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Imaginary Friends  by RockinThatRobin
Imaginary Friends by RockinThatRobin
One-Shot Kids have imaginary friends. It's a normal part of growing up. But some imaginary friends are best left alone, lest they stir up trouble. Or, also known as th...
The Royal Order: Gravity Falls by Simbalvr123
The Royal Order: Gravity Fallsby Simbalvr123
Ever wondered what exactly Ford and McGucket did for the 10 years before he was trapped in the portal? Why the shack has banners from a Secret Society called The Royal O...
Exposure (during "The Time Traveler's Pig")(S2 SPOILER WARNING) by StanfordPines474
Exposure (during "The Time Why do I fall in love with mu...
(SPOILER WARNING if haven't yet seen season 2) What if Dipper and Mabel's fight over the time tape escalated and not only sent them into the past but also into another s...
I Want My Brother Back [Gravity Falls] by _Hutcher290
I Want My Brother Back [Gravity _Hutcher290
After Grunkle Stan told his tale of his brother and himself, Mabel has worried about her relationship with Dipper. She fears they could end up just like Stan and Ford. A...