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Caramel Review Shop [closed] || 2020 project by JuniaAvery29
Caramel Review Shop [closed] || Junia
⚛ 🎀 ❝ Dreams taste like cotton candy~❞ 🎀 ⚛ Are you an aspiring Author looking for constructive criticism? You have to come to the right place! Fill-up the form and...
MISTER AND MISS MERAKI 2020 by lovilieaaa
° Meraki ° to do something with soul, creativity, or to love; to put something of yourself in your work! This contest aims to promote and discover underrated and a...
Lost and Found by JackGrant-Roberts
Lost and Foundby JackGrant-Roberts
Short poems which I have written down in my journal that reflect my experiences with love, pride and depression.
Crystal's Book Reviews [ON HOLD] by themysticalqueen
Crystal's Book Reviews [ON HOLD]by Crystal Winters
Looking for a book club that offers free reviews and constructive criticism? Are you also looking for someone to proof read or edit your stories as a judge or group in t...
After Wattys 2016 by HafsaWaseemShahKhan
After Wattys 2016by 👑 Hafsa Khan 👑
This book is about all the things I discovered after wattys 2016. This is also a guide for all new wattpadders who dream big. Take a look and see if you can relate.
The Litwits Book Club by lucylovesyoumwah
The Litwits Book Clubby Lucy Ronald
Hi there!! This is The Litwits Book Club!! Read the rules and regulations to join!!! This is a book club for aspiring authors to get their works recognized. I am one of...
Wattpad Books Recommendations by MinDara94
Wattpad Books Recommendationsby Min-Min
Diverse Stories + Aspiring Authors
Candidly Elite [Interviews] by theelitesupportclub
Candidly Elite [Interviews]by The Elite Support Club
🍬Hello Candy-canes! The Elite Support Club brings you the Candidly Elite Interview book! OPEN: 🍬 CLOSED: Positions?: Available!🍬 🎊Interviewing is almost like a brid...
Writing Tips! by AwesomeCass2000
Writing Tips!by Cassandra Haywood
Alright this is mostly completed probably will add to it later on. Don't have to read it
STORY PROMOTIONby Sexxxyloveee_
This book is open to those writers who want to promote their stories and to earn more reads, votes and comments.
Jinxed July Contest by theelitesupportclub
Jinxed July Contestby The Elite Support Club
🎀 Hey there! Welcome~! "Even the dead tell stories." Enter to venture on a unique Contest that plays a sole purpose in promotion of your works. New editions...
His Throwaway  by runahoodie
His Throwaway by runashoodie
Adeline Clark is known to be that 17-year-old girl who's related to Audrey Clark, her sister. Adeline is a people pleaser, trying to attract people with her politeness a...
Aspiring Writers Book Club by ChaseMeRozen
Aspiring Writers Book Clubby ChaseMeRozen
This Book Club will help the new writers to get votes, comments, and thousand of reads and opinions to your co-writers.
Some fun Prompts n stuff by Satanisthenewlord666
Some fun Prompts n stuffby Satanisthenewlord666
literally just respond to each prompt in the comment section each prompt ill post 1 story with full credit to the rightful author. feel free to take these prompts and pu...
Andy's Critique Shop [CLOSED] by missandyyy
Andy's Critique Shop [CLOSED]by andreaaaa.
Open for all aspiring authors who wants to improve their writing skills! Andy's Critique Shop will help you in polishing and making your books better! Join now!
Life is but a dream by MemiorsofMad
Life is but a dreamby TMAP
Just something I decided to free style while I have a few moments to myself 10/1/2019
Bookfunreaders Awards 2019 by BookfunreadersAward
Bookfunreaders Awards 2019by BookFunReaders
We exist to help enrich the Wattpad Community through reaching out to authors, with the intent of advising & improving; and being a team that encourages reading within t...