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Kanto's Pride by pseudoforce
Kanto's Prideby pseudoforce
This is a story of Ash Ketchum, the boy who became famous after defeating the World Champion Leon himself in the World Coronation Series. After separating from Goh to pu...
Pokemon Master High by Loading760
Pokemon Master Highby Loading760
As Ash becomes the new youngest champion, Professor Oak encourages Ash to join his Master High School. Along the way he meets May, a huge fangirl that watched all his ba...
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Time can't heal every pain (Advanceshipping) by Eeveachu
Time can't heal every pain ( Eeveachu
Just a short Advanceshipping story - Discontinued!
I Always Loved You: Pokémon Advanceshipping by NotToBad
I Always Loved You: Pokémon Jesus Narvaez
Ash and May are deeply in love with each other but neither have the courage to confess their feelings for each other. With the help from their friends, family and even t...
Ash's Girlfriend Game Show by Plushy69
Ash's Girlfriend Game Showby Plushy Onyoutube
10 girls compete in a game show for Ash's love, Join the host Deimos Madness and see who will be the winner and will she the win fair and square? cover is not mine
Shadows of a Rising Sun by Stormburst1998
Shadows of a Rising Sunby Stormburst
A dream can become a nightmare in just a single moment. Ash Ketchum is known for being the innocent boy who traveled around the world in pursuit of his dream, but in an...
Pokemon World Championship  by k__----
Pokemon World Championship by ___----
Our Main Protagonist Ash Ketchum His Rivals and Friends and all the Game Protagonists are in invited to compete in the Pokemon World Championship Tournament who will win...
The Journey Begins by ThePikaPath
The Journey Beginsby The Lost Aura
this is a pokémon fanfic. which is about the ash's journey since birth in my way. i hope you enjoy it *foul language* slow updates
Ash Ketchum The Lord Of Pokemon and Bakugan  by PokemonLover10102001
Ash Ketchum The Lord Of Pokemon
Ash Ketchum is betrayed by his male traveling companions and is sent to another world full of creatures that instead of Pokeballs they turn into little spears
Friends (Pokemon edition) by SavannaMillerHamilto
Friends (Pokemon edition)by Savanna Miller-Hamilton
What if our favorite characters were in mindset of trying to enjoy life More besides Pokemon battling? Well I got your answer right here! Welcome to friends Pokemon edit...
Journey Of the Pokemon Master by XkingRaj
Journey Of the Pokemon Masterby XKINGRAJ
Ash started his journey to become Pokemon Master and Top Coordinator with his Pokemon and his friends. Ash would meet many rivals and many evil organization on his adven...
Amour&Football  by pokescribe
Amour&Football by PokéScribe
Ash Ketchum a junior at Pallet High about to enter senior year, couldn't ask for anymore fame for a high schooler. He was a 5 star football recruit and considered the #1...
Pokemon : Journey Of Champion by ConnerJaze
Pokemon : Journey Of Championby Conner Jaze
After getting betrayed by humans the god Pokemon arcues was weak and angry but he knew that there good in humans too so before going to sleep he left a portion of his re...
Pokémon Journeys Through Hoenn And Beyond by PhoenixNJ
Pokémon Journeys Through Hoenn PhoenixNJ (Da Music Man)
Follow Ash and May as they journey all around the world to meet, battle, and catch new Pokémon, alongside their new friends, Goh and Chloe. Pokémon Journeys Reimagining...
More Than I Realized, An Advanceshipping: Valentine's Day Special by NotToBad
More Than I Realized, An Jesus Narvaez
Ash was always stubborn about Valentine's Day but when Max 'helps' him out, it may change his view on it. One Shot I guess lol
Por Que Te Fuiste by voxeb43610
Por Que Te Fuisteby voxeb43610
Ash es traicionado por sus amigos ya que gano la liga de alola ya que fue su primera vez que ganó y todo el mundo le critica esta su amigo pikachu también le traiciona s...
Finding new horizons ash x May by grening
Finding new horizons ash x Mayby grening
First pls read ik advanceship is practically dead but it still a good story it happens when ash just finished his Aloha trip and it's going to galar to do the challenges...
Friends to lovers by SavannaMillerHamilto
Friends to loversby Savanna Miller-Hamilton
these will be one shots with Sarah, Ritchie, Ash, and May as childhood friends into their teen years when they are dealing with hormones and crud.
Nuestro esfuerzo por amar (ADVANCESHIPPING) by ashfg100
Nuestro esfuerzo por amar ( ashfg100
Ash un joven inmaduro encontrado en la region kalos se reencuentra con una vieja amiga may pero qué pasará cuando los dos encontré lo que sienten por el otro