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shivika-even after death a second chance by Aishwaryamani_14
shivika-even after death a S.A.M_14
the story starts after Sahil kills shivaay and Anika dies in a car accident after that they both are born once again to complete the incomplete story. Shivaay as Shivans...
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Shivika Short Story Collection by AkankshaKalia
Shivika Short Story Collectionby Akanksha Kalia
Short stories -os, TS , drabbles 1. Love and trust together become sword 2. Redux track 3. Dilwale dulhania le jyenge (2 part's) 4. Shivika 5. Redux marriage {force...
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Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF) by Rainflower_27
Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love( Naher-L-Luthfa
Story of two star-crossed lovers and their journey to find their Soul-mate.
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Accidental Love 💖(On Hold) by AkankshaKalia
Accidental Love 💖(On Hold)by Akanksha Kalia
What if a girl is rich and her accident happened and she can't walk now . But some goons are searching to kill her and due to her security issues, her father left to abr...
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✔️✔️Accepting Him With His Flaws by AkankshaKalia
✔️✔️Accepting Him With His Flawsby Akanksha Kalia
She is fire he is ice She had uploaded her data on an online app for marriage as a matrimonial He was searching for a girl her pic caught his attention. He immediately s...
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(On Hold Now)Facing struggles together 💕(Redux) by AkankshaKalia
(On Hold Now)Facing struggles Akanksha Kalia
Its about redux track after 5 year leap. Here shivika will face struggles together. To know more see story ★cover credits : me ★😂😂
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MINE (Completed) by mazna4501
MINE (Completed)by Mazna
"Me and billuji?have you lost it Sahil?There's nothing between us,stop assuming things and get back to your homework",said Annika. ...
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ANYTHING 4 U ,my Jann ! by narbhi_fan
ANYTHING 4 U ,my Jann !by narbhi_fan
shivaay Singh oberoi and anika Singh raizada fall in love .but don't have dare to admit .when they families give them a shock . this is happy story no revenge only love...
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✅✅Shivika And Their Life💖💖💖 by AkankshaKalia
✅✅Shivika And Their Life💖💖💖by Akanksha Kalia
Someone was pointing gun at Shivaay. Anika saw that she ran to save him . But she was late. Because he was already shooted A- Shivaay, she screamed She was running behi...
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DO I REALLY HATE YOU ? by narbhi_fan
DO I REALLY HATE YOU ?by narbhi_fan
this is shivika story . journey from hate to love just peep in !!!!
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Falling For You by mazna4501
Falling For Youby Mazna
It came as a shock to the business world when famous Business Tycoon Shivaay Singh Oberoi announced Annika,the girl with no name,bloodline or lineage as his wife.They se...
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We meet again(BaahubaliTLL) by Angel10002
We meet again(BaahubaliTLL)by angel(on holidays till board...
It's a shivika fanfiction Hope you like it??? Peep in to know more Best Ranking #1ansh. #1sso #1 shivaaysinghoberoi #1 asso #2 leap #3 anika
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Shivika❤️💖💖✔️✔️ by AkankshaKalia
Shivika❤️💖💖✔️✔️by Akanksha Kalia
My story starts when Anika is working in Oberoi mansion as a wedding planner. Shivaay misunderstands Anika due to Daksh and believe whatever he says
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Ravishing Recitcals by lovelyanju
Ravishing Recitcalsby frozenfire234
just peep into it💃 Previous Cover credit~ @dwivedy
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(On Hold)Seperated by misunderstanding & meet through Passion by AkankshaKalia
(On Hold)Seperated by Akanksha Kalia
★this beautiful cover by - shibra44★ 2 seperated souls meet in shooting of their new serial Shivaay Anika two lovers who were perfect with each other. Daksh who is vill...
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Magical Shivika {On Hold} by AkankshaKalia
Magical Shivika {On Hold}by Akanksha Kalia
★★Cover credit goes to @jazz_5rock our jazzy 😘😘best editor★★ An magical story . Shivaay as a magician. But before jumping in story just listen that this story is tota...
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shivika (on Hold)  by lovelyanju
shivika (on Hold) by frozenfire234
This story is about shivika who had arranged marriage. Let's see how they both fall in love????
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Becoming Independent- A Shivika Journey ✔ by ShivikaIsLove
Becoming Independent- A Shivika Kairav
This is a fanfiction of Shivika after their consummation. Their love journey has come to its climax after they became one. All along, Annika has been Shivaay's support...
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Forgetting fake ideologies (On Hold) by AkankshaKalia
Forgetting fake ideologies (On Akanksha Kalia
It will have slow updates maybe weekly or more so bear with me But yaa updates will be interesting 💞
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shivika_anokha bandhan✔️ by lovelyanju
shivika_anokha bandhan✔️by frozenfire234
this is story is about our favourite shivika annika is one month pregnant her husband left her after spending one night what will happen when she will meet shivaay who i...
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