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Our night at the museum by GenGenies
Our night at the museumby Genevieve DuPond
A story where a warrior princess meets a Egyptian king I do not own any characters, except for Genevieve
Daughter of the Nile by HufflewudgieofCabin7
Daughter of the Nileby Filia Apollo
A new mummy arrives at the Museum of Natural History: an Egyptian princess. How is it that she knows everyone's favorite young pharaoh? The nightly adventures of the mus...
At Long Last by IsaAndIzzalia
At Long Lastby Isa and Izzalia
Meet Isadora Daley, the 18 year old niece of Larry Daley the night watchmen of the NYC Natural History Museum. Find out what happens when the secrets and wonders of this...
night at the museum imagines by littlerowan29
night at the museum imaginesby rowan
i do natm imagines! i will take requests i do fem!xcharacters but i'll do some other stuff if you guys want slow uploader! sorry :(
Night at the Museum 3: Return to Cambridge by calypsoworshipper
Night at the Museum 3: Return to DeclerationAquit
Night at the Museum 3 (rewritten) New and Improved! 18/1/23 I have courageously decided to rewrite the final film in the Night at the Museum trilogy. Here's the synopsis...
365 Nights - (NatM Fanfic) by CarissimeAuthor
365 Nights - (NatM Fanfic)by ::icaastri
"Mr. Daley, we are renting an exhibit for a year." "Why only a year?" "We're going broke." --------- (TAKES PLACE AFTER NATM2) Betsy Fredri...
Jedetavius oneshots by DemonSheep88
Jedetavius oneshotsby DemonSheep88
I love these two little guys, so I made a one shot book for them!! Hope you like it if you like Jedediah and Octavius too. Cover art done by me.
About That Life by jasminebvb17
About That Lifeby jasminebvb17
serenity a young teen falls in love with a pop star. will love destroy his career or tear there relationship apart. Read more to find out what happens next.
The Tangled Web of a Black Widow by queenarianna17
The Tangled Web of a Black Widowby Adventure Queen Ari
It's the summer of 2025. The little island nation of Corona is struck with terror when a spider bites pregnant 20 year old Arianna Corona, the Queen at Baron mansion. Lo...
My Housemate Travels Through Time by Nicky_Waynewood
My Housemate Travels Through Timeby Nichola Waynewood
My housemate travels through time - it's weird. Find more here:
Romance Between Rivals by daffyaardvark
Romance Between Rivalsby daffyaardvark
Amethyst has always been the bad girl. Stubborn, sarcastic, lazy; she's the opposite of hard-working, popular and cocky Atilla. When fate decides to bring them together...
I've Got a Dream by queenarianna17
I've Got a Dreamby Adventure Queen Ari
An one shot taken from my book "The Tangled Web of a Black Widow"
Hun İmparatoru Atilla Tek bölüm by BilgeliSavasci
Hun İmparatoru Atilla Tek bölümby BilgeliSavasci
Ten Little Rejects by RobAllen467
Ten Little Rejectsby Rob Allen
After the APMAs, Members of Various bands gather to celebrate. However, unknown to them, one person has a killer idea for a party. Who is the killer? Read to find out
Death Can Never Hurt You (Oli Sykes) by becca_bunnie
Death Can Never Hurt You (Oli The Left Behind
They couldn't save her, Lilly was consumed by her sadness, and ended her life, but what happens when death gives her what she wants? Read to follow as Lilly wakes up as...
Borders by JamesPenn055
Bordersby James Penn
A piece of historical fiction. Two legionaries, Claudius and Pontius, are stationed at the edge of the Roman Empire to spot Scythian invaders. On a cold winter day, th...
Weightless and Drowning by Bringmethesirens11
Weightless and Drowningby Adriana
Scarlett lives a life of self destruction and sadness. Having lost everything she loves, her abusive father forces her to move across the country. She has to restart her...
Crooked Young by WhiskeyPrincess-dmu
Crooked Youngby WhiskeyPrincess-dmu
Keely Sykes, Oliver Sykes 18 year old sister is bought on tour with Oli as they have always been bestfriend's and not your average siblings. Keely has always been very d...