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Ask Chara and Frisk by c_inky12345
Ask Chara and Friskby Cinky-Pinky
Frisk: Hello Everyone, our ask blog is now open. please ask us anything or ask us truth or dare questions if you like. Chara: but if you don't, I'm gonna be f*beep*ing m...
The Fallen and The Risen (DnF) by 0erprowrites
The Fallen and The Risen (DnF)by 0erpro
This is a story that follows the life's of two creatures. An angel who has a destiny to become a fallen angel and a demon who is destined to become a risen demon. Along...
Ask BMC! (Answered through art) by The_Blue_Mystery
Ask BMC! (Answered through art)by 💙 Hat Boy,,? 💙
Hippity hoppity! Welcome welcome! We have an ask blog for BMC! Featuring... Jeremy, Michael, SQUIP, Rich, Jake, Christine, Chloe, Jenna, And Brooke! SHIPS: Only RichJake...
Ask Ink and Error {Finished} by GothiPinapple
Ask Ink and Error {Finished}by ClassyClockWorkInk
truth, dare, questions anything ask me and error in the comments!
Ask And Dare Beppi, Djimmi and Bon Bon [Completed] by ZaraIsNotHere
Ask And Dare Beppi, Djimmi and Zara
Beppi the Clown, Djimmi the Great and Baroness Von Bon Bon are now answering YOUR questions! • I do not own the characters in this story, they belong to StudioMDHR. • I...
Ask DEH!! (Answered through art) by The_Blue_Mystery
Ask DEH!! (Answered through art)by 💙 Hat Boy,,? 💙
Howdy!! Welcome to ASK DEH. This may include a loT of drama. From past experience, I tend to make stories out of ask blogs. So like,, have fun with thAt. Anywayyy,, Heee...
Toonie Box by Master_Unknown
Toonie Boxby Simpette for Papyruses~
Welcome to the strange yet oh so wonderful dimension that is the Toon Box! Here you will see familiar and even new faces on this blog! Hope you will enjoy your visit at...
!Ask Pansexual MePhone4S! by Ford_Fangirl_291212
!Ask Pansexual MePhone4S!by Pansexual.MePhone4S
Greetings and Salutations, my fellow Wattpad users! This is an ask book with my MePhonesona, Pan MePhone4S! I won't answer any NSFW asks. MePhone4S does not belong to me...
Ask/ Dare The Fazbear Crew! by YEETUSCLEETUSDELETUS
Ask/ Dare The Fazbear Crew!by I'm a idiot
Most of this is going to be gacha soooo... Enjoy? Also characters can be added to the blog if they A. Keep getting asks,or keep getting referenced, or B. I decide to ad...
⭐️ ASK/DARE THE PALETTE'S!! ⭐️ by ColorfulxPain
⭐️ ASK/DARE THE PALETTE'S!! ⭐️by ⭐️ ~ Palette ~ 🌟~ Rurik ~ ⭐️
Please don't ship up together- ASK US WHATEVER ⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Rurik and Palette
Ask Sister Location Crew by Halo28animatronic
Ask Sister Location Crewby DarkbloodDemiangel96
This is a ask blog idea i had a long time ago Here is the new ask blog for the Fnaf SL crew! Ask away and they will answer!
Ask Jason and Michael  by Acomatumbra
Ask Jason and Michael by Acoma15
just a little bit of something to keep those of you who read my book Love For My Killer Remastered basically just pick someone from the story Michael Jason or Jeepers an...
ASK PASTERY by -_Pastery_-
ASK PASTERYby 💫 ραѕтєяу 💫
Just ask this pretty boi some stuff.
Ask (or even dare) the Sunshine Harem Peeps (Countryhumans Fandom)  by LovelyPia310
Ask (or even dare) the Sunshine 💙Lovely Pye❤
After a long day of work and stuff, the crew was beginning to feel bored at the moment, so Philippines and Author-chan decided to make an ask blog(the one you're about t...
Ask Spectrum Coding by KittyEden
Ask Spectrum Codingby Kitty Eden
Now open for questions, inquiries, and any donuts you may have to offer!
Ask Blog is Now Open  by c_inky12345
Ask Blog is Now Open by Cinky-Pinky
here you can ask Shade, Six, Zero, and Shadow Six. but you can ask the other kids too. you can do dares, truths, or other stuff so be free to ask them.
Ask Hiryu Rin by Dragon_Shroud
Ask Hiryu Rinby Dragon.Prince💚
Yep an ask blog Since I'm not very active on this account I wont get to questions quickly And I'm sorry for that
AsK GrAdiEnt by Xx_Graident_xX
AsK GrAdiEntby xXMahartsuccsXx
Hey so im going to do an ask blog! there wont be pictures tho- sowwy! but- you can ask me anything! reminder im 7 uvu so i may not know alot owo Hey you can also ask Adm...
Ask Ninjara - ARMS! by someboba
Ask Ninjara - ARMS!by someboba
You probably know me- I'm Ninjara, one of the many fighters in the ARMS league. I decided it would be beneficial to welcome questions so I can build a bigger fanbase, wh...