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The Known Stranger  by hiya_medhi
The Known Stranger by Hiya Medhi
There are people whom we decide to abandon for the sake of society. And we tag them as 'Past' Meet Ruhanna. She is a single mother. Amazingly smart, sizzling and intelli...
Excalibur Hero Knight by KnightRider_34
Excalibur Hero Knightby Rider
Izuku Yagi was bullied all of his life by class 1A. His step father and half Izumi ignored him. Only his mom inko was the only one that stood by him One day they took...
A Love In The Tea Garden (Girls und Panzer | Darjeeling | Fanfiction) by Pegasus1751
A Love In The Tea Garden (Girls Firefly1755
Y/N is a third year student in ST. Gloriana G.C. Y/N likes tanks since he first saw a senshado match. Unfortunately his school doesn't offer senshado. So when ST. Gloria...
My country humans universe (would also contain indian states ) by Ananya_chakraborty
My country humans universe ( Ananya chakraborty
Hello there fellow people I am an indian and And this would be my first countryhumans book { I would mostly write about india and the Indian states,and the other sout...
Just the Way you Are (Rosehip, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Just the Way you Are (Rosehip, Porco
Rosehip and John have been friends for a very long time, being for each other as much as possible. However, what will happen when Rosehip starts to question her own pers...
Because You're You (Orange Pekoe, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Because You're You (Orange Porco
Orange Pekoe must deal with her own strong feelings and the feelings of others as she faces the biggest challenge of her life... FYI this is an Orange Pekoe and Reader s...
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Coming Out of Her Shell (Darjeeling, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Coming Out of Her Shell ( Porco
A close friend causes Darjeeling to question whether or not she should act so proper... FYI this is a Darjeeling and reader story.
There's a Time for You by MartinReaders
There's a Time for Youby Martin Chua
"When two people from two worlds meet..." -Adrian First book for A new Series "Girls Und Panzer X De Facto" simulating that Adrian found a rift and s...
Girls Und Panzer Fanfiction: Their Finest Hour by TheTubaGuy
Girls Und Panzer Fanfiction: TheTubaGuy
In the wake of a horrific freak accident, Orange Pekoe and the rest of the St. Gloriana girls must grapple with the loss of an influential leader, great mentor, and clos...
I'll be there for you(Darjeeling X reader) by B3lfaust
I'll be there for you(Darjeeling S4und3rs_High
Ben's a boy who just experienced a pretty painful rejection.But when he decides to transfer to St Gloriana's for a fresh start,who would've known hthat when one relation...
A story of my own by Niha4gmail
A story of my ownby Niha4gmail
Mental health is very important issue. This is my journey how I struggled with my own identity.
Turtles by ThatRabidPotato
Turtlesby ThatRabidPotato
Staying at Kuromorimine was not an option. Koume Akaboshi followed her best friend to Ooarai. She gave up Senshado... but it didn't give up her.
A sure shot jail sentence saved by an anaemic canine..all in a dog's luck...
Assam NRC (National Register of Citizens) by ashakantasharma
Assam NRC (National Register of Asha Kanta Sharma
The publication demonstrates flaws in National Register of Citizens of Assam, India which is being implemented by the Supreme Court of India directives which is the topm...
Clash Of Clans by PragyanPPD
Clash Of Clansby Pragyanpal Das
Find out the amazing adventure of the clash between Ratics clan and GG Clashers clan to win the history.
Assam Black Tea: Some Lesser Known Facts That One Simply Must Know by onlineseo
Assam Black Tea: Some Lesser onlineseo
The production of Assam Black Tea dates to 1839 when The Assam tea Company was found after a chance discovery of Assam tea leaves growing in the hills of Assam by Robert...