Do You Believe? (Aryanna's pov/Completed) by shadyprxncess
Do You Believe? (Aryanna's pov/ ❤️😍XxBabygirlxX😍❤️
Sequel to: (Nick Groff fanfic) Do You Believe? ___________________________________________ Aryanna, a 15 year old girl, She's Emily's daughter. Also, she's the step daug...
  • aryanna
  • aaron
  • emily
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Problems of being BEAUTIFUL  by ZAYTKAA
Problems of being BEAUTIFUL by ZAYTKAA
[ONGOING] read description 💩MAIN CHARACTERS💩 🦄Aryanna🦄 ❤️Jasper❤️ ❤️Cyrold❤️ ❤️Adam❤️ ❤️Frank❤️ ----------------------------------------- Please understand: If you...
  • highschool
  • frank
  • hs
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Do You Believe?(completed) by shadyprxncess
Do You Believe?(completed)by ❤️😍XxBabygirlxX😍❤️
Emily is a 28 year old woman with a 8 year old daughter. Emily is really into the paranormal stuff. Due to who she hung out with through middle school and high school. S...
  • jay
  • billy
  • aryanna
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HE LOVES YOU!!! by theaisdaone
HE LOVES YOU!!!by Althea Nicole B. Mampar
May isang babae na nagkakagusto sa isang lalaki ngunit gusto ng lalaki ang kanyang kaibigan na babae;KUNG MASYADO KAYONG NAGUGULUHAN SA DESCRIPTION KO MUST READ PERFECTL...
  • aryanna
the warrior princess by user95286419
the warrior princessby
kambal na itinakda
  • anastacia
  • aryanna
Why Me? by priyatato
Why Me?by priya.
'Ugh! Always me! Why can't I have a normal life?! Why do MY parent have to fight? Why not someone else's? Why did I have to be born with the horribly ugly face? And what...
  • life
  • funny
  • hate
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The New Guy by aryannakay
The New Guyby 18Delights
Aryanna and Calum have been best friend for ever but what will happen if Luke (Aryanna's brother) says they need a drummer, Michael brings Ashton (the new guy) into the...
  • 5sos
  • micheal
  • calum
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Wacky Wonderland by _queen_mari_
Wacky Wonderlandby GONE
The air is knocked out of my lungs as I fall to the floor. She looks up at me and smirks as if saying, "Ha, I win again." I jump up and knock her off her feet...
  • triplets
  • zie
  • aryanna
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Sҽςօղժ CհɑղςҽՏ  by Moya0101
Sҽςօղժ CհɑղςҽՏ by Moya0101
This story is about a girl who failed her final exam and would do anything to retake it ...ąŋყŧɧıŋɠ!
  • love
  • cunique
  • horror
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Aryanna, Crystal & Megan by adopt_a_kid_center
Aryanna, Crystal & Meganby Someone
  • triplets
  • girls
  • crystal
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I'm Not Cinderella by iToldYouSo
I'm Not Cinderellaby Nom Nom!
I'm not Cinderella. Confused, right? I bet you it's the not part that confuses you. It's all true though. I am really not Cinderella. Sure, there was a girl who was at t...
  • darryl
  • fairy
  • ball
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Family , love ? And heartbreaks by Sremlife
Family , love ? And heartbreaksby shededra lashon gilmore
This book is about Aryanna she runs into this handsome Yung man. He's full of trouble but she don't know that...... Yet
  • adrian
  • aryanna
Run away by kat_is_kitty
Kat just have her quadruplets and she is on the run. What happens when 5 girls find her and her babies
  • harmony
  • daniella
  • aryanna
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I Made It, Without Him (Sequel To: Love Me Or Hate Me A Roc Love Story) by MindlessGyal
I Made It, Without Him (Sequel Shabba Rvcks
This Is The Sequel to "Love Me Or Hate Me A Roc Love Story" Aryanna is on her own raising her 3 year old Twins. She doesn't need Roc because, she's been raisin...
  • aryanna
  • chresanto
  • rayon
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Little White Lies by _britishbae
Little White Liesby sonny
" If this room was burning, I wouldn't even notice Cause you've been taking up my mind, With your Little White Lies, Little White Lies"
  • liampayne
  • aryanna
  • love
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