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Shattered Singer by queenschreavee
Shattered Singerby Mrs. Schreave
Completed: What if America didn't find out about her father passing until the morning? What if Maxon didn't hear that crash in the hallway the night before the choosing...
The Selection without America? by lilys_library_17
The Selection without America?by Lily's library
What if in a parallel universe America never got picked for the Selection? She never went to the palace to win Maxon's heart? If they never met that first day in the gar...
Truly Selected (Book One of The Next Selection Series) by Halebella
Truly Selected (Book One of The Hayley
~ 'Matthew slid closer to me so our bodies were pressed up against each other in a not to intimate way. "I hope I cross your mind every once in a while," Matth...
Peanut Butter Fingerprints by maxerica_lives
Peanut Butter Fingerprintsby Warrior Queen Amy
It's been five years since America Singer won the heart of Prince Maxon Schreave in the Selection. Now Queen of Illèa, America struggles with balancing her royal life an...
The Honeymoon  by slp1230
The Honeymoon by Samantha Peffer
This is a fanfic that takes place between The One and The Heir, written by Kiera Kass (These are the Selection series). This is a fanfic of Maxon and America's honeymoon.
Not the right wedding  by petroleumjelly526
Not the right wedding by Jelly
The attack never happens. Maxon chooses kriss... or dose he? The royal wedding dose not go how the public and guest thought it would. Will Maxon and America get a happy...
Truly Elected (Book Two of The Next Selection Series) by Halebella
Truly Elected (Book Two of The Hayley
Twenty-one years ago, America Singer internally battled out her feelings between royal Illéan heir Prince Maxon Schreave and palace guard Officer Aspen Leger. Now, Sol S...
You Have My Heart, Lady Illea (A Lady Illea Novel) by LillyStoryTeller
You Have My Heart, Lady Illea (A Lilly
35 Girls Came To The Palace Only Six Remain ...
Yours Truly, Lady Illea (Illean Fanfics #2, A Lady Illea Novel) by LillyStoryTeller
Yours Truly, Lady Illea (Illean Lilly
They started with 35. Now there's 10...
The Rebel Queen  by Hhhhhh05
The Rebel Queen by Makena
What if that first rebel never took the red scarf out from behind his back? What if the whole entire attack never happened? What if tragedy never led Maxon and America b...
Something More Than Happily Ever After Maxerica by paigegymnast88
Something More Than Happily Ever Paige
After Maxon Schreave and America Singer's get married, what happens next? This fanfic continues the relationship between Maxon and America [Maxerica]. *Kiera Cass owns...
The Selection ❤ by strawb3rry_sugar
The Selection ❤by Isabella
have you read The Selection? yeah? here are some one-shots then.
999 Pieces by theselectionfan_
999 Piecesby theselectionseriesfan
One bullet was all it would have taken to change the rest of Maxon's life. What if that had come true? Characters belong to Kiera Cass with the exception of some adviser...
The Selection One Shots by ArtisticFangirl18
The Selection One Shotsby Winter
Just some random one shots, taking place between all of the books. I am going to randomly switch between stuff so don't read if you haven't read all the selection books...
That One Bullet ( Maxerica FanFiction ) by -_Rylee_-
That One Bullet ( Maxerica Rylee O’Connell
( Maxerica Fanfiction ) It is too late... The rebel has his gun pointed toward America, and Maxon isn't fast enough... America is Shot... Will they still get their happi...
The Photographer (Selection Fanfic) (Finished) by sydney111222
The Photographer (Selection Sydney
Cover by: @Be_Crazy25 Prince Maxon Calix Schreave, every girl's dream man. And it will always be a dream because guys like Maxon aren't in the real world. We can only dr...
Kerttu's Selection by FatimazzzzzZ
Kerttu's Selectionby Fatima Kamara
Kerttu de Koskinen's Selection has finally arrived. She won't have to deal with pesky rebels, only aiding her mother with a country on the rise. Will the daughter of Ead...
My dear, I will love you forever. by Alix_Stark
My dear, I will love you Alix Stark
I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS, ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO KEIRA CASS. What happened if Maxon wasn't prince. What if Maxon and America were both just 5's trying to make things...
Much More Than Happily Ever After by bostynteaparty
Much More Than Happily Ever Afterby Bostyn
A Maxerica love story Have you ever wondered what happened after Maxon and America got married? Well now you don't have to! Embark on this adventure of love,lust, and m...
A Rebellious Love-Maxerica by MaxericaTugMyEar
A Rebellious Love-Maxericaby Amber Leann
America Singer is the leader of the Southern Rebels. Prince Maxon Shreave is only looking for a wife, a queen. America's job is to end the monarchy. But that all changes...