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Blades & Blood by UnicornOfFandomzzz
Blades & Bloodby UnicornOfFandomzzz
You don't mess with the Kings, you especially don't mess with their queens... or rather... queen
My Mom & My Dad by mccumpio
My Mom & My Dadby mccumpio
Felicity Smoak is a simple yet smart IT specialist raising a three-year-old daughter as a single mom. An incident one afternoon at the park leads to a friendship with w...
The Flash/Arrow - why don't you run from me (SCPD!Barry AU, Olivarry oneshot) by purpleyin
The Flash/Arrow - why don't you purpleyin
Barry Allen has been a problem for him for some time. When he unofficially starts asking questions in the shadier parts of town the young man surprises Oliver. He'd hope...
The Queen Diaries by mccumpio
The Queen Diariesby mccumpio
This Arrow AU family fic is a collection of drabbles and one-shots that take off from "My Mom & My Dad" & its sequel "The Queens" (which are both pub...
Caught In The Riptide (an Olicity fanfiction) by vamp_coffee_gyrl23
Caught In The Riptide (an Shelby Carter
Two people, two tragic pasts, two worlds, one story. One pair of human beings whose lives altogether disintegrate around them but they find their way to each other anywa...
Worth the Wait by mccumpio
Worth the Waitby mccumpio
In this Arrow/Olicity AU one-shot, Oliver Queen is not a heroic vigilante and Felicity Smoak is not his partner in saving the city, but their paths cross because of Quee...
Radioactive (Felicity Smoak, Little Mix AU) by ContoLovaticMixer
Radioactive (Felicity Smoak, ContoLovato
"Daddy why do they burn the city before they leave?" He sighed and continued to tuck his young daughter into bed. He kissed her forehead and sat beside her. &q...
The Queens by mccumpio
The Queensby mccumpio
This is the sequel to the Arrow/Olicity AU fanfiction "My Mom & My Dad" also published here at Wattpad. It is highly recommended that you read that one first...
Arrow ✧・゚Larry by dreamychaos
Arrow ✧・゚Larryby k&p
Playboy millionaire, Harry Styles, is lost at sea and goes missing for five years. He's found on an uncharted island named Lian Yu, Mandarin for Purgatory. He comes back...