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ReinaGoth exposed! by WeepyMahiru
ReinaGoth exposed!by WeepyMahiru
An artist who has been harassing people for copying their art while they trace and copy. Other words useless drama wasted on a brainless hypocrite. Enjoy!
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Wattpad Community Harassment and Hate Police by vexhxzard-
Wattpad Community Harassment and Partial Hiatus
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Art Thief News, Updates and Reports/claims! by StopTheArtTheft
Art Thief News, Updates and STOP THE ART THEIVES
Read the title please :3
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stolen by the-stars-say-gay
stolenby the zeitgeist of now
a tale of the greatest art theft of middle school history
Art Thieves by bubblephoenix
Art Thievesby Cookie
If you see anyone stealing art, please PM me and I will try to take care of it.
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My Feelings About Drawing by mariselaGracia8
My Feelings About Drawingby Lily Soda
Dis story is basicly about fights, drama, and more ish of when i draw. Soo uhh.. Ye
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Art Theft: A Bigger Problem Than You Think by cutelilfox
Art Theft: A Bigger Problem Than Princess Shiloh
This is a cause-effect essay that I wrote for my college English course, so it is more academic than my usual writing. However, I believe that its message needs to be sp...
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Through The Vortex (Old Version) by majorsilver99
Through The Vortex (Old Version)by Jenessa Harvey
This is the old version of the story! The new version is coming out now with more detail and a lot less plot holes. Seven unlikely criminals end up running into each ot...
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Skullduggery || ONC 2020 by cjtruz
Skullduggery || ONC 2020by Crys Truz
After serving time in a foreign prison for art theft, Kirby McKinney returns home only to be tempted by one last museum heist. And this time, the job is personal. But...
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OK RIVIE  by petiteefillee
OK RIVIE by ok Rivie
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Art THIEF by Unknown-blue
Art THIEFby Unknown-blue
Yup. What the title say.
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Life as a Con by cheytie
Life as a Conby cheytie
Meet Nathan Carter, he is a con man, art thief, art forger who has landed himself in jail. Meet Michael Avery he is a nice old man who has done things in his life he isn...
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Art Thieves  by Kitsunega
Art Thieves by ❝I‘m a hurricane. ❞
There's so many art thieves on Wattpad rn and its getting a bit overwhelming. Jus thought I'd make this to warn you of them.
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The ATPS | "Only You Can Prevent Art Theft" by TheATPS
The ATPS | "Only You Can Prevent TheATPS
A little rant book about Art Theft
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Smoke and Mirrors by OlivierCorimbelly
Smoke and Mirrorsby Olivier Corimbelly
A Challenge, a test and a job...
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Water Lillies (Book 1 in The Case Files of Morrigan O'Malley) by ANConrad
Water Lillies (Book 1 in The A.N.Conrad
When an unnoticed Private Eye working out of her apartment gets swept up in a much bigger case than she expected, things start to get a lot messier than she's used to. C...
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Westley's School For The Highly Elite by goldenhairs
Westley's School For The Highly Em
Hey I'm Ellizabeth Flynn, but I hate that name- so call me L. I always thought my parents were weird, but I never expected them to be criminals. I'm sorry, ''criminal''...
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