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BNHA Zodiacs by Flame-Challenger
BNHA Zodiacsby Flamery
You probably know it by now :) Haikyuu! was added on later.. Key (Titles will have): - for BNHA ~ for Haikyuu! I will try to upload 3 times a week! (Yes, the cover was m...
zodiac aesthetics no one cares about by youngdon0722
zodiac aesthetics no one cares Donavan Williams
hi!!! just some random aesthetic pics & gifs i wanted to do :)
Zodiac Signs by scascarlett
Zodiac Signsby scarlett
The signs as, squads, randomness. And how you will do everything based on your Zodiac Sign.
Character astrology by Lunar0Leo
Character astrologyby daily daydreams
This book includes character astrology for different shows like friends, stranger things, and more. There are also book characters, movie characters, and more! - no info...
IT Zodiacs by neinhitlernein
IT Zodiacsby Wolfgang Stalin
Some astrology shit linked with the It movie or book. Some posts are based off of some Tumblr stuff while some are made by yours truly.
Star Wars Zodiacs by neinhitlernein
Star Wars Zodiacsby Wolfgang Stalin
Astrology shit from Star Wars. Some came from Tumblr. Some came from yours truly.
Fun Zodiac Signs 😃! by Ollie_Kitten21
Fun Zodiac Signs 😃!by Ollie_Kitten21
Welcome to my second book ! I'm Ollie-chan ☺️☺️ Zodiac signs ranking and a lot of fun fun fun ~~~ random scenarios/stories 💚💚💚 Check out my other book: Life with Ore...
Astrology Signs by RavenclawDiaries665
Astrology Signsby RavenclawDiaries665
In Western astrology, astrological signs are the twelve 30° sectors of the ecliptic, starting at the vernal equinox, also known as the First Point of Aries. The order of...
Zodiac Signs by lavenderskiies-
Zodiac Signsby Lavender
This is just some Zodiac sign stuff.
Zodiac Signs by MintyWings
Zodiac Signsby MintyWings
This story is about Zodiac signs.
All Things Zodiac by WhimsAway
All Things Zodiacby Whims Away
This will be a compilation of anything and all things in relation to the zodiac signs. I will have misconceptions I find about each sign, and Pinterest posts I think sho...
All Secrets Are Dark by lunacollins
All Secrets Are Darkby Luna Collins
Kendall Abbott carries her secrets close and guarded when she arrives at the main island of her magical country. Magical meaning, sorcerers are the main population, and...
Zodiac Signs by OLHTT2005
Zodiac Signsby Ollie
Want to learn more about your Zodiac Sign? Yes, then continue reading my story! It contains lots of different Zodiac Sign Scenarios which you can use to figure out more...
Zodiac Shorts by DepressionCentral
Zodiac Shortsby Emily Llorde
Pairings are simple: Scorpio x Aries Pisces x Leo Capricorn x Taurus Virgo x Libra Aquarius x Cancer Sagittarius x Gemini Scorpio is based on me, because I am a self cen...