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True Love by AshMatt16
True Loveby AshMatt16
A fictional tale with a twist of imaginative reality that depicts their love story. Enjoy!
  • fanfiction
  • matteoguidicelli
  • ashmatt
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Loveys by AshMatt16
Loveysby AshMatt16
Ashmatt events that are in no particular order, fictionally told "one-shot" style.
  • ashmatt
  • sarahgeronimo
  • matteoguidicelli
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I'd Rather (AshMatt) by PinkBelle14
I'd Rather (AshMatt)by PinkBelle14
A story that begins in heartache for AshMatt Will they move on? Will they forgive? Will they love anew? or would they rather as the song says: bad times with each other...
  • ashmatt
  • ashmattfanfic
  • sarahgeronimo
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Until Forever by feliz06
Until Foreverby Jeanne Feliz Pastor Seriales
AshMatt Fanfiction
  • directorpaulsoriano
  • matteoguidicelli
  • wattys2018
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New day (one-shot only) by wantobehappy
New day (one-shot only)by wantobehappy
The sky is the darkest before dawn.
  • ashmatt
  • matteo
  • sarah
Give Me Love (Short Story) - Completed by PopstarDiaries
Give Me Love (Short Story) - Popstar Diaries
Give me love like never before, 'Cause lately I've been craving more, And it's been a while but I still feel the same, Maybe I should let you go, You know I'll fight my...
  • johnlloyd
  • matteo
  • sarahgeronimo
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Student-Vampire Relationship? by soberanonose
Student-Vampire Relationship?by HopeLESS Elizabeth
Hope Alexandria Pendelton, 20 years of age. A gir— vampire and the only child of Antoinette & Alex Pendelton. She graduated last year at Vampire Academy. But the questi...
  • marnella
  • kathniel
  • yen
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Home Sweet Home by marihachiko
Home Sweet Homeby marihachiko
  • matteo
  • guidicelli
  • ashmatt
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One Day by uamuamsm
One Dayby uamuamsm
  • ashmatt
  • fan
  • matteo
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Another Lifetime by ChampParker_0615
Another Lifetimeby ChampParker_0615
How to live a normal life if those you love leaves you? How will she love herself if she doesnt know the purpose of her life? This is a story of girl. Fighting for her...
  • doctor
  • ashrald
  • ashlloyd
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They Don't Know About Us by marihachiko
They Don't Know About Usby marihachiko
They say that love is patient and kind. But will it be enough for Sarah and Matteo?
  • guidicelli
  • gerã³nimo
  • gerónimo
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The Love Inside by eizluvash
The Love Insideby eizluvash
What if one day, you'll find yourself in a very odd situation. With mysteries and complications, who will you choose? Your past? or Your present? Will you reawaken yo...
  • gerald
  • sarah
  • gege
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Sacrifice by jaaaaxxxx
Sacrificeby Jaxine Valencia
It started with a simple hi but ended with a painful goodbye. Will there be a happy ending for the two of them or Will it just end with that "painful goodbye"...
  • ashmatt
  • sacrifice
  • sixwordstory
Thinking Sideways by risky_05
Thinking Sidewaysby risky
Think Different. Think Practical. This is not a story. It is all about random thoughts. You can ponder on it.
  • ashmatt
  • life
  • sarahg
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Remind Me To Forget You by jaaaaxxxx
Remind Me To Forget Youby Jaxine Valencia
An AshMatt and LeAga fanfic
  • ashmatt
  • leaga
  • teambabes
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Ashmatt Drabbles by kitkat003
Ashmatt Drabblesby kitkat003
a series of ashmatt drabbles from my overactive imagination
  • sarahmatt
  • ashmatt
  • sarahgeronimo
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Taking Chances by Writer_cheechy
Taking Chancesby Writer_cheechy
Take a Chance Again- Lucrezia Borgia Reach through your pain and let go knowing love won’t leave regrets. The only regret is closing the door and never risk knowing what...
  • fanfic
  • sarah
  • guidicelli
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Finally Found Someone by tringtringg
Finally Found Someoneby Gurly_Louie
He WASTED the time, She was HURT, He LOVING her, She MOVED ON , He REGRETTED, She was HAPPY now But she knew the reason why she had hoped in the past while she was happ...
  • teen
  • sarahgeronimo
  • ashmatt
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