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Tutoring The Player by tiffanywrites99
Tutoring The Playerby tiffanywrites99
They despise each other. She's not like the popular girls she's just trying to fit in; she's smart, he's not so smart. He's failing math and she's the key for him to av...
in another life; the maze runner by nataliesvoid
in another life; the maze runnerby nat
"you love her, don't you?" "yeah," he answered nonchalantly, as if the secret he'd been trying so hard to keep meant nothing. "me too." Mae...
Cursed to the Sea by AspiringAuthor
Cursed to the Seaby Cat
Mother may I go out to swim, Yes my darling daughter, Hang your clothes up neat and trim But don't go near the water.
After My Revelations by SierraAdair744
After My Revelationsby Sierra Adair
As a twenty seven year old mother today I struggle with understanding my place when it comes to the Bible and how I can contribute without undermining, or trying deciphe...
Oneshots!! by YourLocalBearLover
Oneshots!!by ᴀɴɴᴀ
Desc coming soon (;'༎ຶٹ༎ຶ')
The Mind of a Writer by ConsiousDreamer
The Mind of a Writerby Lisamariee
This will house a collection of different stories that I have had Ideas for and written them down over time -- months, some maybe years! I will continue posting any book...
Uncertain Emotions by angelo_garnet
Uncertain Emotionsby Angelo Caparas
Uncertain Emotions Ambivalent Series #2 "I love you. My love for you extends to the moon, to Sirius, and to the outskirts of the universe and back." After Sien...
Thoughts.  by catmh222
Thoughts. by Caitlin Hiltz
Not a diary. Not a story. Just random thoughts that I have no where else to put.
Just me by bookzforever
Just meby bookzforever
Put into a school that doesn't suit her, Yuka hates the everyday life of local school in Japan. "Momm, Do I have to go??" Everything seems to be ordinary unt...
CCCLXV - Poetry (Part 2) by user1888560
CCCLXV - Poetry (Part 2)by user1888560
Part 2 of my 365--this year: 366--challenge. A poem a day for a year.
The Special Day by SHIPPERLORDE
The Special Dayby Sam
Marie is an aspiring author who one day goes to a contest where she is challenged to write a book about "Why she wanted to be an author" Basically a story abou...
Cosmo by caramxel_
Cosmoby ev
The year is 2730. It has been 500 years since the earth was destroyed. The government has decided to send 12 teenage boys and 12 teenage girls to explore the rest of the...
The Shadow World by alwaysincloud9
The Shadow Worldby book nerd
- hey guys, this is just a intro to a cool book idea I had but I was wondering if anyone would read this lol, it's just the first draft so very rough, I just sat down an...
The Cracked Open Road by zombie_inspiration
The Cracked Open Roadby zombie_inspiration
The rider of the apocalypse facing day in and day out the most dangerous monsters from a pandemic long ago.
Dead of Night by zombie_inspiration
Dead of Nightby zombie_inspiration
The undead eats a body, hearing noises that will attract them towards it.
That Candy Girl Stole My Heart by Kiruaxxx
That Candy Girl Stole My Heartby Kiruaxxx
What if you had a crush? Or admire someone? Or you even love someone but you are afraid of being rejected? In what ways will you do to that someone be aware about your f...
The Strings That Connect Us by FosterXKeefe4ever
The Strings That Connect Usby FosterXKeefe4ever
Nadia has known she was different from age 10, she could see the strings connecting everything and everyone and manipulate them. She's always hated it, but when she find...
Posion by KayBWrites
Posionby Kay B
#101 in Poison #5 in AspiringAuthor A short story