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Asian Mythology and Folklore Anthology by WattpadAsianFantasy
Asian Mythology and Folklore Asian Fantasy | Ambassadors
The spirits grow order to continue your journey to becoming a revered immortal, you must learn about the creatures who live in darkness. This book is a col...
The Arbiter's Garden of Life and Death by dj_thecrazycatlady
The Arbiter's Garden of Life and 😺 Deanna Jean 😸
The Garden of Life and Death holds the souls of mortals, in the form of their fated flower. A young woman, who suddenly finds herself in this Garden, born from a lotus b...
Life is C between B and D [A Hyungwonho/2won Story] *Editing in progress* by hyochenk
Life is C between B and D [A hyochenk
Life is a choice between being born and being dead...or is it not? Lee Hoseok is a university student who works part-time as a security guard for a luxurious hotel in Se...
Nekosama: A Healing & Rest One-Shot by m0chim0chiii
Nekosama: A Healing & Rest One-Shotby mochimochiii
Two very different people are unknowingly connected by their affection for a stray cat. Nekosama is a short one-shot that takes place prior to the main plot of "Hea...
The Three Snakes by asteropebelle
The Three Snakesby asteropebelle
Three girls trapped in one palace. Three clues to solve one riddle. Three women from different stories and cultures who are the key. And only one hour to solve it. ...
Kenny and Lance: the Cabin Island by duongt0402
Kenny and Lance: the Cabin Islandby Dunsu
Kenny and Lance went to Jonstein, a cabin island in Norway. But there's something strange in this cabin island, Jonstein. So what are the strange things in Jonstein that...
Children of the Zodiacs by ShizukaRay
Children of the Zodiacsby Shizuka
Every thirty years, the new generation of the Chinese Zodiacs are given the privilege to compete in the Great Race to claim the highest rank as the Emperors right hand a...
Anemic Rivals - Demigod Roleplay by idkwhatodomylife2143
Anemic Rivals - Demigod Roleplayby 𝘐𝘥𝘬
The co-ed academies of • Printwood for the Greek Pantheon • Nightlin for the Egyptian Pantheon • Soros for the Asian Pantheon • Honosi for the Polynesian Pantheon have b...
The Last Lotus by ThickThighsJimin
The Last Lotusby Lizzy/Liz
Being sent back through his past lifetimes to save the person he loves, wasn't something Kyan Wang ever fathomed would be possible, let alone happen to him. Things like...
Dance Of Dragons by KitsamiVa
Dance Of Dragonsby KitsamiVa
Since the time of creation, those in the realm of humans have been cultivating their souls in hopes of reaching enlightenment and becoming an immortal. They wished to se...