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100 Ways To Come Out! by Lgbt-SafePlace
100 Ways To Come Out!by Happy Pride!
100 ways to come out! Some are serious & some are funny! 🏳️🌈 In honour of pride month 🏳️🌈 Resources for you: - How To Come Out:
  • closet
  • asexual
  • gayness
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We Are Rainbows by Lollys133
We Are Rainbowsby Lollys133
This Lgbt+ book is a place for all of us to hang out, discuss topics, and inform others about our sexualities! I am hoping this can be helpful for questioning peeps and...
  • rainbows
  • pridemonth
  • graysexual
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Pride Month 2019! by SinsWrite59
Pride Month 2019!by Pineapple
What's up! It June again, so that means it's time to celebrate our sexuality, identity, and just being ourselves! Whether your straight, trans, demi, gay, no binary, bis...
  • aromantic
  • lesbian
  • pansexual
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Pride Month Aesthetics Challenge  by RebeccaTheMagical
Pride Month Aesthetics Challenge by RebeccaTheMagical
Pride Month 30 Day Aesthetics Challenge!
  • intersex
  • trigender
  • lgbt
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Dekubowl one sided  by Pandasonliee
Dekubowl one sided by Pandasonline07
So in this story mido gains the interest of class 1-a and class 1-b (aside from Mina,tsu and kendo) but this pure asexual bean can't notice their obvious feelings Also...
  • crackbook
  • waityoucandothat
  • whyisminetahere
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Pride Month Art 2019 by That_Emo_Gamer
Pride Month Art 2019by 🖤ⒶN̶Øℕ☿𝕸ᎧU͓̽$💙
This is an art challenge, where I found prompts online for each day of Pride Month 2019! I missed the first two days since i didn't find these prompts till the 3rd day...
  • bisexual
  • femaletomale
  • nonbinary
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Pride Month Questions by SPACEVISIONS
Pride Month Questionsby Little Bird
A question for everyday of Pride Month
  • trigender
  • transsexual
  • genderfluid
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My story. (How I found myself) by Super_nerd_101
My story. (How I found myself)by Kyle Weeb
my coming out story.
  • pridemonth
  • comingoutofthecloset
  • homo
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Tales from a Nonbinary Teenager by WildAsexual
Tales from a Nonbinary Teenagerby Stray Lowe
Short stories revolving around different sexualities and genders. Happy Pride Month Everyone!
  • gayness
  • gaylove
  • asexual
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You What- Jikook by Moon_Daehyun
You What- Jikookby Daehyun
Jimin has a fan-account for famous youtuber and kpop trainee Jeon Jungkook. Jimin also has friends who have friends who have friends who are Jungkook...
  • namjoon
  • seokjin
  • bisexual
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Pride Month One Shots!!! by RebeccaTheMagical
Pride Month One Shots!!!by RebeccaTheMagical
An update every day of pride month! Note: The story may contain a few curse words, but nothing crazy.
  • demisexual
  • lgbt
  • 30daywritingchallenge
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The Tomboy Rebel by HackesterChloe
The Tomboy Rebelby HackesterChloe
Chloe isn't your average teen,when people hear the name 'Chloe' they think of a perfect,stylish,and girly girl but Chloe is not like that one bit. Chloe is more on boyis...
  • secrets
  • myths
  • assasins
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Thunder to your Rain by BlueSunYellowWaters
Thunder to your Rainby UltraViolet InfraRed
chigga (noun) - an asian person of the lighter skin tone variety most likely east asian, who exhibits liking to aspects of black culture. Also a combination of Chinese a...
  • asian
  • blackgirl
  • february
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Asexual positivity/memes by Deck_of_Aces
Asexual positivity/memesby Skye
Just me spreading positivity to asexuals and basically anyone under the ace umbrella.
  • lgbt
  • acepositivity
  • asexual
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Spectrum by lrhaboggle
Spectrumby lrhaboggle
Just like last year, I'm doing one story per day for Pride Month, only this year has a theme: the original Gilbert Baker Pride Flag! Every day is 1 of 8 colors or meanin...
  • trans
  • lgbt
  • pansexual
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Pride Month Shit by let-me-be-gay
Pride Month Shitby P.R.I.D.E
Read the title
  • pride
  • lgbtpride
  • pansexual
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The Gone Thief by emcrowlz
The Gone Thiefby still recovering from endgame
They say there's a dangerous treasure hidden somewhere in World's Corners. One that holds magic powerful enough to single-handedly win wars. In a time of peace, that kin...
  • romance
  • highfantasy
  • lgbtfiction
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My pansexual life (basically my rant book) by Danithetree23
My pansexual life (basically my Dani-Stark-Strange
Welcome to my gayness and art
  • pansexual
  • art
  • whatamidoingeithmylife
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My gay book🌈 by NowThatsTheTea
My gay book🌈by 🌈(∩*❦ω❦)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚🌈
Gay gay gay gay gay gay-
  • lesbian
  • homosexual
  • ace
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LGBT+ STUFF by yeet_sayori_95
LGBT+ STUFFby yeet_sayori_95
I'm doing a "story" for pride month but I might continue after june yeah so hope you like( i was going to do it on the 1st but i forgot 😥 but i lest I'm doing...
  • transgender
  • pansexual
  • gayness
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