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OliKase FanFic  by AnYu2316
OliKase FanFic by Kurumi the Neko
Is it real? Am I really doing it? YES! I am finally doing it! I'm writing an OliKase book! So if you wanna know what happens you gotta read to find out cause I'm not put...
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I need you. (FukaFlower) by Purple_Flame_456
I need you. (FukaFlower)by Sleepy one.
Fukase was moving in and getting used to people but felt lonely. He'd do his best to smile but he needed someone to understand him. He tried making friends but his face...
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When You're Living With The Meme Squad (ft. AnYu, Haya, Tori and more!) by AnYu2316
When You're Living With The Meme Kurumi the Neko
Fukase: welcome to whatever this book is Oliver: it's just about our lives that's all! Piko: make our lives more interesting by asking us some stuff or maybe dares can b...
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c r i n g e l o i d s (oneshots) by chocozlate
c r i n g e l o i d s (oneshots)by teehee bitjes
What are these? These, are trash. When Len escaped from a pedo using his meme powers, when Moke hugged Avanna tight, when-when-when... Too much whens. Warming! I mean wa...
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Los Vocaloids.. Tienen facebook? by arsloidlovesia
Los Vocaloids.. Tienen facebook?by Izumi Akari
El arte e imagenes usados no me pertenecen, Derechos y créditos a sus respectivos autores. Esto es únicamente con fin de entretener.
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Arsloid reacts to ships by MegaGayArs
Arsloid reacts to shipsby Wait I'm not gay
What could possibly go wrong?
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Disappearance of the Vocaloids by KamuiLuv
Disappearance of the Vocaloidsby Becky
*not based off of the song "Disappearance of Hatsune Miku"* Just some book about the lives of underrated vocaloids. Mostly focused around a group of vocaloids...
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Confesión「 Kou ✘ IA 」 by LollyPoP-Sweet
Confesión「 Kou ✘ IA 」by AndyChanChan🍭
Él era su amor platónico desde hacía ya bastante tiempo. Hace rato que ella venía amándolo en secreto... ¿Una fiesta podría ser el momento y lugar adecuado para decir...
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Arsloid and IA React To SHIPS [ ENG/ESP ] by arsloidlovesia
Arsloid and IA React To SHIPS [ Izumi Akari
ENG: Ask this adorable pair of dorks about their opinions on ships, It can be any ships, Not just vocaloid! :D Will you be amused to see their reaction? ESP: Pregúntale...
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Jika Kau Hisap Darahku akan Kutusuk Kau by YukaDewantari
Jika Kau Hisap Darahku akan Yuka Dewantari
Misi Balas Dendam IA atas kematian sahabatnya Yukari, Membuatnya harus tinggal bersama 6 cowok tampan yang ternyata adalah sekumpulan vampire di sebuah mansion besar ter...
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Life Is Great! Isn't it..? -MULTIFANDOM- by SilverTrinket
Life Is Great! Isn't it..? Danganronpa is my life
SPOILERS AHEAD! LIKE, TOOOONS OF SPOILERS! This ENTIRE book is dedicated to a sort of side story for a collab book series between me and @OhGoditsWyatt (the second book...
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Akai [ ONE-SHOT ] by arsloidlovesia
Akai [ ONE-SHOT ]by Izumi Akari
"De todos los colores del mundo, Tú eras el mejor" Warning: Si no soportas el angst ( tragedia ) ni las lágrimas de cocodrilo (?) No es recomendable que leas...
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FlashBacks - A Vocaloid Fanfiction by Nevastar2
FlashBacks - A Vocaloid Fanfictionby Nevastar
This story takes place in the future when the Vocaloids Flower, Piko, Oliver and Fukase are grown and have families of their own. But, they recall what happened when the...
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¡Hey Len! ¿Me das una galleta? by r-rainbxw
¡Hey Len! ¿Me das una galleta?by —;;✿
*Proximamente* - ¿Me das unas galletas? -No - Oh vamos, pero a mi me quieres, ¿no? - Eh... -el rubio se detuvo a pensar - Ademas no te he hecho nada - Vale, tienes razon...
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The Clown 「 Fukase ✘ IA 」 by LollyPoP-Sweet
The Clown 「 Fukase ✘ IA 」by AndyChanChan🍭
Él era un chico muy irresponsable, que su único fin era bromear y fastidiar a los demás. Un día tras querer hacer una estúpida broma. Es descubierto por alguien de su au...
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Saving Kappa by HalloweenieMiku
Saving Kappaby Neco Dama Rin
Gumi wasn't your ordinary girl. She was basically a hobo. But that all (barely) changed when she ran into a weird creature.
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Jekyll & Hyde by arsloidlovesia
Jekyll & Hydeby Izumi Akari
《 Nos estamos rompiendo... Qué debo hacer? 》 【 Destruir! 】 《 No! 》 【 No perdonaremos la traición... 】 Inspirado en la canción "Jekyll & Hyde" de "Fantasti...
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So I have thoughts now by MegaGayArs
So I have thoughts nowby Wait I'm not gay
Boy oh boy I feel so cringy lol Only the writing belongs to me! Everything else goes to their original owners!
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»  Arsku Book «  Miku & Arsloid by LollyPoP-Sweet
» Arsku Book « Miku & Arsloidby AndyChanChan🍭
Libro creado exclusivamente al shipp Miku & Arsloid <Arsku> . Aquí encontraran todo la recopilación de, fanfics , imágenes, MMDs, covers, drabbles, headcanons...
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