybriner for ya audiobook (ON HOLD) by rasgajag
Just a little glorybriner for ya Rasgajag
I was given permission to make this on discord so yeah
Words are Overrated: A Guide to writing Alternative Fiction by AlternativeStorytelling
Words are Overrated: A Guide to Alternative Fiction | Ambassa...
How to write alternative fiction such as interactive stories, screenplays, graphic novels, multimedia stories... What tools are available and what shall be considered...
Hamptons Wedding ✔️ New Adult Romance Short Story + Audio by MochaVonBee
Hamptons Wedding ✔️ New Adult Mocha
1st Place Romance WINNER #TrialsOfLove - One Shot to face the EX you never got over... Izzie should be thrilled when she gets an invite to the wedding-of-the-year in th...
God's Gift of Hope (Supernatural Fanfiction ) by elleuu2y5
God's Gift of Hope (Supernatural LW
As Sam blocked one of Dean's lunges, Sam head-butted his brother and Dean went down hard, losing his blade in the process. Sam raised his own blade up into the air, read...
Biker Mice from Mars - Mountain Drift by fire_drifter
Biker Mice from Mars - Mountain fire_drifter
After a miscalculation with the Tug Transformer on Earth, which resulted in their sworn enemy's sudden demise, the bros decide it's time to fix up their old ship and sta...
The Wise Slave by WiseSlaves
The Wise Slaveby The Wise Slaves
This novel is fiction of the highest quality. It's easy on the reader at the beginning, introducing itself in a friendly way, but becomes more challenging, and more rewa...
The Carnival by Lu-Man
The Carnivalby
A carnival has appeared outside of Frankie's home town. One that only the young can see and hear. When Frankie learns the dark truth of the Carnival, he must escape be...
Bear With Me - Love, Magic, And A Bear [ON HOLD] by Art-ificial
Bear With Me - Love, Magic, And Art-ificial
Katinka Crnčević ( "That's 'Churn-sher-vitch', thank you.") is in a bit of trouble. There are things you are not supposed to do while pretending to be a resp...
Kit and Tully, Love or Music - Oddballs & Outcasts | Teen Fiction | Audio by MochaVonBee
Kit and Tully, Love or Music - Mocha
🥇 1st Place - General Fiction - Punk Rock Awards 2020🎖 Featured on Love Actually Reading List #YA Ambassadors🎖Love or Music... Which should they choose and what price...