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Gossip in Gangnam by diordrabbles
Gossip in Gangnamby rip logan lee
a compilation of idol interviews, drama reccomendations and one shots. Will also contain Chinese and Thai content.
Revenge of the cannon fodder by EmpressNing
Revenge of the cannon fodderby EmpressNing
{BxB} Wan Haoxuan can't even tell what he looks like anymore. If you ask him the only thing he'll be able to say with certainty is that he has dimples. He has been stuck...
This messenger won't fall anymore by EmpressNing
This messenger won't fall anymoreby EmpressNing
{BxB} A messenger of gods who keeps falling how ridiculous is that? Don't all messengers have wings? After Atlas lost his wings he entered a cycle of reincarnation as a...
BL Novels You Must Read! by lordahji
BL Novels You Must Read!by Lord of the Pumpkins/Zillah's...
A list of recommendations for BL novels- You. Must. Read! A/N: Picture in the Book Cover is credited to BUILD_FAMILY. They are the secondary (or third?) couple in the no...
That's My Spotlight by Amiable_Writer
That's My Spotlightby sksksksksk
When the bright, blinding stage lights shine over them, Inez and Alexander are both willing to keep the spotlight for themselves, but at what cost? → extended synopsis i...
Write Me A Letter by clumatic
Write Me A Letterby Cassandra Mae
"Brie... I'm sorry. You're a great person and all, but I just don't-" "Stop," Brie said, a slight quiver to her voice. "Write it down. I'd rathe...
Did You Get Your Period? by shortgirlbigbook
Did You Get Your Period?by shortgirlbigbook
The Trickster's Taming Guide of the Devil (BL) by EmpressNing
The Trickster's Taming Guide of EmpressNing
Caspian, a trickster transmigrator finally gets captured by The Sentries of the Multiverse. TSM is a federation dedicated to sanctioning anyone who uses the multiverse...
Crossing The i's And Dotting The t's by TripuWrites
Crossing The i's And Dotting The अदिति || Aditi
It may feel good to be pretty, but the problem with being beautiful is that there are thousands of people who look like you. Ugliness, however, is unique. ...
❝ the affection ❞ | fanfictions ✓ by xoxoadrika
❝ the affection ❞ | fanfictions ✓by adrika
❝ for the souls who are capable of seeing a not so cheesy love story but a one which can be real somewhere ❞ COMPLETED | general fiction | romance • the character...
we smile at the moon by nyxiekitsune
we smile at the moonby karlie nyx
Honoria Song was at Bridewater College with goals: good academic grades, a strong social network, to try things she'd never dared to back home. Gone was the obedient, pe...
Falling •Lee Rang•  by glossful
Falling •Lee Rang• by glossful
Lee Rang. A nine tailed fox, popularly known as the Gumiho, is half human but far away from it. His life has been miles from light. Abandoned by the people his heart onc...
Periods, Pyaar And Patriarchy by shortgirlbigbook
Periods, Pyaar And Patriarchyby shortgirlbigbook
SEQUEL TO DID YOU GET YOUR PERIOD? Shouldn't you be brimming with confidence after graduation? Armed with a degree in History, her high school love story still strong, c...
The Babysitter Next Door by ladyofstars
The Babysitter Next Doorby kayla
coming soon :p "hey jilly billy?" his voice is cool as water, his brown eyes examine me, i try to hold eye contact, but i'm a blushing idiot. "do you eye...
The Woman My Grandmother Loved. by shortgirlbigbook
The Woman My Grandmother shortgirlbigbook
#WINNER OF WATTPAD INDIA AWARDS 2021 (MATTERS OF HEART CATEGORY) Veritas is one of the oldest most popular newspapers in India, having been established prior to Independ...
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YOURS AKSHARA | fanfiction by SHE_LEFT
YOURS AKSHARA | fanfictionby l e f t
[ can be read as a standalone ] ••• akshara goenka has been suffering everything since her childhood as she left her sister arohi blaming herself for an accident in the...
Sunshine Girl by springxloverx
Sunshine Girlby springxloverx
Life wasn't supposed to be this annoying, let alone this complicated. Graduate valedictorian. Get into Stanford. That was what Belle Lê needed to do and quite frankly a...
The light in your eyes (Kdrama) -Namjoohyuk by celice37
The light in your eyes (Kdrama) Kdramaluv
Hyeja is a 25-year-old Korean girl pursuing her dream as an anchorwoman (announcer in Korean). She has a special ability - she can turn back time with a special watch...
Loving Him by RitwikSinha
Loving Himby Ritwik Sinha
It's an interracial novel.
The Cozy Murder by vincenzity
The Cozy Murderby Em
In a cinema theatre full of people, a murder has occured. Not even a single person realized that someone was stabbed - not even the victim's date realized that his date...