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Physical Therapy by zeninclan
Physical Therapyby zeninclan
NSFW At Shiganshina State, Armin is the manager of the girls soccer team, wanting to get some experience in before pursuing a career as an athletic trainer in college. H...
Annie's Last Mission [ARUANI] by Oniegaeri
Annie's Last Mission [ARUANI]by Riri
Armin Arlert x Annie Leonhart || au;fanfiction Armin,a famous and wealthy actor. Everyone thinks that he is the most luckiest actor in their generation because of his fa...
Mutiny (Attack On Titan) (Rewritten version) by UchihaMax21
Mutiny (Attack On Titan) ( The one and Only.
This story is an Alternate Universe based on Hajime Isayama's popular manga "Attack On Titan". It retains some of the original plot, however; it vastly differs...
The Devil Inside (Yandere AruAni)[COMPLETED] by vanillamaqaron
The Devil Inside (Yandere AruAni)[ Midnight
4 hours in detention 4 hours with her 4 hours to know her 4 hours to fell in love with her 4 hours to wake the devil inside WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS - Season 4 spoile...
Annie X Armin by xXAnnie_LeonhardtXx
Annie X Arminby ❄Annie Leonhardt❄
Befor annie can crystalize herself(spoiler) their is a mysterious person that saves her. Armin then relizes how much he loves annie. But, might he be to late to tell an...
I Got You (Book Three) by EuniceMichaelis
I Got You (Book Three)by Eunice Michaelis
Clarity Series You didn't think that was the end right?
Steps away by Solloalws
Steps awayby Solloalws
There was no titans anymore, there was no war and there was no enemy behind the walls, But why he felt empty as he watched her steps?
Aruani Oneshots by WonderingAuthor
Aruani Oneshotsby Cat x
A collection of aruani oneshots based off of fanart. Feel free to send me some fanart to write a story about!!
The Recording Studio- Eremika AU by kailer_verlice
The Recording Studio- Eremika AUby ThatErenJaegerStan
Mikasa Ackerman finally gets to go to her dream school, Marie High a renound music school, but not everything's perfect. On the first day she hits someone while riding h...
Attack on Titan OneShots! by uwu_derp
Attack on Titan OneShots!by • X_X •
Expect to see oneshots of mainly EreMika (of course), Springles, AruAni, LeviHan, JeanMarco, and YumiKuri. (I ship those btw, if you didn't know) Some stories will be s...
To See You Again by EuniceMichaelis
To See You Againby Eunice Michaelis
based on recent chapters in the manga‼️
Trust me. (Aruani) [Contains manga spoilers] by Yonaladyy
Trust me. (Aruani) [Contains Ilona
Nine months have passed since the Survey Corps managed to capture Annie Leonhardt. After seeing the ocean with the rest of the Survey Corps, Armin suggests something he...
Levi reacts to Ships! by haikyuubro
Levi reacts to Ships!by milk carton
Tch. I don't even know why I'm here.
Attack On Titan On Instagram ✔️ by thatagenderkid
Attack On Titan On Instagram ✔️by eren jaeger 😡
2nd book in the '...on Instagram' series. Ships and users in first chap! -That non-binary kid Disclaimer! I don't own Attack On Titan! All rights go to owner! STARTED:...
I Only Realised Now... {EreMika} by MikasasEreh
I Only Realised Now... {EreMika}by MikasasEreh
~WARNING~ This story has scenes from the Attack on Titan manga. After Eren says he hates Mikasa, he doesn't regret it, because it was annoying to him how she was babying...
Brand New Life by Luna_Yakamoto
Brand New Lifeby Luna_Yakamoto
Within the walls and after titans were long gone... people started to live a peaceful life... until death came upon the heroes. Reborn into a new life, where they would...
Annie Loves Armin by skyrules177
Annie Loves Arminby Shelby
COVER ART BY: Kids can be so cruel with their taunts, Annie discovers soon after rescuing Armin from a few first-grader bullies. Througho...
A Promise to Keep (An Attack on Titan Fanfiction) by ILoveLittleSally716
A Promise to Keep (An Attack on MKPQ
"Promise me that you will take care of her." Those were the last words that squad leader, Hanji Zoe had heard from her younger sister, Anna, before she gave up...