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Orphic | •Will Byers X Reader• by _SuperxNova_
Orphic | •Will Byers X Reader•by .
(Will x Reader) Will Byers has returned, but at what cost? You were his best friend, yeah one small problem though; you're not real. You're his copeing mechansim - a shi...
  • imaginaryfriend
  • strangerthings
  • atmospheric
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Birthright by IanRCooper
Birthrightby Ian R. Cooper
The Cartwright clan has worked the farm for almost a century. On the surface, they are prosperous pillars of the community. But once a generation, a wicked harvest must...
  • abandonedbuilding
  • historicalfiction
  • cult
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Ghost Music: The Haunting of Sky Hollow (Sample Only) by ShadowMaven
Ghost Music: The Haunting of Sky Antoinette McCormick
2019 Futhark Award Winner, 'Best Technical Skill'||Black Cat Awards 2019 2nd Place Horror Winner|| Featured on Wattpad's Stories Undiscovered Diamond Reading List!||2019...
  • horror
  • revenge
  • novella
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Rami by CerylH
Ramiby CerylH
Rami is a child of the lightning-gatherers. On a stormy night when she was four years old, she was gifted uncanny powers by her older brother. After that he vanished w...
  • lightning
  • memory
  • sciencefantasy
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AS (1) - Troposphere by sugarrrrr_
AS (1) - Troposphereby guess who
Atmosphere Series 1/5 Troposfer si lapisan pembuka. Turun dengan murka, merampas udara hingga tak bersisa.
  • stratosphere
  • earthbeingpoluted
  • termosphere
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Wolf at the Door by TLBodine
Wolf at the Doorby T.L. Bodine
A Southern Gothic Werewolf Story. ---- You got in your car and drove without purpose, hoping that if you drove fast enough and far enough you might outrun the things i...
  • southerngothic
  • romance
  • werewolf
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A Drop into a Hells Paradise (RWBY ODST fanfiction) by carpboy009
A Drop into a Hells Paradise ( carpboy009
Better Description in Chapter 1 After the Prophet of Regret jumps to slipspace inside the City of New Mombasa, many Orbital Drop Shock Troopers were scattered from their...
  • odst
  • crossover
  • rookie
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AS (2) - Stratosphere by sugarrrrr_
AS (2) - Stratosphereby guess who
Atmosphere Series 2/5 Stratosfer, si cantik lapisan kedua bermuka masam. Bumi berlutut memohon, jangan robek lapisan Ozon.
  • mésosphère
  • science
  • troposphere
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Soft by _PeachFuzz
Softby Eive
"To be soft is to be powerful." - Rupi Kaur For the boys who are told they can't show emotions For the girls who are called weak because of their skin For thos...
  • love
  • reflective
  • hurt
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SLENDER: The Arrival by AlexBernien
SLENDER: The Arrivalby ThunderekTV
Slenderman: a mysterious creature of unknown origins, makes people go missing, stalks its every victim until the end, sometimes turns them into horrifying monsters, cha...
  • mystery
  • watches
  • riddles
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AS (3) - Mesosphere by sugarrrrr_
AS (3) - Mesosphereby guess who
Atmosphere Series 3/5 Mesosfer, mematikan namun indah. Lapisan ketiga pencetak sejarah dimana dinosaurus disebut punah.
  • exosphere
  • earthbeingpoluted
  • atmosphere
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Tales of the Twisted by CDsStories
Tales of the Twistedby C. DeRosa
Behold the Tales of the Twisted, a terrifying masterpiece of horror stories for people young and old. Specifically designed for those of all ages, these stories will hau...
  • social
  • dark
  • twistandturns
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ALWAYS WATCHES: a Slenderman Story by AlexBernien
ALWAYS WATCHES: a Slenderman Storyby ThunderekTV
Slenderman: a powerful, supernatural mysterious creature. Has the ability to control others minds, turn them into terror. With the help of his proxies, he is unstopabbl...
  • mystery
  • stalking
  • creepy
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Dancing In The Rain ||| Miracolous Ladybug |||  by siiini
Dancing In The Rain ||| golden-days
The story of Paris' two superheroins love, hate and relations.
  • rainy
  • love
  • atmosphere
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Stars ☆ Corbyn Besson by blackcoffeecup
Stars ☆ Corbyn Bessonby Olivia💫
"Zach, can we defy Gravity ?" "... Who is this?" "Oh you don't sound like Zach..." "No I don't sound like whoever Zach is. Who are you...
  • shortstory
  • astronomy
  • phonecalls
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Poetry for the Heart & Soul by Aishabella13
Poetry for the Heart & Soulby A.S.
Poetry for the heart and soul...they will take you away, they will make you feel free while trapping your heart at the same time. We will explore the beauties of nature...
  • poems
  • atmosphere
  • soul
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Beyond the Atmosphere by blackheart_danger
Beyond the Atmosphereby blackheart_danger
"Loving Can Hurt. Loving Can hurt~sometimes but it is the only thing that I know." I sang the last part while I was staring at his eyes. And I couldn't miss th...
  • english
  • beyondthe
  • atmosphere
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The Sorrow's Garden by anthonycari
The Sorrow's Gardenby Anthony Carinhas
Well-known as an architect and writer in Leipzig, Germany. Radulf is repulsed by the nature of other people's selfish living. Ironically, his own character is devoid of...
  • fiction
  • thriller
  • sexy
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☆The Boy No One Heard☆ by Tord_Loves_H3nta1
☆The Boy No One Heard☆by Tyler Borthwick
This is a gay love story between a deaf boy and a bully, the story between them and more to be revealed inside. Xxx
  • pain
  • atmosphere
  • bullying
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Capturing The 'Now' by Hreedth
Capturing The 'Now'by Hreedth
A book for uploading all the photographs I deem worthy On top of all my other interests, photography is also one of them 👍🏻 Thought of the idea of uploading photos wh...
  • travel
  • scences
  • beautiful
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