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in another life; the maze runner by nataliesvoid
in another life; the maze runnerby nat
"you love her, don't you?" "yeah," he answered nonchalantly, as if the secret he'd been trying so hard to keep meant nothing. "me too." Mae...
Striking Back at the Veins (An Eremin Fanfiction) [SNK/AOT AU] by SykoChiwowah
Striking Back at the Veins (An SykoChiwowah
In the early 23rd century, reports of an elusive shadowed figure killing relentlessly is all the media is talking about. They call it the 'Shadowstrike' and he saved my...
The Big Puta : the origins  by thiccsnaccshawty
The Big Puta : the origins by Puta the explorer 🪆
In y/n's quirky ville, something's stirs. What could it be?
Cursed to the Sea by AspiringAuthor
Cursed to the Seaby Cat
Mother may I go out to swim, Yes my darling daughter, Hang your clothes up neat and trim But don't go near the water.
Uncertain Emotions by angelo_garnet
Uncertain Emotionsby Angelo Caparas
Uncertain Emotions Ambivalent Series #2 "I love you. My love for you extends to the moon, to Sirius, and to the outskirts of the universe and back." After Sien...
The Crash Site  by zombie_inspiration
The Crash Site by zombie_inspiration
A downed aircraft came into view. It was a must see to investigate the happenings is the apocalyptic environment.
The Mind of a Writer by ConsiousDreamer
The Mind of a Writerby Lisamariee
This will house a collection of different stories that I have had Ideas for and written them down over time -- months, some maybe years! I will continue posting any book...
The Wolf's Loyalty by BlazingStarzz
The Wolf's Loyaltyby B L A Z I N G S T A R Z Z
Noor and Amora haven't been free their entire lives, but when the gem of Varg goes missing, they have a chance to forget their pasts and start new, but at what cost?
World War Z by zombie_inspiration
World War Zby zombie_inspiration
The war of all wars. The battle against the undead will cause death for everything involved. There is a vision of hope, but only if they fight against the zombie force.
The Beginning Of The Apocalypse by zombie_inspiration
The Beginning Of The Apocalypseby zombie_inspiration
The Beginning Of The Apocalypse is how the survivors feel when the first undead falls in front of their eyes.
daydreamer by KayBWrites
daydreamerby Kay B
#50 in daydreamer #7 in AspiringAuthor Poetry from within
Run by AlexCatt
Runby AlexCatt
I've always thought up different little creepy scenarios in my head where I get kidnapped, or lost or something, and I heroically get myself out. Well, didn't quite work...
The Jack and I by AdriBuono
The Jack and Iby AdriBuono
⚠️ THIS IS A JOKE ⚠️ But let's get on with it😉😏
The Special Day by SHIPPERLORDE
The Special Dayby Sam
Marie is an aspiring author who one day goes to a contest where she is challenged to write a book about "Why she wanted to be an author" Basically a story abou...
Mystic Children by jay_ficwriter
Mystic Childrenby Jason Jay
These are illustrations of a children's book I was going to publish. Illustration sketches.
After My Revelations by SierraAdair744
After My Revelationsby Sierra Adair
As a twenty seven year old mother today I struggle with understanding my place when it comes to the Bible and how I can contribute without undermining, or trying deciphe...
His Arched Lover  by mamoniqueee
His Arched Lover by Nikkibam
Nineteen-year-old Mary Reeves persists through her daily struggle as a scoliotic to stand as a mother to her teenage brother. She works as an assistant to an orthopedis...
END by Moonfairyyue
ENDby Moonfairyyue
A one shot story that tackles with the end of an abusive relationship.
The Signs by zombie_inspiration
The Signsby zombie_inspiration
Warning signs nobody wants to see in the apocalypse.