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Undertale Boyfriend Scenarios  by creeps_the_fanboy
Undertale Boyfriend Scenarios by Darkmagic_otaku
Your a human female, you fell down a hole. Great job, anyway, you find yourself in the underground surrounded by monsters. You've been there for a while now and have mad...
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UNDERTALE Memes/Comics by Silverfang_77
UNDERTALE Memes/Comicsby [̲̅h i r o]
UNDERTALE!! Stuff!!!
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Sans x reader The Dragon  by E33641189
Sans x reader The Dragon by Aurora Dragonflame
I am Y/n Dreemurr the adopted daughter of King Asgore and Queen Toriel. I am a dragon I'm the size of a wolf in my normal form and in human I'm the same height I think a...
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Undertale Fanart! by Multi-FandomWriter
Undertale Fanart!by …I don’t know what to put here
Just because.
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Storyshift by Amazingcupcakes41
Storyshiftby Underswap Chara
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Undertale RP by SpiritWolfNura
Undertale RPby Kyran Wolfe
As the cover says. Have fun!
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{The girl with white hair}NAJ UNDERTALE AU X READER [on hold for now] by DeppressedBatch
{The girl with white hair}NAJ Teletubbies leader
Your just a normal girl....right? Your name is Y/N and you got excepted in to one of the most advanced schools EVER! Under high. After receiving the note you instantly r...
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Friends Forever...or Young Love? Frisk X Asreil by prussia666
Friends Forever...or Young Love? Nightfall
Frisk and asreil are friends but could it become something more than that in time? Find out
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Not So Bonley (sansxfrisk / readerxsans) by LillyanaLove
Not So Bonley (sansxfrisk / Lillyana Love
*Smut* Adding a description cause why not? You recently became 19 and had enough of your parents abuse and your messed up life. You ran up the mountain at first trying t...
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Underfell Sans X Reader, Lemon by alyssagmailcom
Underfell Sans X Reader, Lemonby alyssagmailcom
The title has everything you need to know about this story so why are you reading the description?
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Asreil x reader one shots❤️ by werewolf-chibi-girl
Asreil x reader one shots❤️by Asreil Dreemurr
...l self explanatory title. It's a one shot story book... About asriel and the reader.... The date... And... Yeah.
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To Kill A Chara by gen3king
To Kill A Charaby gen3king
Frisk always had a problem with bullies. Even after Sans warned them, they pressed on. It was on the last day of Frisk's freshman year things went wrong... This story ta...
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Who are you really by Blueberry-GF
Who are you reallyby Ashley Winters
king asreil was siting in his room thinking over about the day when he heard crying a child's cry or perhaps a baby's cry.
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super tale by JTSlothy
super taleby JTSlothy
my new au boiiii
The Surface (Sequel) by Mongalover
The Surface (Sequel)by Evan
You've been through hell and back with him, he even watched me die in tears. Now I have to face my worst nightmare... My past!!
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Hard Love (Monster kid  x female Asreil) by RandallWatkins
Hard Love (Monster kid x female Randall Watkins
this is going to be one interesting book I hope I don't own characters and picture so yeah bye In this story Frisk is not dating sans or chara, I'm sorry to all charisk...
The Fall by werewolf-chibi-girl
The Fallby Asreil Dreemurr
This is an actual story! Not a one shot book like I normally write. I will publish it after I get to about ten chapters cause I don't write a lot but I will start writin...
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Undertale by tigeresslilli
Undertaleby Lily
World jumping into Undertale, Lily sets off completely blind to a new world with murderous flowers, hilarious skeletons, badass fish people, otaku dinosaurs, and puns ga...
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shadowtale pacifist 1 by monzca
shadowtale pacifist 1by monzca wixes
everyone has turned to dust except sans and flowy, but they dont get along well, in fact they hate eachother and they also hate humans. frisk is 22 years old and she hat...
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