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The Call [Creek] by naosei-naosei
The Call [Creek]by naosei-naosei
In Elementary School, Tweek and Craig were the closest of friends. Craig had always presumed that was the leading factor to the entire town of South Park thinking that t...
CELESTIAL | THOR ODINSON by buckittybarnes
"In an infinite universe, two of the brightest stars were destined for love, against all odds." Thor x original female character Cover by nightwvngs
"In The End,We All Are Stories" by sun_roof
"In The End,We All Are Stories"by sun_roof
"There are Times I look At you & wonder what it would've been like to never know you & there is always the catch in my breath as if my body is telling me what it wo...
Pretty Little Liars Zodiac by AEFitz
Pretty Little Liars Zodiacby EzriaUpset
Ever wanted to find a connection beetween you and pll? Here it is.
DARK STAR. ━━ star trek by jtleigh
DARK STAR. ━━ star trekby ❝ JES ❞
a star heated by the annihilation of dark matter particles within. STAR TREK AU ━━ oc x applyfic ... started: 09.06.2023. ... finished: N/A
Tevun-Krus #108 - International 7: The Big Bang! by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #108 - International Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
The universe began, scientists believe, with every speck of its energy jammed into a very tiny point. This extremely dense point exploded with unimaginable force, creati...
Zvezda Moya by ichorgays
Zvezda Moyaby ⻰
THE ASTROPHYSICISTS ARE JEALOUS OF OUR GALACTIC LOVE AFFAIR. © 2017, ichorgays/daenerystly [ anglicised ; my star ] POE #147 // 021217
Liar (Star Trek The Next Generation) by they_aztec
Liar (Star Trek The Next Freddie
Samantha Tabelle is an astrophysicist with a straining disability. Her family history is nothing to be prized, but she is well hidden. She is running from the people who...
All Of The Stars  ☆ Brian May Fanfic ☆ by piero_cade
All Of The Stars ☆ Brian May piéro Пьеро
She finally found her way back and finds the absolute chance of meeting the band 'Queen' in addition of having an interest with the guitarist.
Spiritual Astrologer and Spiritualist in Toronto  by PanditShankar
Spiritual Astrologer and Pandit Shankar
Master :- Shankar Ji is world famous 7th generation as 500 years traditional, also known in South Africa ,USA, Canada, London ( UK ) and Australia.He is best in vedic as...
Visions of the Stars by idletowngirl
Visions of the Starsby Elizabeth
Only in darkness can you see stars. Former Filipino-Mexican professional figure skater Venus Astrid Eliana Osorio is THE ultimate IT girl. From breaking and setting wor...
Sifiniti Theorem by sarok_sif
Sifiniti Theoremby sarok_sif
Just a book about black holes. New pages Coming Soon !!
Racecraft by Maviannn
Racecraftby Ian Lauth
How will our need for speed manifest itself amongst the stars? In the near future where space flight has become commonplace and small cities are beginning to flourish be...
Whoa! by Mestiano
Whoa!by Mestiano
This is a story about how a dream can be turned into reality even if you make a few mistakes down the road...
Untitled Part 1 by GavinT412
Untitled Part 1by GavinT412
Two astrophysicist studying the upper part in space come across a rip like hole in space this attracts the scientists to discover it. It was named Xeon the scientists f...