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31 days of first aid with Midoriya Izuku by Quietcosplayer
31 days of first aid with Q <3
This is a month-long writing challenge for October 2021. It will be all Izuku-centric with other 1A members making appearances.
Harry Styles Sickfics by dmdhazza
Harry Styles Sickficsby dmdhazza
Fanfics of when Harry isn't feeling his greatest!
Don't Let Go by lillyiaa
Don't Let Goby lillyiaa
Holland Abbeys is a sixteen-year-old girl trying to navigate her way through junior year. Her track record isn't perfect by any means since losing her parents, and havi...
To Build a Home by heartofcathedrals
To Build a Homeby heartofcathedrals
Stiles and Derek have recently adopted adorable blue-eyed toddler Isaac Lahey and the stress of helping him through the remnants of his abusive past homelife is threaten...
Lockdown (One Direction) by StylinsonLove28
Lockdown (One Direction)by Sunflower6
People in London are being told to stay indoors, due to a huge chemical spill, that has formed a massive toxic gas cloud. Residents are being asked to keep all windows a...
The heart under the dark robes by MagicMoon97
The heart under the dark robesby MagicMoon97
Severitus. Severus Snape and Harry Potter What is a man's love capable of ? what he considers to be the most sacred thing in his life ? The journey of severus snape to...
Larry sick fics by Bladwijzer
Larry sick ficsby Kaycee
One shots of sick/hurt Harry and Louis, stories also includes the boys of 1D and other friends. Requests are open!
1D • Random Sickfics by BeautifulRain2020
1D • Random Sickficsby BeautifulRain2020
Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall getting hurt, sick and caring for each other. Set around the release of 'Made in the AM'.
Oh Zoe by LightMyDarkness
Oh Zoeby Jess
"Zoe," Bella giggled. "Your suffocating me!" Zoe squeezed her twin tighter. "Does that mean I can get a new sister?" Zoe joked. "Sure...
The Oxygen That I Need [Yoonkook] by tr7viakoo
The Oxygen That I Need [Yoonkook]by ✨🤍✨
YoongixJungkook Jungkook has a few incidents and has asthma, but doesn't tell the other members because he thought it wasn't important and doesn't get attacks as often a...
Air I Breathe by heartofcathedrals
Air I Breatheby heartofcathedrals
Peter licks his dry lips and tries to get his eyes to adjust to the brightness, his chest muscles pulling as he struggles to breathe against gravity. "Tony?" H...
Overprotective by peacefulwriting101
Overprotectiveby FallenxFlower
"I like you, Annalisa. Like a lot. And it took me the longest time to tell you this. That's why I haven't been over. I didn't really know how to say it. I don't wan...
living with one direction // one direction fanfic by louismyluv28
living with one direction // one 1directionfan
Hi , you're probably a directioner that's reading this fanfic... So this is my first fanfic that i wrote i wrote it in a note book than after weeks i decided to write it...
Loved by imannabella5n
Lovedby Bella_kookie
just read and found out ok👌👌 Sequel to " Unloved" bad grammar Start:17/3/2021 End:???
One Direction One Shots by _madi_moo
One Direction One Shotsby 🤟mads🤟
One Direction one shots! Exactly what it says :) Leave a request and I'll add yours to it!!
Asthma Attack (NOT COMPLETE) by kylababeee
Asthma Attack (NOT COMPLETE)by kylababeee
Brianna✓ by fiddlecrackers14
Brianna✓by Edith.O.Ayeni
16 year old , Brianna Watson is an American girl in high school. All Bree has ever wanted was to be a normal teenager with no problems and absolutely nothing to care a...
I can't breathe! (Spider-Man & Avengers One Shot) by TheBraveHibiscus
I can't breathe! (Spider-Man & Hibiki
Peter (That's me!) has asthma still after the bite (despite all the cool new muscles) but because of his spider powers attacks aren't as bad as before. One day Avengers...
Sunflowers by melodyygracee
Sunflowersby Melody Grace
-•- in which a girl and boy fall in love in a flower field -•- (Disclaimer: I do not own the cover image. I edited it to add the words, but I do not own the image itself...
Butterfly Hearts ✔ by moonsfeel
Butterfly Hearts ✔by hazel
❝I told the stars about you. . . . . and they know how deep and true my love is.❞ #2 in the Heart Series x Sona never envisaged a life with love. For her love was a luxu...